Hello people just want to say im Cazelyn my Sonic O.C.was inspired bye japan's biggest digital pop star Hastune Miku!Here is the info about Caze, Name:Cazeyn C-Aze-lin Middle name:Ella Last name:IDK... Species:Robot Cat/Wolf Status:With Zap The HedgehogSonic,and Shadow, Gender:Female Age:16 B-day:January 1, Outfit:Blue jacket,Headset,White shorts,White gloves,and black and blue boots. Friends:Meilani,all of my O.C.'sBlaze,Amy,Rouge,Orion,Eli,Zero,Kimura,Tikal,Cream,Angel,Sonic,Shadow,Project 17,Maria,Jet,and bla bla bla! Favorite Food:3 Musketer bar Theme song:Love is war [ft.Miku Hastune] Favorite show:Family Guy Forms:Black Soul,Super Caze,Dark Caze,Fleet Away,Oarange Moon,Eclipse,Dawn,Dead Heart. Type:Nice can get a little Malancholy. First apperance:http://flipnotehatena.cait6707/Cazelyn Appears on:Flipnotehatena,DeviantArt,Fanpop,to here. Heritage:Japan/America Created by:Me Caity.

Story of her life;

She was a robot created bye a lonely scientist who was a mistake bye Doctor.R.Robotnick she was a mistake because she was a idea made by some genius on the computer and Dr.Robotnick accedently bought the idea and a machine that could atomaticly create robots/life forms made her but over 100 years passed she was abanded and shut down but turned on again when one of his life forms Project:17(Aka ZapTH)turned her back on she was working again but all doors of the lab were stuck and couldnt open so power used some power and blew the whole building down and they were both free.They lived a happy life got ALOT of friends and had a great time saving the planet.