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Wacky Workbench

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Wacky Workbench is the fifth round in Sonic the Hedgehog CD. The boss of the third zone is Dr. Robotnik in a drilling rocket machine.



It is a weapons warehouse located in a canyon that is ruled by electricity. Inside, there are many abstract mechanisms present, such as hovering platforms, grounded police sirens, a checkered floor (which flickers occasionally) that allows Sonic to bounce to higher areas, and atom-like structures that are constantly generating a wire of electric energy that can harm the player. Air vents have the adverse effect of freezing Sonic if he comes into contact with them.


In the Past, the Workbench is still under construction, with its various girders and platforms taking on a bright green color. The red-colored canyons are able to be seen with construction cranes looming below them. The past is just as wacky as it is in the present timeline, featuring machines that may or may not have been conserved for future use; for instance, the checkered floor remains a prominent part of this level, and the other various devices that are found in the present are still here.

Bad Future

In the Bad Future, the level is ruined, rusty and not as lively as it was in its previous years. Although the mechanisms are the same as they were in the present, they are not as functional but are still just as hazardous. The warehouse seems like it will collapse at any second, with many of the support beams and lights adorning the place in widespread disrepair. The checkered floor is constantly flickering uncontrollably compared to its earlier appearances.

Good Future

The Good Future is the opposite of the bad future, having become an advanced pink/purple workbench with many of its hazardous functions and weapons replaced by what appears to be advanced, safer and more efficient technology. It is littered with many odd features that are colorful and childish, such as geometric shapes and an almost circus-like aesthetic. The workbench may have been remodeled to be a toy land of some sorts, as it bears many objects and machinery that would attract young children if not otherwise. The atom-like obstacles do not function at all in this timeline. Like in the round's bad future counterpart, the checkered floor flickers constantly.

Easter Egg

In Act 1 of the Zone there is a secret room which is just under the first "Past" sign and can be accessed by the curved incline. This Easter Egg has an achievement/trophy for the digital re-release of the game. In the Present and Good Future the room cannot be accessed.

In the Past, Sonic can roll or jump into the wall leading into the small room. It resembles a stone-brick temple with pillars (in contrast to the mechanical level) and a statue of an angel. This statue will reward the player with a fountain of Rings. The player can exit move away and come back for as many rings as desired. This can also be helpful for another achievement/trophy in the digital re-release of the game, where the player is required to collect two hundred Rings.

In the Bad Future, the whole temple is gone; the secret room is just a simple room with a statue of Doctor Robotnik. The statue bears a large resemblance to the giant Robotnik statue outside Robotnik's base from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic can destroy the statue, but this will trigger a trap which will make the room rain with bombs.

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Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
Wacky Workbench "P" mix Masafumi Ogata 3:43
Wacky Workbench 'P' Mix
Workbench Workout Spencer Nilsen, David Young 2:42
Wacky Workbench US
Workbench - Bad Future Spencer Nilsen, David Young 2:01
Wacky Workbench 'B' Mix US
Wacky Workbench (US) Spencer Nilsen, David Young 1:58
Wacky Workbench 'G' Mix US
Wacky Workbench (JP) Masafumi Ogata 3:36
Wacky Workbench JP
Wacky Workbench "B" mix Masafumi Ogata 3:07
Wacky Workbench 'B' Mix JP
Wacky Workbench "G" mix Masafumi Ogata 2:38
Wacky Workbench 'G' Mix JP


Sonic CD Stage 5 - Wacky Workbench Zone

Sonic CD Stage 5 - Wacky Workbench Zone