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Quotation1 When Sonic vaults over an obstacle, press ZR again to dash! Quotation2
Tails' Tip, Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter[1]

Vault Dash[2] is a technique that appears in the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World. The Vault Dash can be performed by Sonic the Hedgehog. The Vault Dash is used to go faster after vaulting.


The Vault Dash is a simple technique used to dash after the player, who controls Sonic the Hedgehog, vaults over an obstacle. The Vault Dash can only be performed on obstacles and not enemies; for example, if Sonic happens to come across a ledge, he immediately climbs thanks to the Parkour technique. However, instead of walking slowly after doing so, the player can press WiiU-Button-ZR to dash right after climbing the ledge.


  • It should be noted that the name of this technique was confirmed from the segment of "Tails' Tips" that appear regularly on the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account.



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