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Vic Mignogna

Vic Mignogna

Vic Mignogna is an American Anime Award winning voice actor, singer, and songwriter. He is currently the fourth English-speaking actor to play the role of E-123 Omega as of Sonic Colors and is the successor to the late Maddie Blaustein.


  • E-123 Omega in the Sonic the Hedgehog series
  • Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
  • Broly in Dragon Ball Z movies 8, 10 and 11
  • Fai D. Flourite in Tsubasa Chronicle
  • Phantom Dark in D.N.Angel
  • Yoshimori Sumimura in Kekkaishi
  • Ikkaku Madarame in Bleach
  • Obito Uchiha from Naruto
  • Tamaki Suou in Ouran High School Host Club
  • Junpei Iori in Persona 3
  • Singer of the opening of Dragon Ball Z: Kai on Nicktoons
  • Burter in Dragon Ball Z: Kai
  • Mitsuhide Akechi in Sengoku BASARA
  • Spirit Albarn/Death Sycthe in Soul Eater
  • Vega in the ADV dub of Street Fighter II V
  • Iska Farkas in Soulcalibur Legends
  • Malzahar in League of Legends
  • Rin Matsuoka in Free

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