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"Vengeance is Mine" is a song used in Sonic Adventure 2 / Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Sega Superstars, Shadow The Hedgehog, Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games and Sonic Generations. In SA2/ SA2: Battle, it was played during the stage Radical Highway. In Sega Superstars, it played during Shadow's levels on the Sonic the Hedgehog minigame. In Shadow The Hedgehog, it was played in the 2 Player battle portions of the game.The song returns in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games in the Dream version of the Snowboarding event. In Sonic Generations, it was played in the new version of Radical Highway in the 3DS version.The Classic remix was done by Cash Cash while the Modern remix was made by Circuit Freq. There's also a third remix found in the credits of the 3DS version, instead of being a modified version of the original song like the rest of the stages. It is also found in the albums Multi-Dimensional Sonic Adventure 2 Original Sound Track, Shadow the Hedgehog Original Soundtrack and Blue Blur: Sonic Generations Original Soundtrack.



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