(Emerald City, Halloween, 2:00pm)

James: Okay, Sarah, I think the murder happened here.

Sarah: Question; Why did you drag me 2 miles from G.U.N just to go here?

James: Reports said of a mysterious old man murdering nearly 100 citizens in the past 3 weeks. His name is Iranax. I'm gonna get him and beat the living crap out of him. Besides, the commander would've gave me this mission, anyways.

(At G.U.N Headquarters)

G.U.N Commander: Hey, where's James? I have an important task for him.

Shadow: He went somewhere. What's the mission he was supposed to do?

G.U.N Commander: His mission was to get me a glazed donut.

Shadow: *glares at G.U.N Commander* WTF, man..

(Back at Emerald City)

James: Uh, excuse me, sir.

Yellow Hedgehog: What?

James: Have you seen an old man by the name of Iranax?

Yellow Hedgehog: No, I haven't seen this guy. What does he look like?

James: He wears some kind of hoodie, but it goes all the way to his feet. Also, he carries some kind of magic staff.

Yellow Hedgehog: Still don't know. I'll get back to you if I can find any information. *leaves*

James: Thanks. *looks around* Where did Sarah go? *sighs* What am I gonna do with this girl... Oh, well.

Sarah: Help!

James: Oh, for the love of Jezz! *runs towards screams* Holy crap. It's the perp!

Iranax: I see you're here for your friend. *laughs evilly*

James: What did you do to her?

Iranax: You'll see. Chaos... Control! *spawns a portal*

James: What the fu- Iranax: Sayanora! *pushes James in the portal*

James: Son of a bi- *teleports*

Iranax: First, the hybrid, then the girl. *laughs*

(Mystic Mansion)

James: FFFUUUU- *hits ground facefirst* Owwie.

Sarah: James? Is that you?

James: *gets up* Sarah? *goes near person* Sarah...

Demon: BLEH! James: AH! *blasts demon* The hell's going on?! Where am I?

?: You're in his staff, mate.

James: Hmm? *turns around, sees monkey*

?: Hello. I guess you're new around here. I'm Mystic.

James: Hey there.. Where are we?

Mystic: Mystic Mansion, mate. Come on, there's more of us than you think. *runs to tower*

James: Hmm... Something fishy's going on here, but I'm not sure... *runs behind Mystic*