Tails to Astonish
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Sonic and Mario:The power Lies Withen is a fan game made by Fly the Fox.The game takes place in Mobius,Mushroom Kingdom,and the Negitive Zone.The game uses a 2D and 3D perspectives and also includes mini games in multiplayer mode.


Sonic and Shadow were running in Emerald Hill when,all of a sudden,they saw a flash of light.They saw a dinosaur like creature holding a mushroom.It eats the mushroom and turns 5 time bigger.Sonic pulls out the grey Chaos Emerald and transforms into semi-super Sonic.The dinosaur and Sonic battle.After defeating the dinosaur,it explains that its name is 'Bowser'.Sonic Transforms back to normal.Shadow says "Why are you here?".Bowser then says "I come from another world.These two brothers,Mario and Luigi,have foiled my plans every time.With those magic rocks i could finaly kill those two.".Shadow then uses the Chaos Control to attack Bowser.Silver then appearse from the right of the screen, just to shoot a ray of light at Shadow.Silver and Shadow also fight,but then Bowser attacks them both.Bowser eats a Giant Mushroom and turns 10 times bigger.Silver explains that he only has 3 emeralds.Shadow and Sonic pulls out 2 each emeralds,making 7.They all turn into there Super Forms.After the battle Bowser teloports back but before he can Sonic,Shadow and Silver grab on to him teloporting them aswell.Bowser Kicks off Sonic.Sonic is swirling the the vortex.When Sonic wakes up he finds himself in the Negitive zone.Sonic has to got to 3 acts to complete the zone.He gets to Act 4(the Boss level).He sees a Negitive Version of himself.

Multiplayer Mode

In Sonic and Mario,multiplayer mode is basicly a race,fight,Co-Op,and story mode.


Choose your character.After choose a stage that you have played in.First one to get to the goal wins.There are special power ups in the race tracks such as mushrooms that boost up your speed,