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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

The Walrus Baby[2] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom franchise. He is an anthropomorphic baby walrus and the youngest child of Lady Walrus. He is well-known for always ending up in dangerous predicaments, partially due to his mother's poor grip on child safety.[1]


Baby walrus pacifier

The Walrus Baby with a pacifier.

The Walrus Baby is a small humanoid walrus with lavender fur and clear blue eyes. He has a small torso with baby fat, stubby legs and arms, and a large round head. His facial features include a medium-wide grey muzzle, a black snout, and a tuff of hair on his head. For attire, he wears a white diaper secured with a blue safety pin, and white-soled pink shoes with red cuffs. Sometimes, he sucks on a pacifier.


TV series

Season one

Walrus Baby in danger

The Walrus Baby in peril.

During Fire Bot's attack, the Walrus Baby was caught by the robot and almost put into a burning house, but Sonic saved him and returned him to his mother.[3] He would later get on and fall down from a roof, but was rescued and returned to Lady Walrus by the newcomer Swifty the Shrew.[4]

When sheep stampeded through the village, a chain of events sent the Walrus Baby flying to his doom until Sonic brought him back to his mother.[5] The Walrus Baby was later taken to Puppy Con where he once again ended up in danger, much to his mother's shock.[6] Another time at Meh Burger, the Walrus Baby would mimic Team Sonic's horsing around, prompting Lady Walrus to take him away and find a "precarious edge" for him to play on.[1]

Archie Comics

Walrus Baby Archie

The Walrus Baby held by her mother, from Sonic Boom #5.

While the Walrus Baby was resting with his mother, Dr. Eggman appeared to compliment him. However, Lady Walrus thought Eggman was after her baby and told him off.[7]


The Walrus Baby is a playful and grateful bundle of joy, and loves to cuddle up with his mother. However, he has a knack for getting himself into dangerous situations, although not always voluntarily. Being so young, the Walrus Baby is very impressionable and will try imitating the behavior of others, both good and bad.[1][3][5]


Lady Walrus

Lady Walrus with her child

The Walrus Baby being held by his mother.

The Walrus Baby has a healthy relationship with his mother Lady Walrus for a baby his age, as he loves being close to her. After getting rescued from danger, he is always happy to be reunited with his mother.[3][5] Lady Walrus is similarly always happy to have her child by her side and only wants what is best for him despite her poor grip on child safety.[1][5]


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