Quotation1 Oh Flower? Pretty Flower. Show your face and I'll sting you. Quotation2
Charmy Bee, Sonic Heroes

The Warp Flower,[1] also called the Purple Flower, is a gimmick that appears in Sonic Heroes. It is a large, metallic flower that can warp Team Chaotix to different places in a Stage.



An inactive Warp Flower.

The Warp Flower resembles a large mechanized cross of a thistle and rose. It has a slightly twisting plant stem with come-shaped leaves and possesses a pink, bulb-like head with three pedals. When inactive, the Warp Flower is like an immature flower with its pedals closed, but when active, its pedals opens, revealing a glowing pad in the center. Supposedly, Charmy can teleport between Warp Flowers thanks to his mysterious ability to warp between flowers.[2]


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A Warp Flower in use.

The Warp Flowers appear exclusively in Team Chaotix's Stages. In gameplay, they can be used by the player to teleport Team Chaotix between locations with Warp Flowers. When using the Warp Flower, it will glow pink and the screen will briefly go white as it teleports Team Chaotix to another location in the Stage, right on top of another Warp Flower. Sometimes, the Warp Flowers cannot be used until the player finds a switch and other times their heads can contain Item Box items or are simply platforms. Also, active Warp Flowers can be used both ways.

To activate an inactive Warp Flower in gameplay, the player must have Team Chaotix in Fly Formation with Charmy as the leader and then press SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO/PSSquareButton/XboxB up close to use the Sting Attack on it. The player then has to step on the Warp Flower's pad to teleport.


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