Eggman Sonic Boom Guilt Tripping

Okay, so this is my second review on an episode, and whoo boy, this won't be pretty. This is the first time I'm reviewing an episode I didn't like so expect a lot of bashing of this episode. So much bashing, I may need to borrow Amy's Piko Piko Hammer! Too bad she wasn't in this episode and note the Eggman image I'm using. Spoiler alert: He was the only good thing from this episode.

So, we begin this episode with Sonic and Tails having a little race in the jungle. Nothing too bad and it sorta alludes to the first episode a bit.

You may be faster on foot but I invented these things!

Er...that doesn't really mean something Tails. You and Sonic both are riding the same hoverboard so I can assume that you mean you handle it better than Sonic or you rigged yours to be faster than Sonic's. Sonic tries to pull ahead but suddenly finds himself on the ground.

Wow! That was the coolest thing I've ever seen!

Yeesh Tails. Sonic could've been injured after that! Looking cool or not, injuries are injuries. Suddenly, Sonic and Tails look over to some weasle guys stealing from guys. I don't know... anyways, Sonic and Tails leap in to see what is happening.

These delightful you men were just ransaking our poor village.

Wow...might as well put a giant sign that says "Welcome to Our Village! Please take anything and everything you want! We won't care!" These, ahem,  Gogobas are the creatures that are being mugged but Sonic and Tails managed to stop them.

This isn't over. I spoke too soon!

No and yes. That's literally the last time we see those bandits. Anyways, the Gogobas are pleased the bandits are stopped but threw rather sinde comment on how their belongings got dirtied up. Harsh. Sonic and Tails literally saved their village and yet, they are more worried about their items having dirt on them. Tails goes to pick them up but one of them complains about her back pain. What the heck man!?

Don't worry, she'll pass out from the pain soon!

I know that's probabilty just a fib, but that phrase is pretty dark for a Sonic Boom episode... Anyways, the Gogoba Chief treats Sonic and Tails to a feast that they didn't really want. However, with a little guilt tripping, they ate anyway (note whenever guilt tripping is reference, it will be bolded). At this point, I don't know what the Gogobas are going for. They didn't mind that they were being robbed, yet try to make Sonic and Tails feel like the worse people around when the duo saved their items from being stolen, and forced them to eat even though they didn't want to. These Gogobas make Eggman seem like the nicest guy in the world! Phew, Sonic askes if the Gogobas are gonna eat but they pretty much want to starve themselves while guilt tripping Sonic and Tails into eating in front of them.

These Gogobas seem so nice!

Trust me Tails. Anyone that forces you to eat in front of them and makes you feel bad for dirtying up their belongings is far from nice...

Why do I feel so terrible?

Guess Sonic has never heard of guilt tripping. These Gogobas sure do love to do it. That's another thing, Sonic is a superfast hedgehog while Tails is a two-tailed fox that can fly. Why don't they both just run and fly away when the coast is clear? Guess the guilt tripping is effective even on them. Eggman should try that! Nah, he sorta already did that before.

Sonic and Tails attempt to leave but the Chief says this to them...

Why would you want to stay with us after we made you this incredible meal?

Yeah, the meal you basically FORCED Sonic and Tails to eat. Man these Gogobas are...well...can't say...but they aren't right.

Anyways, after some more guilt tripping, Sonic and Tails are forced to sleep in the Gogoba's village. Take note that Sonic and Tails are sleeping on a bed OUTSIDE while the Gogobas are sleeping INSIDE huts. What happens if it could rain?, Sonic and Tails take this opportunity to leave but some of the Gogobas are still away. Seriously now, why doesn't Sonic just superspeed away and Tails just fly away? It's not like the Gogobas will follow them right? Woah, Fastidious Beaver cameo but he only just corrects the grammar...ugh...I hope that won't be a recurring thing in the series. I'm pretty sure he has no fans yet...right?

With some more guilt tripping, Sonic and Tails are nearly forced to stay. Anyways, Tails has a plan to put up some defenses for the Gogobas. Sonic and Tails does so...but...the Gogobas trap Not only they are crude, but idiots as well...

I wish I had a better excuse but it's hard to concentrate while off of the blood is rushing to my head!

Ugh...okay, I'm not going to quote their guilt tripping quotes again...Sonic and Tails walk off to compose of another plan...

We can totally fight Eggman or bandits, but how do we fight guilt?

With more guilt!

Oh boy...when I heard this, I knew a pretty bad scene is coming up and whoo boy, I was right. It was bascially something like Guilt Trip Wars (yep, bolded that) which lead NOWHERE! A war of words...and what's worse that it wasn't even an arguement...just about 3 minutes of pure boringness...with some Western music playing in the background for some reason...Well...after that, Sonic and Tails are finally allowed to head back home.

At least we're finally back hooooooo...

Okay. I honetly laughed on how Sonic said that and the expression on his face. Anyways, those dang Gogobas are back...and pretty much invaded into Sonic's home...Sonic should call the cops on them but, then again, Eggman is still out and about (which is a good thing).


Man, that's the exact same thing I'd said...Sonic even tried to attack the Chief but Tails FOR SOME REASON stopped him. And...what the heck was with the expression on Tails' face? I mean...this!

Sonic Boom Guilt Tripping Sonic Tails Chief

It's like Tails enjoys the Gogobas company...or...being that close to Sonic...ANYWAY! The Gogobas star going through all of their stuff and even their answering machine. Sonic takes it from the chief and has four new messages! And thank Mobius it's Eggman!

Oops, sorry. Butt dial.

Eggman is funny, even when he's not there!

Wow, that guy can't take a hint.

At that point, I was hoping Sonic flashed a mirror on his face. Not only they are crude, idiots, crimials, but hypocrites as well! Sonic runs outside and there's Eggman! Yes! It's rather late in the episode but at least Eggman is here to make this episode interesting! After some funny lines, Eggman sicks his robots against Sonic and Tais. However, the two of them are having trouble fighting due to the Gogobas interfering. Wow...these guys were willing to get robbed earler yet are trying to hinder Sonic and Tails from trying to save thier own skins? Yeesh!

Maybe we could fight over them!

A simple plan. I understand Sonic needing a hoverboard but why Tails? Tails can already fly! Anyway, Sonic and Tails manage to destroy the Badniks much to Eggman's fury.

You know what? It WAS your fault!

Eggman is so epic, he's immune to guilt tripping. Sonic and Tails manage to trick the Gogobas to go with Eggman with a combo of guilt tripping and reverse psychology. Poor Eggman...has to suffer through the annoying Gogobas...

Overall, this episode was pretty bad. If Eggman didn't appear, this episode would be the worst. Between guilt tripping Gogobas or a slime spewing Buster, I'd actually take the latter.. Maybe I should do some guilt tripping toward the producers not to do another epiisde like this...otherwise, this episode deserves a facepalm...

  • Best Moments: Eggman's role (the ONLY good thing about this episode); Sonic (oh yeah! He tried to attack the Goboba Chief!)
  • Worst Moments: The crimial, stupid, annoying, hypocritic, guilt tripping Gogobas.
  • Rating: 5/10 (If Eggman wasn't in this episode, it would be much lower...)