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The Vargz are a species that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. They are an alien race that exist in the same universe as Shanazar and were one of the many races that took part in the Space Race.



The Vargz are green-skinned humanoids with large jaws, flat chins, black white eyes, no noses and four-fingered hands. They are mostly bald, except for a few patches of grey hair on their heads. They are also able to grow facial hair.


In the past, a group of Vargz captured the family of Turbo and forced him to race for their freedom. After several successful races, the Vargz went up against Skorrg, pitting Turbo against Sonic the Hedgehog. Unused to zero-gravity, Sonic lost, and the Vargz earned the right to destroy Skorrg's spaceship as tradition stated.[1] However, with Amy having seized the vessel, Skorrg's ship tried to escape, shocking the Vargz.[2]

Upon their captain's orders, the Vargz chased after Skorrg's ship and disabled it with a laser to prepare for the final blow. Before they did this, they decided to beam Turbo aboard, allowing Sonic to stow away and enter the Vargz's bridge. As Sonic tried to defeat the Vargz, who managed to pin him down, Turbo rebelled against his masters, giving Sonic time to finish the job. With Sonic and Amy in control of their respective ships, both the Vargz and Skorrg were forced to form a truce, with the Vargz towing Skorrg's ship back home.[2]


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