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    February 2, 2011 by ~Cazelyn

    Hello people just want to say im Cazelyn my Sonic O.C.was inspired bye japan's biggest digital pop star Hastune Miku!Here is the info about Caze, Name:Cazeyn C-Aze-lin Middle name:Ella Last name:IDK... Species:Robot Cat/Wolf Status:With Zap The HedgehogSonic,and Shadow, Gender:Female Age:16 B-day:January 1, Outfit:Blue jacket,Headset,White shorts,White gloves,and black and blue boots. Friends:Meilani,all of my O.C.'sBlaze,Amy,Rouge,Orion,Eli,Zero,Kimura,Tikal,Cream,Angel,Sonic,Shadow,Project 17,Maria,Jet,and bla bla bla! Favorite Food:3 Musketer bar Theme song:Love is war [ft.Miku Hastune] Favorite show:Family Guy Forms:Black Soul,Super Caze,Dark Caze,Fleet Away,Oarange Moon,Eclipse,Dawn,Dead Heart. Type:Nice can get a little Malancholy. F…

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