WARNING: I'm only using fan characters for giggles! I am not stealing.

Neo: *mumbling* Stupid government.... Telling me I owe 1,000,000 rings in property and citizen damage.

Sonic: Hey, Neo.

Neo: Hey.

Sonic: So... What are you doing?

Neo: I need to contact my other dimensional self. I gotta talk to him about something.

Sonic: How are you gonna do that?

Neo: With the inter-dimensional transporter.

Sonic: Sometimes, I think you're insane.

Neo: Yeah. Wait.... How did you get in?

Sonic: Don't remember your party? We were hiding in your house when the fireworks were finished.

  • flashback*

Neo: WHOO!

  • punk rock plays*

Shadow: Neo! WE RAN OUT OF BEER! Wait... There's more!

Shelly: THIS IS AWESOME! Come on, Jezz!

Jezz: Oh, God. Whoa!

  • indistinct conversations*

Sonic: You even invited Egg-salad?

Eggman: *grunts while dancing* YOU CAN'T STOP THIS!!!

Neo: Yes. Yes, I did.

  • glass breaking*


Other Party Guests: PARTY!!!

Neo: Awesome! Come, everybody. Let's party!

Other Party Guests: YEAH! PARTY!

  • Party Rock Anthem plays*


Neo: Okay, Stayx! Launch the 'sidekick'!

Stayx: On it! *Zaps fireworks*


Neo: This is the big finale! I've loaded the whole state with fireworks! *laughs psychoticly*

Everyone: What?!

Neo: I press the button to celebrate Labor Day! *presses button*

Sonic: What the fu- *screams*

  • flashback ends*

Neo: So that's why I had to pay 1,000,000 rings in property and citizen damage..... Sonic. *cocks gun*

Sonic: Neo? *chuckles nervously*

Neo: *screams while shooting* THIS IS WHAT YOU GET!!!

Sonic: *screams* IT DOESN'T TICKLE! *cries*