Utahraptors are a species that appear in Sonic the Hedgehog in the Fourth Dimension. It was a large type of dinosaur that Sonic and Tails encountered in prehistoric times.[1]



The Utahraptors are giant reptiles about the same size as a tyrannosaurus, but with a huge claw on their hind feet.[1]

Characteristics and culture

The Utahraptors are described as more vicious and hungrier than the tyrannosauruses, and have a hot and foul heavy breath.[1]

Powers and abilities

Despite their resemblance, the Utahraptors are much faster than the tyrannosauruses.[1]


The Utahraptor's appearance scared Mum away from her nest. Sonic and Tails first thought he was a robot created by Robotnik, but then assumed he was a tyrannosaurus before they clearly saw the fierce Utahraptor. With the creature soon coming towards them, Sonic and Tails climbed up a tree to avoid it. Afterwards, the creature lumbered towards the lake. Soon after, Tails gave a long, piercing whistle to it and it headed towards the heroes, where the Utahraptor was successfully distracted towards Robotnik's robots by Sonic and Tails as they ran.[1]



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