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Vanilla the Rabbit (ヴァニラ・ザ・ラビット Vanira za Rabitto?) is a character in the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. She is the mother of Cream the Rabbit.



New World Saga

One night, Vanilla was separated from her daughter when Cream was kidnapped by Doctor Eggman and transported to Earth by Chaos Control.[2]

Egg Moon Saga

Vanilla was eventually transported to Earth herself by a second Chaos Control event caused by Super Sonic and Super Shadow as they restored the Space Colony ARK to a stable orbit, and immediately hired the Chaotix Detective Agency to find Cream. Their leader, Vector the Crocodile, initially mistakenly believed that Sonic the Hedgehog had kidnapped Cream. While the Chaotix investigated, Vanilla came across Sonic, who then took her to her daughter at the Thorndyke Mansion. Cream was overjoyed to reunite with her mother and they embraced in a nice warm hug.[3]

After that, Vanilla moved into the mansion and cooked with Cream and Ella, as well as constantly looking out for Sonic and the others.

Emerl Saga

Homebound Saga

Weeks after, a portal was created which could return Vanilla and her friends to their own world. On the day of departure, Vanilla and Cream happily left and returned to their cottage.

Metarex Saga

Returned back to their peaceful lifestyle in their cottage, Vanilla and Cream were happy once again. Vector the Crocodile and Vanilla had also appeared to develop a crush on each other, but neither of them had made any moves. After a few months, the Metarex declared war on the planet and Cream and Vanilla participated in helping the inhabitants of her world. During this incident, Vanilla took Cosmo in for a day before Cream set out with the rest of her friends to fight the Metarex in space.

Vanilla eventually asked Vector to deliver Chris' things (that Chris' family sent from Station Square) to the Blue Typhoon in space and to check up on Cream and Cheese.




  • In the games, Vanilla's ascot was orange, but in Sonic X, it was blue.
  • Vanilla was never called by her name; instead, she was always referred to as "Cream's Mom/Mother" or "Madam".
  • In both English and Japanese versions of the Sonic X anime, Vanilla shares Cream's voice actress.


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