aka Zion.

  • I live in where I live, silly.
  • I was born on April 27
  • My occupation is An hyperactive puffball.
  • I am Yep, I'm a guy.
  • ZionWWBU2001

    (Emerald City, Halloween, 2:00pm)

    James: Okay, Sarah, I think the murder happened here.

    Sarah: Question; Why did you drag me 2 miles from G.U.N just to go here?

    James: Reports said of a mysterious old man murdering nearly 100 citizens in the past 3 weeks. His name is Iranax. I'm gonna get him and beat the living crap out of him. Besides, the commander would've gave me this mission, anyways.

    (At G.U.N Headquarters)

    G.U.N Commander: Hey, where's James? I have an important task for him.

    Shadow: He went somewhere. What's the mission he was supposed to do?

    G.U.N Commander: His mission was to get me a glazed donut.

    Shadow: *glares at G.U.N Commander* WTF, man..

    (Back at Emerald City)

    James: Uh, excuse me, sir.

    Yellow Hedgehog: What?

    James: Have you seen an …

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  • ZionWWBU2001

    Hey, guys. It's your boy, Zion. Ya'll know that the Halloween is coming near us every single second. So I took it upon myself to stage a Halloween blog, sonicrox14 style! Basically, if ya wanna participate in being in this thing just comment down there and BAM! You're in. Also, I'm using fan characters in this heap. If you don't have a fursona, I'll whip something up.

    Until then, I'm gonna give you the peace and be out of this heat.

    Your main man, Zion

    (Wow. That message was so ghetto...)

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  • ZionWWBU2001

    100 edits.

    October 16, 2013 by ZionWWBU2001

    Zion: *typing* There. Done with another page. *clicks his profile*

    (shows 100 edits)

    Zion: O_O..... (My God.)

    • 1... 2... 3...*

    Zion: Ah..

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  • ZionWWBU2001


    October 7, 2013 by ZionWWBU2001

    Ah, Dr. Ivo Robotnik... One of the most famous video game villians ever. He has multiple traits. He's smart, also avery good dancer...

    Not only that, he's a great singer!

    And he can destroy people's minds!

    Yes, sir. You just got trolled 3 times by the same YouTuber. :)

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  • ZionWWBU2001

    Several instances of people messing with me for no apparent reason..


    • Zion plays Sonic Spinball*

    Neo: *pokes Zion*

    Zion: Stop.

    Neo: *pokes Zion again*

    Zion: STOP.

    Neo: *pokes Zion once again*

    • Game Over!*

    Zion: *breathes heavily* Oh, I almost forgot!

    Neo: What?

    Zion: *uppercuts Neo* Never should have let me play Street Fighter.


    • Zion studying for a test*

    Random Student: Hey, Zion.

    Zion: What?

    Random Student: Hey, Zion.

    Zion: Again, what?!

    Zion: WHAT?!

    Random Student: Orange you glad I didn't say it again? *laughs*

    Zion: Hey, you!

    Random Student: Yeah?

    Zion: *Shin Shoryukens Random Student*

    • everyone looks at Zion*

    Zion: What?! If he gonna look and act like a man, I'm gonna act like my name is Ken, and uppercut the crap out of that *bleeep*.

    Teacher: Zion. Go to …

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