Eggman Sonic Eggheads

Hello. This is one of my blogs that I will be reviewing Sonic Boom episodes starting with, ironically, the last episode of season 1: Eggheads. This episode was pretty good overall and Eggman's plan was good. Though, there was some things that could be done that could've made his plan more effective.

So, the episode starts off with a Frankenstein reference and I thought Eggman was creating a clone of himself or something. But...

All that for cookies?

One of few things I agree with Orbot. Eggman explains that they are evil cookies and it's part of his next plan. Take note that Eggman baked six cookies but when he placed them in a basket on Sonic's porch, there are only four of them. What happened to the other two? Did Orbot and Cubot ate them or did Eggman took some offscreen for himself? That wasn't explain but having 6 cookies would've made his plan more effective. Sonic is excited to eat one of the cookies (that were randomly placed on his doorstep without thinking about it) and says he hopes it turns out last time he had baked goods on his doorstep. I wonder what he meant until this is shown:

The words said by Sonic and Knuckles after like a 10 second pause was priceless.


Knuckles really takes the cake when it comes to this series so far. Everything he has done so far has been hilarous. Anyways, Sonic is about to eat his cookies with Eggman spying on him. Suddenly, Sonic gets a call from Tails wanting help against his rampaging vaccum bot. Honestly now, Tails could've just bought a regular vaccum cleaner? He can afford his house so I'm pretty sure he can buy a simple vaccum cleaner instead of inventing one that would most likely be defective.

Come back and eat that cookie you mutant, blue rat!

Lol, I could've sworn that insult was said by someone else in the past. Anyways, Knuckles comes along and decides to help himself to a cookie. Hah hah, he tried to drink the milk and it spilled on his face (and then an evil-looking like is seen). Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails are trying to handle with the rogue vaccumbot. Really? Sonic takes on most of Eggman's robots with ease but is having trouble with a vaccum cleaner? Back to Eggman and the cookies, Amy comes along and thinks the cookies are to her from Sonic as a birthday present.

Why would he leave YOUR birthday present on HIS porch? Where's the logic there?

Lol, Eggman is 100% right. However, Amy's obession with Sonic will make her believe ANYTHING these days. Amy eats the cookie and is overcomed by the evil red light! Oh, and Sonic and Tails are continuing to get their butts kicked by the vaccumbot. Eggman is determined that Sonic will eat the cookies but Sticks ends up taking another. Man, I'm uncertain why she was being ninja-ish about taking and eating the cookies but I guess she doesn't want anyone to know. Sticks eats the cookie and now there is one left. Come on now Eggman! Why didn't you put the six cookies in the basket since that's the amount of cookies you baked in the first place? Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails (or,ahem, Sonic) has just defeated the vaccum bot!

Look at this mess! I just vaccumed!

Yeesh Tails? How about thanking your best friend for saving your life? Also, you just vaccumed? With what? Not that rouge vaccumbot that just tried to kill you! Did he had another vaccumed stashed away or something? Meh... Sonic (with Tails for some reason) heads back to his house and finds that there is one cookie left. Eggman is eager to see that Sonic is about to eat the cookie but...

Sonic, wait! Don't eat that cookie!

Huh? Did Tails caught onto Eggman's ploy? How did he know? Hmm...

Chocolate chunk is my favorite...

Oh come on! You're best friend just save you from the vaccum cleaner of doom and now you want to take the cookie he is about to eat? Man Tails, why you have to be selfish like that? Anyways, Sonic, being the good sport, let's Tails take the cookie while he goes inside for something else. Tails eats the cookie and says it has a scent of evil. Later, at Eggman's base...


Woah! Tails, Amy, Knuckles, and Sticks all have mustaches and are evil clones of Eggman! Hmm...should they be called by *insertname here* man? Nah, it wouldn't work for Amy and Sticks so I guess I'll call them by EggKnuckles, EggTails, EggAmy, and EggSticks. Eggman is thrilled to have four other evil geniuses!

Actually, I'm an evil mastermind of average intellgence.

Gotta love Knuckles, or rather, EggKnuckles. At least he admitted that he has average intellgance. Anyone should look closely at the Sonic figure that was on the table. That pose looks familar does it? It does! It looks similar to the pose in Sonic's SSB4 artwork! The evil masterminds are trying to figure out what to do!

I'm yelling words!

I'm offically a big fan of Knuckles in Sonic Boom (at least in this television series). Eggman decides to give them a crash course in villainly. This includes being mean to their underlings (poor Orbot and Cubot even though I could care less for them), combing mustaches, numbering evil steps in a weird order, and target practice. Having enough, Orbot and Cubot decide to go and get help. That leaves only one person: Sonic and is at home watching "Pawn Shop Wars". Seems like a combo of Pawn Stars and Storage Wars.


That was kinda awkward from Orbot. I was kinda expecting something like "Sonic, my master has turned your friends evil and I need your help!" Anways, Sonic makes it to the base where Eggman sicks his evil crew against Sonic. Lol, EggKnuckles tried to attack Eggman and Sonic tries to tell his attacking friends that they are his firends.

You're EVIL friends!

Lol, someone HAD to say it and Eggman thought EggKnuckles was sucking up. Eventually, EggTails, EggSticks, EggKnuckles, and EggAmy all turn on Eggman and start to fight each other. Sonic takes Eggman to safety and Sonic has a plan. Eggman is glad and Sonic rushes off to put his own hair (fur) into the machine and makes a cookie. I'm surprised the cookie isn't blue and he manages to feed it to Eggman from a far distance. And then...

Let's crack these eggheads!

Congradulations! Your Eggman just evolved into...Eggman the Hedgehog? Sonman? Eggman the Sonic? Meh...I'll just call him Eggsonic. Sonic and Eggsonic take down some badniks and Sonic askes him to hold the others off. Sonic goes off to get DNA of his friends (even from a voodoo doll of Sticks that disgusted Sonic) and makes it back. He and Eggsonic make the colored cookies and feed them to their friends turning them back to normal.

I'm also back to feeling like myself again. Knock on wood. Hello?

Looks like Knuckles is just of average intellgance again. Eggsonic is happy thinking he'll be a part of Team Sonic! Yay! Team Sonic has a new member! Or not...everyone isn't keen on the idea including Eggman. Eggman decides to go back to scheming.

Overall, this episode is an excellent way to end Season 1. The plot was decent, the characters were funny (at least, Eggman and Knuckles were), and some good references were made. Though, Eggman's plan would've worked if he just placed the six cookies in the basket in the first place but I guess they needed one hero in there. However, as of season 1, Can an Evil Genius Crash On Your Couch For a Few Days remains as my favorite episode.

Best Moments: Eggsonic (Let's crack these eggheads!), Knuckles (Everything he did and said in this episode was hilarous)

Worse Moments: Orbot and Cubot (Honestly, this episode didn't need them), Tails' role (he was kinda selfish in the beginning)

Overall Rating: 9/10