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Voxai Conspirator profile

A Voxai Conspirators.

The Voxai Conspirators is an enemy that appears in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. They are a member of the Voxai species who lives on Voxai Colony Alpha and Voxai Colony Beta and serve the Overmind. They are a bigger and stronger variant of the Dominated Voxai Citizen.


The Voxai Conspirators can only be encountered on Voxai Colony Alpha. However, two Voxai Conspirators can already be encountered on Voxai Colony Beta, where two will assist Thelxe during his battle with Sonic and his team.

Voxai Conspirators' basic attack is slashing their opponents with a ring of psychic energy, which can inflict Poison and can deal two hits per use. Their POW moves are Air Shield, Blast and Psychic Wave, which can inflict Stun.


Number of actions 2[1]
HP 350[1]
Speed 42[1]
Attack 34[1]
Defense 48[1]
Luck 32[1]
Damage 45[1]
Armor 15[1]
Resistance Water (10%)[1]
Ice (25%)[1]
Wind (50%)[1]
Weakness Fire (25%)[1]
Earth (25%)[1]
Lightning (10%)[1]



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