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For other uses, see Vanilla the Rabbit (disambiguation).

Vanilla the Rabbit (ヴァニラ・ザ・ラビット Vanira za Rabitto?) is a fictional minor from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is an anthropomorphic rabbit and the respected mother of Cream the Rabbit. Vanilla lives in a small cottage close to Night Carnival with her daughter, Cheese and Gemerl. Vanilla is a skilled housewife, who has taught her daughter polite manners under her kind, but strict discipline.[1]


Vanilla is a cream-colored rabbit with a white muzzle, brown eyes and a tuft of light brown/orange hair. She has light brown/orange markings around her eyes and on the ends of her lopped ears. She wears a long light pink/purple dress with a white trim and a fitted burgundy vest, an orange ascot, white gloves with gold cufflinks, and low-heeled burgundy shoes.


Sonic Advance 2

Sonic advance 2 ending artwork Sonic catches Vanilla

Sonic saving Vanilla from her fall.

In Sonic Advance 2, six years after Cream's birth, Vanilla, Cream and Cheese were kidnapped by Dr. Eggman. Cream and Cheese, who was saved by Sonic the Hedgehog, came along with Sonic to find her mother, knowing she was still in trouble. Eventually, Vanilla was found by her daughter in Leaf Forest after Eggman was defeated.

Unfortunately, Vanilla was later kidnapped by Eggman again with his mech and taken into space. There, Super Sonic defeated Eggman, and Vanilla's Capsule plummeted down to Earth. Amidst her fall however, she was saved by Sonic. Upon being welcomed back by Sonic's friends, Vanilla was reunited with Cream, though she noticed Sonic had already left for another adventure. Regardless, Vanilla has been grateful to Sonic ever since.

Sonic Advance 3

Sonic advance 3 ending artwork Vanilla Cream and Gemerl during tea time

Vanilla, Cream, Cheese and Gemerl.

In Sonic Advance 3, Vanilla was taking Cream and Cheese to the beach where they found the damaged Gemerl laying helplessly in the sand. After Tails had repaired Gemerl and reprogrammed him to be a friend of Cream, Vanilla took Gemerl with her to live a happy life in her cottage with Cream and Cheese.

Sonic Rush

In Sonic Rush, Vanilla allowed Cream and Cheese to go out and play near Night Carnival Zone one day. When Cream returned, she brought Blaze the Cat, who she had met earlier. Vanilla got the reluctant Blaze to stay for tea, during which Blaze explained her mission to save her world. Vanilla advised her to see Sonic the Hedgehog for help and she allowed Cream to go with Blaze on her journey.

Later on, Sonic and Tails arrived at Vanilla's cottage looking for Blaze. Vanilla informed them that Cream had gone out with her to find him, and told the duo where they could find them.

Other game appearances

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Vanilla is mentioned in Cream the Rabbit's trophy description which tells about how Cream's polite and courteous manners stems from her discipline.[1]

Sonic Free Riders

In Sonic Free Riders, Vanilla is mentioned twice by Cream, both times when she tries to address her on live television.[2][3]

Sonic Generations

In the console/PC version of Sonic Generations, Vanilla is mentioned by Cream in the White Space, where she notes that Vanilla told her to return once she left Sonic's birthday party.[4] In the Nintendo 3DS version of the game, Vanilla is seen on one of concept artworks from the ending scene of Sonic Advance 3.

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Sonic Runners

In other media

Sonic X


Vanilla 's eyecatch/profile card from Sonic X

Vanilla also appeared in the anime series Sonic X. Originally from Sonic's unnamed homeworld, she was separated from her daughter when Cream was kidnapped by Doctor Eggman and transported to Earth by Chaos Control. Vanilla was eventually transported to Earth herself by a second Chaos Control event, and immediately hired the Chaotix Detective Agency to find Cream. Their leader, Vector the Crocodile, initially mistakenly believed that Sonic the Hedgehog had kidnapped Cream. While the Chaotix investigated, Vanilla came across Sonic, who then took her to her daughter at the Thorndyke Mansion. Cream was overjoyed to reunite with her mother and they embraced in a nice warm hug. After that, Vanilla moved into the mansion and cooked with Cream and Ella, as well as constantly looking out for Sonic and the others. Weeks after, a portal was created which could return them to their own world. Vanilla and Cream happily departed and returned to their cottage.

Returned back to their peaceful lifestyle in their cottage, Vanilla and Cream were happy once again. Vector the Crocodile and Vanilla had also appeared to develop a crush on each other, but neither of them had made any moves. After a few months, the Metarex declared war on the planet and Cream and Vanilla participated in helping the inhabitants of Mobius. She asked Vector to deliver Chris' things (that Chris' family sent from Station Square) to the Blue Typhoon in space and was not present at the downfall of the Metarex and the death of Cosmo, a new friend of Cream.

Archie Comics

In the Archie Comics continuity, Vanilla originally lived with her daughter Cream the Rabbit in the Southern Baronies. One day, however, she and Cream came under attack by Snively Robotnik. Though Amy Rose came to their rescue, Vanilla and Cream's home got destroyed, so they moved to New Mobotropolis. While Vanilla initially had trouble adjusting to her new surroundings and the dangers Cream got involved in, she came to accept it and even allowed Cream to join Team Freedom.

After the Super Genesis Wave rebooted the multiverse, Vanilla became virtually identical to her game counterpart. Currently, she lives in Mobotropolis with Cream, Cheese, Chocola, and Gemerl.






  • Although not having her own official character profile on the official Sonic Channel website, Vanilla is mentioned by name in Cream's character profile.[5]
  • In the games, Vanilla's ascot was orange, but in Sonic X, it was blue.
  • Vanilla, along with Cream and Cheese, were the first new characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog series to be introduced on a Nintendo console.






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