Quotation1 I'll send you flying to wherever you need to get to! Press the Y/Triangle button and I'll be there! Quotation2
— Vector, Sonic Generations (Console)

Vector: Through the Storm is the third Challenge Act of Crisis City Act 1 in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. It is unlocked after clearing every Stage in the modern era and is playable only as Classic Sonic.


In this challenge, Sonic finds himself back in the tornado section of Crisis City with parts of buildings, roads and cars flying around the scene. This time, however, there are gaps too far to jump over and walls and vertical corridors too high to pass for Sonic. In this situation, the player must press the Y/Triangle button to call for Vector, who will pick up Sonic with his right hand immediately. Sonic then starts spinning while Vector thrusts out his left arm and starts slowly moving it up and down to aim. A line will appear, extending from Vector’s left arm, in the direction he is aiming at. When the throwing angle is suitable, the player must press the Y/Triangle button once more to let Vector throw Sonic with all his power. Afterwards, he will do an outcry of victory and vanish in a puff of smoke. Vector will always throw Sonic in the same direction he is facing and can only be summoned while on the ground. If Vector is called in an unsuitable position, the aiming progress can be cancelled by pressing XboxB/PSObutton.

Throughout the level, there are lines of rings or enemies, hinting at where Vector should throw Sonic, often leading to shortcuts or clocks. If Vector is called directly in front of one of Iblis’ minions, both Vector and the enemy disappear.

Once Sonic passes the Goal Post, the mission is completed and a Rank will be given according to the time. Sonic has four hundred seconds to pass the Goal Post and will be given an S-Rank if it is reached within a hundred seconds.


  • "I'll send you flying to wherever you need to get to! Press the Y/Triangle button and I'll be there!" - Vector at the beginning of the mission.
  • "Here I Come!/Let me handle this!/I got this!/Sonic!" - Vector when he is summoned by the player.
  • "Right up into the wild blue yonder! That was fun, right? Lemme know if you need me again." - Vector commenting on the Challenge Act in White Space.




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