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Vermin from Sonic the Comic #90. Art by Roberto Corona and colouring by Andy Pritchett.

Vermin the Cybernik is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He first appeared in issue #90 and was created by Lew Stringer and Roberto Corona. He is an enemy of Shortfuse the Cybernik.


Vermin has a purple body and black eyes with red pupils.



Vermin before becoming a Cybernik. Art by Roberto Corona and colouring by Andy Pritchett.

Vermin was originally an anonymous anthropomorphic rat from the Metropolis Zone. He was loyal to Doctor Ivo Robotnik, but on Robotnik's orders posed as an informant for the Freedom Fighters in order to lure them into a trap in the Gum Tree Zone. As a reward, Robotnik transformed him into a Cybernik, making him even stronger than the previous, renegade Cybernik, Shortfuse.

Vermin ambushed the Freedom Fighters in the Gum Tree Zone,[1] where he managed to defeat Shortfuse by injecting him with a computer virus that paralyzed his armour. He effortlessly took out Tails and Johnny Lightfoot, but Amy Rose was able to use the natural resource of the Zone (in particular the corrosive acid in the sacs of the local Gum Tree Fruit) to force Vermin to retreat.[2]

Nevertheless, Vermin was put in charge of an operation at the Chemical Plant Zone, creating Toxo Cubes. Here, he clashed with Shortfuse once again, who had become consumed with the desire to beat the newer Cybernik. During the fight, Shortfuse managed to grab Vermin's tail and swing him into the manufacturing machine, shutting down the operation and winning the fight, but Vermin escaped by means of a teleporter beam.[3]

Vermin was then part of Grimer's Badnik army sent in to put down a Metropolis Zone uprising. He cornered the Freedom Fighters in an alley,[4] but when Super Sonic destroyed the Black Asteroid the resulting EM pulse knocked out all of his systems.[5] Although he managed to sneak away, he was later found and captured by Tails during the hunt for Robotnik.[6]

Vermin was incarcerated after Robotnik was defeated in a cell in the Metropolis Zone. However, the following New Year's Eve, a wanna-be villain called the Party Pooper tried to disrupt the party with a magnetic ray. Although this plan failed, the magnetic waves inadvertently reactivated Vermin's systems, and he managed to break out of prison.[7] Vermin went on a rampage in the Metropolis Zone, and faced off against Shortfuse and the Freedom Fighters one last time. He powered himself up by absorbing the energy of a nearby generator, and seemed unstoppable until Shortfuse taunted him into stealing Shortfuse's programs. This proved to be his undoing, as Shortfuse had recently acquired a program that allowed him to open his armour. When Vermin's armour opened unexpectedly, Shortfuse pulled the rat out and blasted the armour from inside, completely destroying it. Vermin desperately tried to escape, so that he could find Doctor Robotnik to build him a new set of armour, but he was knocked out and captured by the Freedom Fighters.[8]


Vermin is a vicious thug and bully who is totally loyal to Doctor Robotnik.

Powers and abilities

Vermin's Cybernik armour is nearly indestructible, being immune even to Shortfuse's blaster, and grants him super strength and the ability to shoot laser beams from his eyes. His tail is prehensile and can be used as a whip, and has a barb on the end with which he can inject a crippling computer virus into other robots.[2] The tail can also be used to absorb electrical energy, increasing his power.[8]


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