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Quotation1 It's all part of being a good detective. Quotation2
— Vector the Crocodile, Sonic Heroes

Vector the Crocodile (ベクター・ザ・クロコダイル Bekutā za Kurokodairu?) is a fictional anthropomorphic crocodile from the Sonic the Hedgehog series who debuted in Knuckles' Chaotix. Vector is the current leader and head honcho of the Chaotix Detective Agency. Large and imposing with a kind heart beneath his scaly exterior, Vector is always ready to take jobs that pay good money, but is also always willing to help those in need for free, leaving his agency in its eternally poor state. Known for his great love of music, Vector's trademark accessory is a set of headphones which he always listens to, even during missions.

Concept and creation

Sonic the Hedgehog Band

Vector's original appearance as the keyboard player of Sonic the Hedgehog Band. Illustrated by Naoto Ōshima.

Vector was originally going to appear as one of the members of the Sonic the Hedgehog Band during the early development of Sonic the Hedgehog (1991). Sonic the Hedgehog Band was created to be part of the early idealized Sound Test, which was eventually dropped from the final version of the game due to time constraints.[8] Vector was going to be the keyboard player of Sonic's band. Many early concept sketches featured in the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis Collected Works art book show Vector and the other band members having a more prominent role in the game, appearing even on the SEGA screen and in the game's ending.[9] In terms of game appearances, Vector is thus among the oldest characters of the series alongside Flicky, Doctor Eggman and Sonic himself.

In the early development of Sonic the Hedgehog (1991), Vector looked quite different compared to his later designs and was more resembling an ordinary crocodile. He lacked the red spikes seen on his back and tail, and while being taller and having thicker arms and legs, his hands and feet were smaller than in later designs. Vector's belly, neck and the underneath of his tail were gray rather than light green. He also wore shoes identical to Sonic's, just like every other member of the band. While missing most of his attire such as his gold chain, Vector was already wearing his pair of headphones, which later returned as his trademark accessory.


Vector is a large, green-skinned crocodile with small red scales down his tail. Vector sports a thick body; his stomach, as well as arms, are light green and his eyes, as well as the scales down his back, are vermilion. He has small, black shoulders. He wears white gloves with black-and-white cuffs and shoes embellished with gold buckles and a large gold chain around his neck. His wireless headphones are black and are somewhat chunky in design.


Knuckles' Chaotix

Vector's first actual appearance was in Knuckles' Chaotix for the Sega 32X. In the English manual, he is described as one of Knuckles the Echidna's friends who is often seen either jamming to his headset tunes or "investigating" the local food courts, but was captured when Dr. Robotnik attacked Carnival Island, planning to steal its energy source known as the Power Emerald. The Japanese manual states that after an unnamed island rose from the ocean depths, Vector traveled there since he interpreted the island's sudden appearance as an act of God. Upon arriving, Vector was captured by Dr. Eggman, who was building his Newtrogic High Zone base on the island, and placed in the Combi Catcher.

In both stories, Knuckles the Echidna arrived at the island in order to stop Robotnik and free his friends. Vector then teamed up with Knuckles and the others to confront the Doctor and destroy his theme park. After defeating Dr. Robotnik in all five of Newtronic High Zone's attractions, Metal Sonic took over the Stage Select machine and used its numerous dangerous weapons to stop Vector and co. Vector and the others were able to destroy the machine and damage Metal Sonic which caused him to flee back to Dr. Robotnik. As a last resort, Dr. Robotnik took the giant ring and escaped with Metal Sonic as a huge, red, monstrous robot suddenly appeared and took their place, which Vector and co. destroyed in order to free Carnival Island once and for all.

Sonic Heroes


Vector in his detective office.

The Chaotix returned in Sonic Heroes, where Vector, Espio and Charmy have opened their very own detective agency. One day, Vector was listening to his music and relaxing in his office when Charmy bursts through the door with a parcel and rammed into Vector. A walkie-talkie fell out of the parcel right into Vector’s hands. Through the walkie-talkie, an unknown client asked for the Chaotix’s service, persuading Vector by promising to pay handsomely. When Espio expressed his doubts, Vector reminded him of their policy never to turn down paid work, and headed out with his team to begin the investigation.

At first, the client wanted to the test the Chaotix’s abilities by having them collect hermit crabs in Seaside Hill and free a Chao caged in Ocean Palace. There, they met Dr. Eggman in the Egg Hawk, who was furious at the team for destroying his robot armies, which Vector stated was a part of their job. At their client’s order, they defeated the machine and Dr. Eggman fled from the scene. About to enter Eggman’s territory next, Vector opposed Espio's suggestion to back out since they needed the job for rent payments. After destroying Eggman’s robots in Grand Metropolis and Power Plant upon orders from the client, Team Chaotix encountered Team Dark, who they suspected to be their client’s adversary, and began a brief fight with them.

Arriving in Casino Park, Vector stopped Charmy from playing at the slot machines before being assigned to a test of luck. After collecting ten V.I.P. chips in Bingo Highway to enter Dr. Eggman’s next hideout, the Doctor unleashed his Robot Carnival on them. After defeating the robots, the Chaotix infiltrated the terminal station in Rail Canyon and Eggman’s base in Bullet Station, where their client ordered them to destroy capsules containing secret weapons. Afterwards, the trio destroyed the Doctor's Egg Albatross before it could escape through the canyon, but when they found an Eggman dummy lying on the floor, their client claimed it being fake was obvious and urged them to head to Frog Forest. As Espio and Charmy wondered about their client's extensive knowledge of Eggman, Vector started to realize his true identity.
Sonic Heroes - Team Chaotix Cutscene 3

Vector growing suspicious of their client.

After being assigned to collect Chao scattered throughout Lost Jungle, Team Chaotix encountered Team Rose. Vector politely tried to ask Amy a question, but she turned him down, believing he wanted a date with her. As Vector sparked with anger, Espio told Team Rose to hand over Cheese, which caused Cream to believe the Chaotix were the kidnappers of Chocola, starting a fight. In Hang Castle, they discussed the prior misunderstanding until the client told them to find the keys to enter Mystic Mansion. After finding another way out of the mysterious castle, the Chaotix met Dr. Eggman who attacked with his Robot Storm. Upon seeing Eggman, Vector insulted him as a moustache moron, much to the dismay of the client.

Team Chaotix finally managed to get on board of the Egg Fleet. When Eggman attempted to intimidate them with his powerful armada, Vector stated his policies to always finish a job once started, and infiltrated the battleship with his colleagues. This led them to Final Fortress, where the client was held captive. After finding the keys to his cell, the Chaotix were confronted by Dr. Eggman in his Egg Emperor. After defeating the Egg Emperor, Eggman melted in a metallic liquid, and Vector concluded he was a fake the whole time. Afterwards, Vector and his friends accessed the cell, confirming their client to be the real Dr. Eggman. Though Eggman was surprised he knew it all along, Vector remarked it was part of being a good detective. As they accused Eggman of fooling them, the doctor told them he never intended to trick them and promised to pay handsomely once he conquered the world. Vector, however, had enough of false promises and prepared to beat Eggman.

Doctor Eggman, I presume

Team Chaotix rescuing their client.

After beating Eggman, the Chaotix learned from Eggman that he was locked up in the room by Metal Sonic to seize control of the Eggman Empire and then the world. Team Chaotix and Dr. Eggman later arrived in time to watch the robot's transformation to Metal Madness, and Vector’s team agreed to buy Team Sonic some time by distracting the metallic monstrosity. Despite their efforts, however, Metal Madness was able to complete its transformation into Metal Overlord. After Team Super Sonic had defeated Metal Sonic, Vector was about to close their case when Charmy reminded him of their outstanding payment. Vector angrily spotted Dr. Eggman just as he tried to sneak away and the three of them chased after him.

Shadow the Hedgehog

In Shadow the Hedgehog, Vector and Team Chaotix were working on a case surrounding Gerald Robotnik, G.U.N. and the project of the ultimate life form, although Vector was not willing to share its details.

Prison Island

Shortly after the Black Arms' invasion had begun, Vector sent Charmy to Prison Island to locate five secret discs from G.U.N..

Mad Matrix

As a part of their investigation, the Chaotix headed to Dr. Eggman's base. There, Vector would rush Espio as he tried to hack Eggman's computer while silencing Charmy's bugging until Shadow unexpectedly entered. Knowing his past with Eggman, Vector asked for help from Shadow, who opened the portal to Mad Matrix. Vector then had Espio follow Shadow into cyberspace and get the info they sought from the databases.

Cosmic Fall

Shadow, are you okay

Vector and Shadow facing Black Doom.

Later on-board the ARK as it was being attacked by the Black Arms, Vector searched for the main computer room when he came across Shadow, and requested his aid for finding said computer room before the ARK would collapse from the damage it was sustaining from the attack by the Black Arms.

In the Hero scenario where Shadow helps Vector, the duo found the computer room, only to meet Black Doom there, who manipulated Shadow into thinking that he was an evil experiment. Vector told Shadow not to believe Black Doom and focus on defeating him instead, aiding Shadow in the following fight. While they won, Shadow still believed Black Doom's words and felt guilt for the tragedies he had caused despite Vector trying to convince him otherwise.

In the Dark scenario where Shadow came to the Space Colony to find a Chaos Emerald, Vector showed up to support Shadow when he was attacked by Dr. Eggman in his Egg Dealer.

Last Story

ShTH Chaotix final cutscene

The Chaotix, trying to hack the ARK's main computer.

In the last story, Vector, Espio and Charmy had found the ARK’s main computer which they tried to hack. Worried about losing their data, Vector had Espio do the computer work while keeping Charmy from disturbing him. However, Charmy lost his patience and rammed the computer. This resulted in the Chaotix getting access to a video by Gerald Robotnik which played all around the world and gave Shadow the determination to defeat the Black Arms once and for all.

Sonic Rivals 2

In Sonic Rivals 2, Vector ordered Espio to tail Silver the Hedgehog, who the crocodile suspected to be responsible for the Chao disappearances and wanted Espio to find some evidence. After having some communication problems, Vector reappeared at the end of the story to ask if Silver was indeed behind the Chao disappearances, which Espio confirmed. Having already spent their client's money for rental payments, Vector was mad at Espio for not having collected any evidence and furiously yelled at his co-worker only to realize he already left.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, the Chaotix voluntarily assisted G.U.N. in gathering clues about the Marauders and finding out where they imprisoned Knuckles. After pinning down four possible hideouts, Vector greeted Sonic over G.U.N.'s channel and told him it was about time he returned. When Sonic asked about information regarding Shade, Vector promised to do some more digging.

Sonic Free Riders


Vector participating in the new World Grand Prix

In Sonic Free Riders, Vector entered King Doc's World Grand Prix alongside Amy and Cream as a member of Team Rose, having accepted Amy's offer to join them and get half of the prize money. Unfortunately, Amy hired him only half an hour before the opening ceremony, and Vector only arrived during the opening ceremony to register Team Rose for the Grand Prix. Amy blamed Vector for their late arrival, but they were relieved to be entered anyway.

Their first opponents turned out to be Team Heroes, who did not treat them like serious contenders and were surprised when Team Rose won every single round. However, Knuckles told Vector he would not get far with his brute force, enraging the crocodile. Their quarrel was overheard by Team Babylon, who compared the situation to kindergarten until Amy stopped the trash talk, declaring Vector as the team's only useless kid. After their victory against the Babylon Rogues, Vector started fantasizing about the prize money and all the meals he would eat, indicating he could not afford any dinner lately. His dreams were interrupted by Team Dark, promising to send them home empty-handed. With the beginning of the final round, Team Rose's series of victory continued, and Vector talked about finally being able to pay off his debts to "Big Louie" and "Small Louie". Amy and Cream asked him to concentrate on the competition, but Vector stated thinking about money would get him motivated and reminded Amy once again of their agreement, leading them into another argument until Cream told them to stop. Vector apologized and caught sight of the overheated E-10000B. After winning against Team Dark in the final race, E-10000B was too damaged to race, and Vector pointed out that would disqualify the opponents. Unfortunately, the disqualification made the prior race invalid, meaning Vector, Amy and Cream had to face Shadow and Rouge alone one more time. Despite the disappointment causing even more controversy among Team Rose, they were able to win once again, making them the champions of the Grand Prix. While Amy left for a date with Sonic and Cream hurried to get her back, Vector stayed behind to collect the cash prize by himself.

Over the course of the Championship, Team Rose had their own set of defeats. When facing Team Heroes in Dolphin Resort, Vector angered Amy already when entering by interrupting her talk about fate by saying everyone knew she followed Sonic to the Grand Prix. Sonic and Knuckles did not take Team Rose seriously, and despite Vector's eagerness to beat them, eventually lost.

As Team Rose challenged Team Babylon in Metropolis Speedway, Storm made fun of Vector for being broke, raising Omochao's sympathy for the crocodile. They ended up losing, but Wave was not surprised as she said it would be hard to compete in a race while having to babysit.

Vector, Amy and Cream also were unsuccessful taking on Team Dark in the final round in Forgotten Tomb. However, Team Rose was more worried about E-10000B's condition, and Vector warned Rouge the prize could not be worth so much as to put it over her own teammate. When the robot eventually broke down, Vector pointed out Team Dark's disqualification and tried to stop Rouge and Shadow in a final race, though he was still disappointed about losing a chance to the prize money.

In the end, every team seemed to have achieved an equal number of victories. When the teams came to the awards ceremony however, King Doc announced another finale against the "ultimate Gear-jockey" robot. Vector had enough of his lies, but joined the race. Afterwards, Dr. Eggman, no longer under disguise, revealed he used E-10000B robots to collect all the riders' data to create the ultimate Extreme Gear. Unwilling to go home broke, Vector as well as the others accepted his challenge. Upon Dr. Eggman's defeat, E-10000B exploded and revealed Metal Sonic, who had used the collected data for himself and challenged Sonic to a race, which Vector and the others watched. As it turned out, Dr. Eggman had no prize money to begin with, and Vector was depressed to find out all his work was for free. Cream felt sorry for him, but Amy said he should be thankful since it would not be every day one was able to race with two cuties like them.

Sonic Colors

Sonic Colors Mission 4-3

Vector meeting Sonic and Tails on Planet Wisp.

In the Nintendo DS version of Sonic Colors, Vector and the Chaotix were sent to Planet Wisp to investigate Dr. Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park, their primary target being finding Dr. Eggman. Sonic and Tails first encountered Vector on the third mission of Planet Wisp, waiting for Espio and Charmy, whom he had sent on patrol. As soon as he caught sight of Sonic and Tails, he asked them to leave due to him being busy, but Sonic teased him by saying he never thought the Chaotix ever got busy. Before Vector was able to voice his indignation, however, Charmy arrived to report what seemed fishy to him. Although Vector worried the Chaotix would not be allowed to collect the bounty if they indeed found the Doctor with his help, he allowed Sonic to check the ride out. Afterward, however, it became clear Charmy's lead brought them nowhere, a result Vector did not seem surprised about, who instead wondered about Espio's whereabouts. The chameleon immediately reported to his boss, stating he was with them all the time. As it turned out they all ignored him, and Vector laughed at his colleague's inconspicuousness.

When Sonic returned to Planet Wisp some time later, he encountered Vector again. Not very optimistic about finding Dr. Eggman on Planet Wisp, he asked if Sonic was there to offer him a job. Sonic instead revisited the ride and cleared the mission once again, causing Vector to make a compliment to the hedgehog. However, he added that he wished Sonic could learn to shut his big mouth, and Sonic pointed out Vector himself was the one with the big mouth. Vector however felt falsely accused, stating he was a crocodile after all.

When Sonic managed to clear the mission with a S-Rank, Vector offered to let him join the Chaotix Detective Agency, but Sonic declined.

Sonic Generations

In the console/PC version of Sonic Generations, Vector attended and helped prepare Sonic’s surprise birthday party. As the party began, however, the Time Eater suddenly appeared and Vector was sucked into one of the Time Eater's Time Holes and ended up in the White Space, where he was turned into a statue due to the Time Eater's effects.

Sonic Generations - Vector Saved 2

Vector telling Sonic about his hunch.

Eventually, Vector was restored to normal by Sonic and Classic Sonic, whom he told his suspicion that someone was controlling the Time Eater. When the Sonics confronted the Time Eater, which was revealed to be controlled by Dr. Eggman and Classic Eggman, Vector arrived at the battle with the others and cheered on both Sonics, allowing them both to transform into Super Sonics. When the Sonics defeated the Time Eater, Vector and the others were sent back to the present. Resuming the celebration, Vector later waved goodbye to Classic Sonic and Classic Tails as they returned to their own world.

Sonic Forces

Moment of Truth Vector

Vector fighting Eggman's army.

In Sonic Forces, Vector and his colleagues were alongside those who formed the Resistance after Dr. Eggman defeated Sonic (and seemingly killed him) and took over the world. At some point after the takeover, Vector and the Chaotix would organize a town's forces until Eggman invaded it a few days later. Vector ordered everyone to their positions, including a rookie soldier who he requested to shore up their defenses. The rookie was unsuited for heavy lifting however, leaving an annoyed Vector to do it himself. When Eggman's robots then forced their way into the village, Vector and his allies faced them head-on. Frantically, Vector requested for someone to use the artillery cannon to shoot at Eggman's battleship. Luckily, the rookie managed to cripple Eggman's ship and invasion force with it. Vector then happily called for a break and congratulated the rookie on his victory before making plans for an evacuation.[10]

Several months later, with the war still on-going, a frustrated Vector met up with the Resistance's other core members, discussing how people have become too terrified to fight back. He was then introduced to their newest recruit before learning that Sonic was being held hostage at the Death Egg, so Vector and the others went to the Spaceport in Chemical Plant to steal a shuttle from there. However, Eggman soon found out about their rescue plan and launched an ambush while on their way to the orbital prison. Luckily, the group still managed to find Sonic and escaped.

The Chaotix later fought Eggman's forces at Seaside Hill before coming over to Park Avenue and helping secure an escape route for civilians. Soon, they learned of Eggman's plan to eliminate the Resistance in only three days, and while again leading the defense in the city, Vector's group was attacked by an army of Death Egg Robot sentinels and Shadow, who turned out to be a replica created by the Phantom Ruby. As Sonic engaged the replicas, Vector joined Knuckles' Operation Big Wave, a large-scale assault launched at Eggman's headquarter at Metropolis. Unfortunately, Infinite was waiting for the Resistance and activated the Phantom Ruby, wiping out over 80% of the heroes' forces in the confusion. Forced to regroup, the Resistance launched another plan to destroy the Death Egg, the largest power supply for the Phantom Ruby.

Sonic forces Sun come down

The Resistance watching the illusionary sun closing in.

Thanks to the Sonics' cooperation, the Death Egg eventually exploded and the Resistance prepared their final attack on Dr. Eggman's central tower, believing the Phantom Ruby's power to be gone. As they fought their way through the army of replicas, Eggman finally launched his plan: Using the Phantom Ruby's back-up power source, he would drop the sun on the Resistance, killing them all. Vector watched in despair as the Rookie tried to utilize the last Phantom Ruby prototype to neutralize the effect, which the Rookie accomplished in the last second. The battle eventually turned in favour of the Resistance, and Vector and the others followed the Phantom Ruby's signal, trying to find the entrance to the underground back-up power source. As Classic Sonic found an entrance and Sonic and the Rookie traced down the reactor, the others continued the battle. However, Vector found himself surrounded by more and more replicas after the reactor's destruction, as Eggman revealed it was just a decoy: he incorporated the actual Phantom Ruby into his Death Egg Robot, making it practically indestructible. However, Sonic, Classic Sonic and the Rookie managed to destroy it along with the Phantom Ruby despite that and Eggman's army finally vanished.

Vector and the others celebrated their victory, and later watched as Classic Sonic was sent back to his own dimension. The friends then followed Sonic's example and set out to rid the world of all traces of Eggman's reign, bringing it back to its old state. At a last meeting in the Resistance headquarters, Knuckles disbanded the Resistance as the Avatar announced their departure. Vector complimented the Rookie for staying with the resistance until the end. The friends then agreed with Tails that even though they were going back to their old lives, they would be friends forever and keep working together to restore the world.

Other game appearances

Sonic Gems Collection

In Sonic Gems Collection, Vector appears in various screenshots from Sonic Heroes, as well as in artwork from Knuckles' Chaotix that can be looked at in the Museum section of the game.

Sonic Rivals

Vector appears on two collectible cards in Sonic Rivals.

Sonic and the Black Knight

"Vector" is one of the default save file names in Sonic and the Black Knight.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Vector appears on a collectible sticker called Race Leader which is also featured as an achievement for the Xbox 360 version and as a trophy for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of the game. It is unlocked by winning a Matchmaking game.

Image Name Description Gamerscore/Trophy
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Race Leader Race Leader Win a Matchmaking game 15G/Bronze trophy

Sonic Jump series

Sonic Jump

In Sonic Jump (2012), Vector was supposed to be released as a playable character in an update, but was later scrapped.[11] Despite this, Vector holds a record of 2150m in every stage of Arcade Mode, placing third on the preset leaderboards.

Sonic Jump Fever

In Sonic Jump Fever, Vector was again planned to become a playable character through an update, but was never made available for unknown reasons.[12] However, he does appear on the game's preset leaderboards, placing tenth and sometimes ninth in each Zone. When playing a Zone, a destructible monitor containing Vector's portrait will appear if his score has been passed.

Super Smash Bros. series

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

In Super Smash Bros Brawl, Vector appears as a collectable Sticker:

Image Name Page ID Area of Effect Effect User
Sonicchannel vector nocircle
Vector The Crocodile (Knuckles' Chaotix) 273 683 Specials:Direct Attack +10 Everyone

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Vector appears in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS as one of the collectable trophies representing the Sonic the Hedgehog series in the game.

Name Picture Description
Vector the Crocodile VectorTheCrocodileTrophy3DS NA: The croc detective, Vector the Crocodile! He leads the Chaotix Detective Agency. Despite his scaly exterior, he has a kind heart, so he is open to doing jobs for free if it means helping out someone who is truly in need. His life would probably make for a really good noir film!

PAL: Presenting Vector the Crocodile, ace detective! Loud-mouthed and bossy on the outside, but a real softy on the inside. Despite having a business to run, he'll lend his keen eye and brilliant mind free of charge to anyone in need. ...Someone should really make a film about his life!

Mario & Sonic series

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

Icon Ability Type Stats Emblem
VectorOlympicGames icon Power Vector-Stats Vector Olympics Emblem
Quotation1 Rough-and-tumble Vector is a crocodile that loves money, which means he wants that gold medal more than anything. With incredible power skills, he'll perform well in the throwing events and, given his unique swimming stroke, can excel in the pool as well. Quotation2
Vector's profile from the game's official website[13]

Vector appears as a a playable Power Type character in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. His main rival is Bowser, whom Vector has to face in his final mission in the DS' Mission Mode in Table Tennis, and in the Wii’s Mission Mode in Rowing – Single Sculls.

He has an unique swimming stroke, the Crocodile Paddle, and uses an attack resembling his Hammer Down ability from Sonic Heroes as his special attack for Dream Table Tennis.

In the Mission mode of both the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS versions of the game, Vector has to beat a set of five missions, which will unlock a final mission. Clearing all six missions will award the player with the Vector Emblem.

Vector's missions in the Wii version:

  • 100m Freestyle: Aim for the specified time! - Finish with a time between 48 and 51 sec.!
  • Single Sculls: Beat your rival! - Finish before Bowser! (Your overall place doesn't matter.)
  • 4x100m Freestyle: Finish in the specified placing! - Finish in 2nd place!
  • Dream Table Tennis: Beat your rival! - Defeat Yoshi!
  • Skeet: Shoot the fast targets! - Shoot down 3 or more targets that are flying at high speed!
  • Final: Dream Race: Finish in the specified placing! - Finish in 2nd place!

Vector's missions in the Nintendo DS version:

  • 100m Freestyle: Finish in 2nd place, within 50 seconds!
  • Hammer Throw: Perform a GREAT throw!
  • Trampoline: Earn GOOD ratings 8 times in your performance!
  • Fencing - Individual épée: Overcome a 5-point handicap and win!
  • Dream Canoe: Use items on all of your opponents.
  • Final: Dream Table Tennis: Beat Bowser when he's in top condition!

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Icon Ability Type Wii Stats DS Stats Special Flag
M&S London 2012 - Vector Icon Power Vector-Wii-Stats Vector-DS-Stats
  • Head Slide
  • Gum Balloon (DS only)
  • Hammer Shot
  • Vector Special
Vector flag
Quotation1 Vector the Crocodile is large and strong, and heads the Chaotix Detective Agency. Vector's Head Slide ability on the Wii and DS, and Gum Balloon ability on the DS will put him toe-to-toe with the other contestants as he goes for #1! Quotation2
Vector's profile from the game's official website[14]
Quotation1 Crocodile who heads the Chaotix Detective Agency with an upbeat attitude. Physically strong and quick to speak his mind, he is a surprisingly clear thinker. Quotation2
Vector's profile from the Sonic Series Character Book

Vector reappears in the sequel, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, once again classified as a Power Type character. He uses an ability resembling Hammer Down in the Dream Ice Hockey and the Fever Hockey event, known as the Hammer Shot. In the Rocket Ski Jump event, he accelerates by blowing up the Gum Balloon. This ability is very similar to the Bubblegum Descent from Sonic Heroes. He also gains a new ability, the Head Slide, a speed boost used in many different events. In this game, his main rival is Donkey Kong, who he quickly befriends in Adventure Tours.

Adventure Tours

In the DS version's Adventure Tours, Vector was first mentioned by Charmy who was guarding a gate in Cubyrinth from behind and refused to open it to anyone else than his boss. Vector himself appeared in Icepeak, standing next to a mission sign. Toad wondered how unusual it was to see a crocodile in such a cold place and called for him loudly, and a terrified Vector told him not to shout like that. He greeted Sonic and the rest of the gang, but quickly became curious about the 'big fella’. After a short conversation about music, Vector challenged Donkey Kong to a Short Track race in honor of their first meeting. After Donkey Kong’s victory, Vector admitted Team Chaotix came to investigate Whistones, but he skipped out on work as he preferred to practice for the Short Track event. To have an excuse in front of Espio and Charmy for interrupting his own investigation, he joined Mario and Sonic on their adventure.

Vector Quiz

Vector taking on Charmy's quiz.

When Toad recalled how somebody asked for him earlier, Vector shamefully remembered having abandoned Charmy in Cubyrinth, so he asked the group to head there next. On the way they met Espio, whom Toad unintentionally informed about how Vector was skipping out on work. Espio was angry at him for neglecting his duties, but was willing to finish their research alone. Back in Cubyrinth, Charmy did not believe it was the real Vector and refused to open the gate, much to Vector's annoyance, but then remembered the password was a quiz about the Olympic Games. After answering five questions right, Charmy finally opened the gate and was glad to see his friend again. Vector then continued his adventure with the group, eventually taking on Dr. Eggman and Bowser in Blitzland to stop their plan of taking over the Olympic Winter Games.

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Ability Type Class Stats (Wii version) Sticker
Power Wild Ones Vector London stats Vector-Sticker

Vector is a playable Power Type character in the series’ third entry, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Like in the first game, he has an unique swimming stroke, this time called Gator style, and once again uses Head Slide in various events. His special attack resembling Hammer Down from Sonic Heroes also returns, this time used in the Olympic Table Tennis event and the Tennis (Singles) event in the 3DS version.

London Party

In the Wii version's London Party mode, Vector is an NPC character met on two different occasions, provided Vector is none of the participants. On the first occasion, he is angry at a recent client for paying the Chaotix in stickers and offers them to the winner of a Point-Based Shell Showdown to take his mind off it. After watching it, Vector found it so fun that he wanted to hand out a cash prize, but thought he would then have participated himself. On the second occasion, Vector finds a famous stone tablet from the British Museum. Hoping for a big reward, he offers the participants to help him bring it back to the British Museum. However, when everyone starts fighting over the stone tablet, a 2-on-2 Tablet Tussle begins. Afterwards, just as he decides to split the reward with the winner of the minigame, he realizes the stone tablet is merely a replica.

Story Mode

Some days prior to the Olympic Games, Vector and Knuckles were called to the wrestling venue to meet Charmy and Espio, only to encounter Lakitu and Dry Bones, transformed to look like the two Chaotix members. Vector felt something was wrong about them, but walked right into a trap when he accepted a challenge from Bowser and was suddenly bitten by a summoned Piranha Plant, leaving him too weak to win. Before they could accuse him of the foul play, however, Bowser's minions got in the way and the king left.

Mario Sonic London 2012 Wild Ones Episode 2

Vector challenging Bowser.

When the Phantasmal Fog started covering London, Vector came to the Beach Volleyball court with Knuckles when Amy requested them to check out the Horse Guards Parade. Arriving there, he found Bowser, but lost track of him in the fog, so he agreed with Espio to send Sonic to the court. When Sonic arrived, Bowser tried to sneak attack him, allowing them to corner the Koopa King. Vector and Knuckles then challenged Bowser to some Olympic events, using this to test his leadership of the Chaotix Detective Agency. After beating Bowser, Vector guarded him while Knuckles destroyed the fog machine. With the mist gone, the two of them stayed to interrogate Bowser about the incident. Shortly after, however, Bowser dissolved into thin air, and Vector realized they were fighting an imposter. When the Phantasmal Fog began covering London again, Vector and Knuckles had Donkey Kong help them clear the Horse Guards Parade and then headed to the main stadium to watch the opening ceremony.

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

Quotation1 With a love of all things gold, this crafty croc will use his impressive strength to snag as many Gold Medals as possible. Quotation2
Vector's profile from the game's official website.

Vector appears as a playable Power Type character in the fourth entry of the Mario & Sonic series, Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

Legends Showdown
Vector joined forces with the rest of the Mario and Sonic cast to compete in Legends Showdown and win the Legend Trophy. Vector teamed up with Daisy, Luigi and Shadow to take on Area 3, where they met mysterious doppelgangers emerging from their shadows. The team managed to defeat the doppelgangers after several events, but when they got to the yellow key to the Legend Trophy, the key summoned Jet the Hawk, who challenged them to an event. Vector and the others still defeated Jet and got the yellow key.

Vector facing his doppelganger.

Afterwards, Vector met the other teams at the top of the castle. Before they could approach the Legends Trophy, however, they were assaulted by Dry Bowser, Eggman Nega and Rouge the Bat, who wanted the Legend Trophy for themselves. However, Vector and the others beat the trio in a Winter Sports Champion Race and got the key to the Legend Trophy's cage. Finally in possession of the Legend Trophy, Vector and the others started celebrating.

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Vector is a playable character in the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions and the Arcade Edition of Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. In the 3DS version, he can only be used in the events Golf, Table Tennis, and its Plus event counterparts.

Sonic Runners series

Sonic Runners

Sonic Runners Vector

Vector in Sonic Runners.

In Sonic Runners, Vector is a playable Power Type character in the game. In gameplay, he can perform a midair dash attack and boost the number of collected Rings by 50%.

During the "Birthday on Windy Hill" event, Vector and Team Chaotix were kidnapped by Dr. Eggman on their way to Sonic's birthday party. While they managed to escape their holding place, they learned Eggman was planning something in a nearby base. The Chaotix soon found Team Sonic, where Vector had Espio give Sonic a birthday surprise, before passing on their intel on Eggman. Though the info turned out to be a trap, Vector joined Sonic's celebration after Eggman was beaten, where he wished Sonic a happy birthday while excited over solving another case.

Sonic Runners Adventure

In Sonic Runners Adventure, Vector is a playable character that can be unlocked by spending 2000 Rings upon reaching Chapter 3 (Lava Mountain). He retains his dash attack and the Power/Chaotix-type from the predecessor, with the "Chaotix" bonus here changing 30% of Rings into Super Rings for a limited time.

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

In Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, Vector is a playable character with the following stats that are applied in gameplay:

Rarity Speed Acceleration Strength Utilizable items
Rare 7/10 5/10 9/10


Vector profile SG

Vector's profile in Sonic Generations.

Vector is easy-going, loud-mouthed and has the heart of a child. The brains behind the Chaotix Detective Agency's operations, Vector is a true leader[15] that keeps a cool head even in the most difficult situations. Unfortunately, his position as leader tends to get to his head, which makes him bossy. This often leaves Vector split between the "bossy" and "easy-going" parts of his nature. Nevertheless, Vector enjoys his profession as a leader and detective. He takes his profession seriously and uses his powers of deduction to solve any case with dignity and respect,[15] although he is not above showing them off.

Vector normally displays a tough exterior. He speaks in a rough tone, may not sweat the details and is quick to start a fight, often taking an aggressive approach when facing troubles.[15][16] Though he is able to find a peaceful solution to a problem, he will only do so as a last resort.

Deep down, Vector is a gentle giant with an optimistic viewpoint and a wealthy personality. While keeping a calm head and a decisive determination when on a case, Vector can at the same time show a cool and relaxed sense of humor with some attitude. At the same time, Vector is charismatic and charming, allowing him to get along well with others no matter how different they may be, which is especially shown in the case of Espio. Equally, Vector cares deeply for his friends and is always loyal to them. Nonetheless, Vector has a short temper and aggressive manners. His pretended gentle behavior quickly changes to a rough demeanor with a snappy attitude when things do not go his way, especially when he feels insulted or peeved, and behaves very direct in front of his friends. He always says what is on his mind, often ending up being downright rude. While Vector is aware he has a big mouth, however, he is not bothered by the fact. He also demonstrates a degree of common sense, as shortly after he and the rest of Team Chaotix defeated the Egg Albatross and began suspecting their client was tied to Dr. Eggman, he implies that he suspects their client was actually Dr. Eggman.[17]

One of Vector's most defined traits is his dream of getting rich.[15] His behavior is mostly geared around earning money, and his policy is to never turn down work that pays. He will do almost any kind of work if it means a good income and gets motivated by the thought of money alone. Because his business does not run as expected very often, Vector often worries about rent payments and bills. He likewise hates working for the landlord, who he is constantly at odds with. As a consequence, he may ask friends for jobs and is willing to do things that have nothing in common with detective work at all.

Despite his love for cash, Vector has strong morals and will not getting involved in anything illegal or dirty. Similarly, Vector has a strong sense of justice and kindness, despite his argumentativeness. As such, Vector is very charitable and is known for helping those in need for free, such as finding a lost child or take up meager chases for children. Because of this, Vector will take up cases without any sort of compensation. Despite any money problems his charitability may present, however, Vector believes that helping out those less fortunate is the best reward.

Next to money, Vector's other great passion is music, which he always listens to. He is often being seen turning up and grooving to his current jam and usually becomes oblivious to the world around him. He also likes to perform in his own band, converting his detective team into one whenever feeling like it, and believes himself to possess a great singing voice. Even if Vector listens and plays music loudly, he only enjoys the music if it sounds good, while disliking general noise.

Powers and abilities

Investigation skills

Although he may not look like it, Vector is the brains behind the Chaotix’s investigations and an accomplished detective with a knack for solving riddles and mysteries, and is as well a surprisingly clear thinker with remarkably good instincts. While he is not as intelligent as Dr. Eggman or Tails, he can piece clues and other minor hints together to often reach correct conclusions that his team mates and most others would have overlooked or failed to reach. His skills in this field have been proven very profound, especially during his investigations, as Vector seldom, if ever, chooses the wrong individual as his prime suspect. Additionally, he can use his investigative technique for other purposes, like locating lost things or even predicting his enemy's movement.[18]

Physical abilities

Classified as a Power Type, Vector possesses remarkably high physical strength[1] which easily rivals the likes of Knuckles the Echidna, Big the Cat and E-123 Omega. He has demonstrated great power in his arms, able to destroy boulders and thick metal alloys with a single punch, and can throw objects high into the sky and out of eyesight. By combining it with his weight, Vector can land downward blows with his whole body that can crush nearly any enemy, even producing a large, fiery shockwave when touching the ground. However, Vector’s true strength lies in his powerful jaws, which are a formidable weapon.[16] He can effortlessly crush enemies and almost any kind of substance with his jaws[16] or even spit out projectiles with such force that they catch on fire. Nevertheless, Vector has great control over his jaws’ power, being able to carry his team mates around in his mouth without harming them at all.

As a crocodile, Vector is naturally very skilled in swimming, using the typical movement of a crocodile in water to accelerate effortlessly. His unique swimming stroke is known as the "Crocodile Paddle" or the "Gator style". He can also carry this kind of movement over to the ground or even the air by sliding forward head-first on his stomach, allowing him to accelerate and plow through even the hardest obstacles.

Like most other characters in the series, Vector is able to run at super speed, being able to keep up with even the fastest characters in the series like Espio and Shadow. Vector is able to form into a ball either to accelerate while running or to jump on and attack enemies. On rare instances, he has also showcased the ability to curl into a larger, donut-like form with the same kind of effects. To travel through rails, Vector can grind on them, fast enough to keep up with his team.

Miscellaneous skills

Vector's breath is not only known to be quite putrid, but also effective. Possessing multiple forms of breath, he can spit out sound waves and even fire to attack foes. The former ability might be connected to his singing voice, which he can use to generate extremely destructive sound, causing all nearby robots to explode as a result to the noise. Additionally, Vector is very skilled at blowing chewing gum. He can at anytime blow a huge bubble to ride through midair or knock smaller projectiles away from him, and, combined with his breath skills, spit out multiple bubbles that detonate into large explosion upon impact.

Vector has proven to be a capable Extreme Gear rider, having established himself as a worthy competitor in the EX World Grand Prix amongst the best of riders. Specializing in Bike Gear, he can perform various athletic stunts and punch his way through giant obstacles while riding. Vector actually refactored his Extreme Gear "Hard-Boiled" himself, indicating he might have some skills in machinery.

Color Powers

Main article: Color Power

By harnessing different variants of Hyper-go-on from Wisps, Vector can use specific Color Powers to transform into a certain form, such as a drill, a laser or even a planet, each one possessing its own unique abilities. So far, Vector has been able to transform into the Cyan Laser, Yellow Drill and Indigo Asteroid. However, these transformations require a steady supply of Hyper-go-on to be maintained.


Charmy Bee

Sonic Heroes Team Chaotix Cutscene 1

Charmy imitating Vector's behaviour.

The youngest member of Team Chaotix often gets on Vector’s nerves. Charmy jumps at every chance to tease Vector, like calling him dumb in Sonic Colors for giving Sonic a lead to nowhere when it actually came from Charmy himself. Thanks to his short temper, Vector almost always rises to Charmy's provocations and they are seen bickering most of the time, with Vector shouting at Charmy. Alternatively, Vector sometimes simply deals with Charmy by putting his hand over the bee’s face, especially when the Chaotix are in a hurry. They also start quarrelling over the smallest of matters, like during their conversation with Shadow in Final Haunt’s Expert Mode where Charmy accuses Vector of eating all of his pudding, leading to a huge fight.

Despite their many arguments, Charmy actually looks up to his boss. He has a habit of repeating Vector’s statements and imitating him. When the Chaotix’s new client in Sonic Heroes promised to pay handsomely, dollar signs showed up in both Vector’s and Charmy’s eyes, although the bee is not really known to care about money otherwise. Also, Charmy sticks with Vector rather than Espio when there are differences within the group and helps persuade the other side.

Due to his age, Charmy would rather play than work and calls Vector boring for not letting him most of the time. However, Vector has faith in Charmy and appreciates his abilities as a tracker, even sending him on dangerous jobs from time to time, though fully aware Charmy uses his alone time mostly to have fun instead.

Espio the Chameleon

Shadow the Hedgehog Chaotix Cutscene 1

Vector has complete trust in Espio.

As a vital member of the Chaotix Detective Agency, Vector respects Espio as a colleague as well as a close friend. His ninja abilities often come handy for ongoing investigations and Vector even trusts Espio to handle cases on his own. However, Espio does not bother as much about payment as Vector does, sometimes leading to a conflict between the two, although Vector is the one to accept many requests for free. Espio acts as the voice of reason among the group and advises Vector against taking certain jobs, like following their mysterious client's orders in Sonic Heroes, but likewise is unsuccessful due to one of Vector's policies always to accept work that pays. Generally, Espio is very loyal to his boss and always follows his orders.

As the calmest and most serious member of the Chaotix, Espio sometimes goes unnoticed between his louder colleagues. In Sonic Colors, Vector wondered about Espio's whereabouts, and neither he nor Charmy, Sonic and Tails realized that Espio had been standing next to them all the time. Espio has also displayed some frustation with Vector's childish site, like in Sonic Generations where he gobbled up three Chili dogs at once while Espio shook his head in embarrassment.

Amy Rose

Sonic Free Riders Team Rose Rocky Ridge Cutscene 1

Vector and Amy, arguing as usual.

Amy and Vector first encountered in Sonic Heroes. After saving the Chao in Lost Jungle, Vector addressed Amy politely to ask her a question, but was turned down by her, saying it would have to wait if it was about a date. Vector, who was not going to ask her out, called her a little brat in his fury, eventually leading into a fight between the two teams, Amy calling Team Chaotix a bunch of losers. They later put their differences aside to work together and distract Metal Madness before going separate ways again.

Later, Amy hired Vector to join Team Rose for the new Ex World Grand Prix in Sonic Free Riders, promising him to get half the prize money if he would help her and Cream to their victory. Unsurprisingly, they did not get along once again. Despite only hiring him half an hour prior to the championship, Amy blamed Vector for appearing almost too late to sign in. Then, Vector destroyed Amy's illusion about fate by calling her “a terrible actress” for pretending not to know about Sonic’s participation. Amy, on the other hand, claimed him to be the one and only useless kid on Team Rose. Vector also had some trouble communicating with Amy due to their age difference, as Amy was outraged when Vector used a figure of speech to describe he was getting serious, believing they lost earlier because of him. Quarrelling their way through the Grand Prix with Cream caught in between, they eventually faced Team Dark in one of the finals, where Vector said “We’ll show you what a team that actually cares for each other can do!”, indicating they at least share some kind of sympathy for each other. However, this might as well have been pretended, as the one time they really worked together as a team, they lost the race. In the end, Amy was not sorry for Vector for having to return home broke, stating he should be happy for having had the chance to race with two cuties.

Despite their differences, Amy and Vector seem to hold some respect for each other. Amy appreciates Vector's reliability as a detective for hire, shown in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games when she first turned to him for help after finding out a trap was being prepared for Sonic.

Cream the Rabbit

Just like with Amy, Cream and Vector first met when getting into a fight in Lost Jungle, but unlike with her pink friend, Vector and Cream did not throw insults at each other thanks to the rabbit's good demeanor even in the most intense situations. Later, Vector and Cream teamed up in the Ex World Grand Prix thanks to Amy hiring the crocodile. The two generally seemed to get along with each other well, as Vector treated her more respectfully than Amy and likewise, Cream actually showed sympathy for him, being sad when it turned out Vector had worked for nothing. However, Cream was frustrated about her team mates' constant arguments, knowing her mother and Cheese were both watching them, and also was a bit annoyed at him day dreaming about the cash prize and often reminding her how they would split it. Just like with Amy, Vector was irritated by Cream's naivity, as due to her age, she did not understand Vector's figures of speech and was upset when she believed he did not take the competition seriously.

Rouge the Bat

Vector and Rouge first met in Sonic Heroes during a big misunderstanding. Rouge believed Team Chaotix were after Eggman's secret treasure and attacked them as she wanted to have it for herself, while Vector only wondered who the broad was shouting at them, but decided to give her a fight if she wanted one. Rouge later doubted her actions, and they eventually worked together to fight Metal Madness.

Rouge and Vector have a common interest in everything valuable. In Sonic Free Riders, they both joined the World Grand Prix solely motivated by the prize money. When facing Rouge in the finale, Vector tried to reach through to her by saying while he could empathize in wanting the prize money badly, it would not be worth sacrificing her own team mate for it. However, Rouge brushed him off, not understanding why he, Amy and Cream would get worked up so much over a machine.

When both Vector and Rouge were transported to White Space by the Time Eater, Rouge showed big interest in aquiring a Red Star Ring for herself. It was hinted she hired Vector to collect one for her in Rooftop Run, because as soon as Sonic collected all of them in the stage, Vector worried about getting into trouble with her.

Knuckles the Echidna

After being kidnapped by Dr. Eggman in Knuckles' Chaotix, Knuckles freed Vector from the Combi Catcher in the Newtrogic High Zone, making them form Team Chaotix with Espio, Charmy and Mighty to stop Eggman's plans. In the present day though, Vector and Knuckles do not interact much, making their relationship unclear. Regardless, Vector gave advice to Knuckles when Team Super Sonic was fighting Metal Overlord, apparently acknowledging his great power.[19]

In Sonic Free Riders, Knuckles felt underwhelmed having to race against Vector and the rest of Team Rose, treating them like a joke as he was irritated by their loud behavior. Although Vector managed to defeat Knuckles one time, the echidna still said he would not get far with brute force, enraging the crocodile.

Vector was a high-ranking member of the Resistance in Sonic Forces, acting under Knuckles as the commander. He unsurprisingly appreciated the echidna for his aggressive (yet sometimes short-sighted) generalship[20] considering Vector's own liking of non-peaceful methods.[16]

MS Sochi 2014 - Vector & Knuckles

Knuckles' and Vector's winning animation in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

In contrast, the two of them are on good terms in the Mario & Sonic universe. In Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, they trained together prior to the Olympics and later teamed up to track down Bowser. They also have a special winning animation in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games and Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Dr. Eggman

In Knuckles' Chaotix, Dr. Eggman kidnapped and froze Vector in the Combi Catcher as an attraction for his Newtrogic High Zone. With the help of Knuckles, Vector escaped and later battled both Eggman and Metal Sonic, eventually freeing Carnival Island. Strangely, it is indicated they have not known each other prior to Sonic Heroes,[21] which may be a result of Vector, Espio and Charmy being rebooted for the game.[22]

In Sonic Heroes, Eggman somehow sent a walkie-talkie to the Chaotix Detective Agency after being locked up by Metal Sonic, claiming he heard good things about them and persuaded Vector to work for him by promising a great reward. Despite facing their client's supposed adversary, "Dr. Eggman", many times during their mission, Vector soon figured out they were hired by the real Eggman but decided to help him anyway, holding on to his promise to pay them handsomely. When it turned out Eggman was unable to pay them, however, Vector at last had enough of his lies and Team Chaotix beat him up. After helping the others fight Metal Madness, the trio caught Eggman trying to sneak away and chased after him, though it is unlikely they ever got their reward.

As a result, Vector loathes Eggman and prefers not having to deal with him,[7] but often gets pulled near his presence due to the Chaotix's investigations. Eggman also kidnapped him in Sonic Generations and Sonic Runners as bait for Sonic. Despite flattering them in Sonic Heroes, Eggman does not have a good opinion about Vector, because when the detectives escaped their holding place in Sonic Runners, Eggman planted some information to prepare a trap, knowing "those idiots" would pass it on to Sonic.[23]


Sonic Forces final cutscenes Vector and Rookie

Vector saying goodbye to the Rookie.

In Sonic Forces, Vector got to know the Avatar, most often referred to as "the Rookie", when they joined the Resistance. Vector initially did not hold the Rookie in high regard: after their rescue mission in Prison Hall, Vector noted how the Avatar kept shivering throughout the operation, and advised Knuckles against sending the Rookie on a mission with Sonic. However, Vector's tone changed after cooperating in an evacuation mission in Park Avenue. While initially worried the Death Egg Robots might be too much for the Rookie to handle, Espio and Charmy soon commented at the Rookie's skills, leaving Vector somewhat astounded.[24] After the mission, Vector half-jokingly added the Rookie would hog all of his glory. During later operations, Vector was a lot more supportive and had full confidence in the Rookie's abilities. In the end, Vector admitted he was not sure of the Rookie at first, but had changed his mind about that.




In other media


Sonic the Hedgehog Story Comic

Vector makes a one-frame appearance in Volume One of the Sonic the Hedgehog Story Comic (actually a manga) from the magazine Mega Drive Fan. In this manga, Vector is seen playing the keyboard as part of Sonic's band. This manga was released before the original Sonic the Hedgehog in 1991 and used beta concepts scrapped from said game, so Vector appears as he did in the scrapped Sound Test image.

Sonic the Comic

In Fleetway's Sonic the Comic, he is the intelligent leader of the Chaotix Crew and a close friend to the Omni-Viewer. He also has links to the Equinox Research Center, which is staffed entirely by crocodiles.[25] As with the other members of the group, he is a native of the Special Zone, specifically New Tek City on the Planet Meridian. He acts as the basic straight man of the group and takes out enemies with his powerful jaws.

Archie Comics

Sonic Universe 63 Vector

Vector in the Archie Comics.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics, Vector is the head of the Chaotix, a detective agency he runs with his two colleagues Espio and Charmy. While often testing others' patience with his directness, Vector is a clever and capable detective who has helped save the world on numerous occasions.

Prior to the Super Genesis Wave affecting both the universe and its history, Vector was the loudmouthed de-facto leader of the Chaotix, a group of freedom fighters and close friends residing on Angel Island. While initially debuting in his design from Knuckles' Chaotix, it was later changed to resemble his modern counterpart, explained as a result of his intense training with Mighty the Armadillo.

IDW Publishing


Sonic X


Vector in Sonic X.

In Sonic X, Vector is the leader of the Chaotix Detective Agency, a trio of underdog detectives accepting any job available, similar to his role in other continuities. He first appeared in "Defective Detectives", where the whole detective office was transported to Earth, the same world that Sonic and the others had ended up in. In a well-meaning, but misguided attempt to reunite Vanilla with her daughter, Vector and the Chaotix ran afoul with Sonic and his friends before all misunderstandings were eventually cleared up. After returning to their own world, Vector and the Chaotix came across the crew of the Blue Typhoon during their space travels a few times before later joining them in the final battle against the Metarex.

Sonic Boom

Vector Detector Promo

Vector in Sonic Boom.

In the Sonic Boom franchise, Vector is a solo detective on Seaside Island with his own crime investigation reality show on the local television network. While big on the attitude, rough-speaking and on the look-out for a good income, Vector is nonetheless a professional and honest detective who always sees his cases through until he deems them solved. He is also known by Team Sonic, whom he once helped when Amy's Hammer went missing.

Theme songs

  • Team Chaotix: This theme is shared with his team mates Espio the Chameleon and Charmy Bee. In the song, Vector is mentioned in the two lines "The muscle is Vector, the karma collector, and he's sworn to fight for you!" and "And the green one cheers them on!". At the beginning of the song, Vector can be heard shouting 'brain-damaged!'.
  • Unnamed music track in Shadow the Hedgehog, shared with Espio and Charmy. It plays in the two cutscenes where the Chaotix appear in together.
  • Unnamed short beat which plays in Sonic Generations during Vector: Pick Up the Beat.


  • "Espio, don't be silly! Besides, you know our policy. We never turn down work that pays!" - Vector reminding Espio of their policy in Sonic Heroes.
  • "Perfect! The work of professionals, eh!" - When getting an A rank in Sonic Heroes with Vector.
  • "Lackluster performance, I'd say." - Getting an E rank in Sonic Heroes with Vector.
  • "Darn, I forgot to pay the electric bill for the office." - Vector when standing still for a long time in Sonic Heroes.
  • "There you are you mustache moron!" - Cutscene before Robot Storm in Sonic Heroes.
  • "Once we start a job...we finish the job! That's our policy! We're Team Chaotix!" - Sonic Heroes, cutscene before Egg Fleet.
  • "You're all nothing but talk!" - Vector winning a multiplayer race in Sonic Heroes.
  • "Well, well...if it isn't Shadow! Your timing is impeccable. You know that Eggman fella pretty well, don't ya? Well, we need your help to hack into his computer...and don't ask why! And we don't have any more time to waste!" - Vector when seeing Shadow entering Eggman's base in Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • "This may be THE big case. Espio, we're counting on you!" - Vector telling Espio to follow Shadow into the portal to Mad Matrix.
  • "Find the computer room!" - Vector in the pause menu of the Cosmic Fall stage in Shadow the Hedgehog. The line has become an internet meme.
  • "Hey...don't go there...yet! Things may not be what they seem. You could be..." - Vector trying to console Shadow when he thinks he is evil in Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • "All right, all right! Fine! Do whatever the heck you want!" - Vector yelling at Charmy, who says he owes him for eating his pudding, in Final Haunt's Expert Mode.
  • "What? Are you kidding me? You know our client has paid in advance! And I already spent that money, because our office was behind on the rent payment as it is! Hey! Espio! Are you getting this? Espio!" - Vector at the end of Espio's story in Sonic Rivals 2.
  • "Keh, you're a terrible actress...We all know you followed him here." - Vector interrupting Amy's talk about fate in Sonic Free Riders.
  • "I can relate to wanting that money, believe me. But it's not worth sacrificing a teammate." - Vector talking to Rouge about her and Shadow mistreating E-10000B in Sonic Free Riders.
  • "Gah! If you're the one who finds him, we can't collect the bounty! No WAY I'm letting that happen!" - Vector standing in Sonic's way when the player declines to do mission 4-3 in Sonic Colors.
  • "You really are something else, Sonic. Now if you could just learn to shut that big mouth of yours." - Vector making some kind of compliment to Sonic on Planet Wisp.
  • "It's good work. It's got thrills, suspense, mystique...Every day's an adventure!" - Vector talking about the detective business in Sonic Colors.
  • "Thanks Sonic! You know, I got a hunch someone or something is controlling that monster." - Vector after Classic or Modern Sonic rescues him from Rooftop Run in Sonic Generations.
  • "I heard you got a S Rank! What, surprised? You're not faster than the rumor mill, Sonic." - Sonic Generations, when getting a S Rank in Rooftop Run Act 2. This quote might be directed towards the general internet culture.
  • "Hmph! Who does that client think he is, paying us in stickers? I need to take my mind off things...Oh, I know! Hey, you guys! Wanna play a survival game for these stickers? Nothing beats a good contest!" - Vector offering a Point-based Shell Showdown during London Party in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games.
  • "I just wanna smash everything and level the place!" - Vector wanting to wreck everything but not from the pits on the Death Egg in Sonic Forces.


  • According to Takashi Iizuka, Vector and the Team Chaotix in Sonic Heroes were recreated as new characters from the same characters in Knuckles' Chaotix when Sonic Heroes was designed, ignoring certain traits that had been established in Knuckles' Chaotix that would have contradicted their intent in the game.[22]
  • As a detective, Vector is often used to hint at a game's final story:
    • In Sonic Heroes, he knew their client was the real Dr. Eggman while the one the Chaotix were fighting was an imposter.
    • In Shadow the Hedgehog, Vector tried to convince Shadow that he may not have been created for evil causes, as would later be revealed in Prof. Gerald's message.
    • In Sonic Generations, he presumed someone was controlling the Time Eater from behind the scenes.
  • Vector is the second tallest organic non-human Sonic character behind Big the Cat.
  • In the days of the Mega Drive/Genesis, Sega released a game starring a character called Vectorman, who, coincidentally, is also green.
Vector Chaotix Walk SpecialStage

Vector wearing his "prototype" gold chain

  • When walking in Special Stages in Knuckles' Chaotix, Vector puts his Ring around his neck, making it look like a gold necklace. This might be where the idea for the golden chain Vector wears in his modern design originated from.
  • In his models for Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog, Vector is wearing a black neckband, which was probably put there to optically separate his body from his head, but it was removed in later games.
    • However, the neckband can also be seen on his sprite sheet for Sonic Jump.
  • Vector is the only Power Type character in Sonic Heroes also to be the leader of his team.
  • In the first cutscene of Team Chaotix in Sonic Heroes, Vector can be heard listening to Team Chaotix, the team's theme song.
  • In Sonic Heroes, Vector smacks down the door to the cell in which the Chaotix's client is locked up, although they spent a lengthy amount of time searching for its keys in Final Fortress. This could be either a plot hole or because Vector just doesn't care about Dr. Eggman's fleet at all, which would not be surprising considering how much of Egg Fleet they had already destroyed up to that point.
    • A similar thing happens when the client asks the Chaotix collect ten Chao and even though the mission ends once ten of the creatures are collected, Vector attempts to ask Amy for Cheese (before Amy thinks that he was going to request a date). This may suggest that Vector is an overachiever.
  • Vector has become popular for his line "Find the computer room!" in Shadow the Hedgehog, as it became an internet meme.
  • Vector is the only mission character in Sonic Colors who only appears in one mission.
  • Vector is the only friend character in Sonic Generations to say the same phrase to both Classic and Modern Sonic after being rescued, most likely due to it being actually relevant to the story.
    • Vector also is one of the two characters not to make a remark about Classic Sonic looking different to Modern Sonic, the other character being Espio.
  • In Sonic Generations, Vector made some references to popular music in his quotes.
    • "You've got the power Sonic!" is a reference to the song "The Power" by the German band "Snap", specifically the lyrics "I've got the power!".
    • "Just press the Y/Triangle button and I'll be there!" references the song "I'll Be There" by "The Jackson 5", specifically the lyrics "Just call my name and I'll be there!".
  • Despite having a role in Sonic Generations, Vector also cameos indirectly in two of the stages: In Speed Highway, there is a big, green neon sign reading "Club Vector" and also a road sign showing the direction to "Vector Avenue". In City Escape, there are a few stores named "Vector's Deli" and several billboards advertising the Chaotix Detective Agency.
  • Vector's unique Spin Jump from Knuckles' Chaotix, forming him into a wheel instead of a ball, is referenced in the Dream Long Jump event in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games when the player shakes the Wii remote to make Vector float in mid-air for a few seconds.
  • Vector's arms were miscolored dark green in the intro of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games as well as in the game's official artwork.
    • This error was carried over to Vector's CGI artwork for Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.
  • In the Mario & Sonic series, Vector acts as a rival to both Bowser and Donkey Kong.

Vector's sprite sheet for Sonic Jump.

  • Although Vector never got to be released in Sonic Jump as the app ceased to get new updates, Vector and the other two unreleased characters are fully functional, and Vector's in-game description indicates he was going to have a powerful stomp as his special ability.
  • Vector was going to appear in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing as a playable racer alongside Rouge, Espio, Blaze and Silver, but was scrapped from the final product.[26]

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