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Volcano Valley Zone

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Quotation1 Quite a change from the cool slopes of Diamond Dust! Leap the lava beds and go with the flow! Use the Sonic Spin Dash to activate the elevators, and keep an eye out for Fire shields to save Sonic from suffering a hot foot! Quotation2
Description, Sonic 3D Blast manual[1]

Volcano Valley Zone is the fifth Zone in Sonic 3D Blast.


As with other stages in this game, Volcano Valley consists of two standard Acts followed by a third Act containing only the boss fight. In Acts 1 and 2, Sonic must free captured Flickies from inside Badniks, depositing five of the birds into a Goal Ring to progress between sections of the level (usually three per Act). Curiously, one of the Flicky types in this level is fiery orange instead of pink. This could be because of palette limitations. This Zone is almost entirely covered in lava. Because of this, the Flame Shield is very useful since it allows Sonic to walk on the lava. It also makes him immune to the numerous flamethrowers placed around. There are also stone panels that Sonic can break by jumping on them. Some of them hide holes that he can use to reach other parts of this level. Some parts require Sonic to Spin Dash on elevators to reach high areas, similar to the ones in Lava Reef Zone.



The boss of Volcano Valley Zone

Like in Rusty Ruins, Robotnik docks his Egg Mobile with a fixed-position killing machine in this Zone. Sitting in the middle of a crisscross of pipes above the lava, Robotnik directs homing ribbons of fire towards Sonic's position. The player has to dodge the hunter-seeker flames and run along the fuel pipes to hit the mobile at the center of the contraption. Much of the danger here comes not from Robotnik's weapons themselves, but from the lava that surrounds him. Put a foot wrong on those pipes and Sonic will find himself taking a hasty trip to the burn ward.



Sonic 3D Music Volcano Valley Zone Act 103:17

Sonic 3D Music Volcano Valley Zone Act 1

Sonic 3D (Saturn) Music Volcano Valley Zone Act 103:11

Sonic 3D (Saturn) Music Volcano Valley Zone Act 1


  1. Sonic 3D Blast (Sega Saturn) United States instruction booklet, p. 11.

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