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Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Wave Ocean (Sonic)

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Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Wave Ocean (Shadow)

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Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Wave Ocean (Silver)

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Wave Ocean is the beach side resort just outside Soleanna’s capital city and an Action Stage that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog. It is the first stage for Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower; the eighth stage for Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat; and the third stage for Silver the Hedgehog (although he does not go through this stage himself, Blaze the Cat does instead). It is based off of Emerald Coast from Sonic Adventure.



Sonic is the first character played as here in the first stage of the game, trying to pursue the Egg Carrier. The area is overrun by Dr. Eggman's "mechs." Sonic runs through the first leg of the stage on foot. However, at one point, he runs from an orca (similar to the orca chase scene at Emerald Coast in Sonic Adventure) and latches onto its fin. The next leg of the stage has the player using Tails to flip a switch and close the gate so that the Orca doesn't escape. The Orca then sends Sonic flying over the gate and he lands onto the next beach and into his first mach-speed zone. Here, he runs at an incredible fast pace and manages to catch up to the Egg Carrier at quick the close range. Eventually the stage ends with Sonic jumping by on large rocks to reach the beach and the Goal Ring.


Tails in Wave Ocean

Tails in the Wave Ocean stage.

Tails is used in the second leg of Sonic's first stage. He is considerably slower than Sonic and only moves faster when he flies. He has the ability to drop and throw ring bombs at his enemies as he goes through the stage. His leg ends when he reaches the switch and closes the gate.

Tails also gets his own extra stage in Wave Ocean during another part of Sonic's story, following Elise's trail. It isn't as long as Sonic's first stage here. Tails goes from the beginning of Sonic's first portion of the stage all the way to the goal ring located in the same place the switch for the gate was on Sonic's first stage.


In Shadow's story in Sonic the Hedgehog, he goes to Wave Ocean looking for E-123 Omega and Mephiles the Dark. Shadow's stage starts off with him flying through the stage on a glider and shooting down numerous Iblis and Mephiles spawn as he goes by. Eventually, the glider takes him to another part of the stage where the player uses Omega before playing as Shadow again in the third and final leg of the stage. In the final leg, Shadow runs through it on foot and has the ability to use the homing attack on the creatures he comes across. He's also given the option to drive through a section of the area on a large G.U.N beetle. Near the end of the stage, Shadow must ride on a G.U.N vehicle that hovers over water in order to reach the end of his stage.

E-123 Omega

E-123 Omega is used through the second leg of Shadow's Wave Ocean stage. He goes through and fights off numerous Iblis and Mephiles spawn creatures with his blasters. He can charge up his arm blasters and fire multiple shots at more than one enemy. He can also jump and hover in the air for a short period of time. Once in the air he's capable of launching blasts downward at the enemies in front of him in order to destroy them. His leg ends when he hears Mephiles' voice by a closed gate in the level. He can explore more of Wave Ocean by using his hovering glitch from a high part of the level. This can be used for him to fight Shadow's enemies and can even result in him reaching the Goal Ring.

Blaze the Cat

Silver the Hedgehog does not play through Wave Ocean, but Blaze the Cat does. Blaze goes through the stage on a mission to locate Silver. She fights off Eggman's robots by using her spinning homing attacks and her flame powers. She is able to create mini fire tornadoes that destroy enemies when she passes through them. After this stage Blaze then heads to Soleanna Castle Town. This stage is considerably shorter than any other stage in Silver's story.


Rouge comes here to find the purple Emerald in the End of the World stage.


Sonic Episode

In Sonic Episode, Wave Ocean is the first stage. The player runs through the stage as both Sonic and Tails. They manage to spot Eggman's Egg Carrier (despite capturing Elise at night) having not managed to reach Eggman's base in White Acropolis. Sonic and Tails take this opportunity to follow and try to catch up with it in order to rescue Princess Elise. They eventually reach a point in the area where they can no longer follow the base and decide to head back to the city.

At a point further on in Sonic's story, Tails goes on a self-appointed mission to rescue Elise once again when he spots the Egg Carrier flying over Wave Ocean with Elise on board. He doesn't manage to catch up to it however and once again fails to rescue Elise at the same place.

Shadow Episode

In Shadow Episode, Wave Ocean is the 7th stage (not counting Rouge's Tropical Jungle level) played through. Shadow goes to Wave Ocean to meet up with Omega and help him take care of Mephiles. Shadow goes through the stage in the air, on the land, and over the water in order to reach him. When Shadow reaches Omega he is gunning Mephiles down with his blasters. After Mephiles disappears, Omega confesses to Shadow that he is the one who captures and seals him away in the future. Rouge says that the situation isn't fair and that she'll always be beside him no matter what happens. Shadow says he'll remember that and the three of them head off to put a stop to Mephiles once and for all.

Silver Episode

In Silver Episode, Blaze the Cat plays through this level instead of Silver. Her objective is to locate and catch up to Silver after having been separated from him during their passage to the past due to Mephiles' powers. She eventually finds Silver at the pier. He asks Blaze if what they're doing to save their future is right. Blaze replies that she doesn't know if it's right or wrong but she does know that they've got only one chance to save their future and they need to take it. Silver gets inspired by her words and decides that their next stop should be White Acropolis where they might find something new at Eggman's base.

Silver Medals locations


  1. During the second time the player finds himself sliding on water toward another loop, he must veer to the left to pick up the Silver Medal.
  2. Before grinding off of the lighthouse, jump from the rail to the lighthouse balcony. Walk around to the opposite side of the balcony. There is a hidden medal tucked in the shade.
  3. After the lighthouse, the player ought to keep grinding the rail to the end and go the route. When sliding on water through the tunnel it is to the left.
  4. After the "tiki hut" section just after completing tunnel leads to the previous Silver Medal. The player must use the Light Speed Dash at the end of the section to get up through the Rainbow Ring. Then walk on the wall which leads to the fourth Silver Medal.
  5. In Tails' section, When the player flies to the island at the beginning, there is a Silver Medal hanging just on the other side of the rock arch, to the left of the Dash Ring. Jump off the boxes on the rocks and soar through the air to collect the medal.
  6. Start off the Super Speed Section by heading to the far left to find a semi-hidden ramp under an arched rock formation, the Silver Medal is in the area this ramp leads to on the main path, use the Light Speed Dash on the nearby Rings to help line the way up.
  7. In the forested area on the left side.
  8. In the same section of the seventh medal, the eighth one is placed in the center of the pier.
  9. After the boardwalk, the ninth medal can be seen floating above the boardwalk requiring a single jump to gather it.
  10. In the final section, do not go into the cave directly behind the robots. Instead, head along the right side of the island. The final medal in this stage is beneath the second pier on the beach, but the view of it is blocked by a small pile of rocks until the player passes under the first pier.


  1. It is seen hovering above the beach on the player's way on the Glider.
  2. When the player reaches the cave while he is gliding, the Silver medal is inside.
  3. As the player picks up the second medal and soar out of the cave back into the open, continue shooting down monsters from the air and scoop up the Silver Medal placed on the right side of the rock columns that line your final approach to the beach.
  4. In the second section, look for the fourth Silver Medal tucked behind the rocks along the beach, near the unlocked Spring.
  5. Before you jump on the spring just beyond the first point marker, look down to the left of the pier. The fifth Silver Medal is hidden between the rocks.
  6. After you pass through the second point marker, drop down to the beach, then turn around to spot the Silver Medal beneath the boards.
  7. Before arriving at the gate and switching to Shadow in the final of E-123 Omega's section, destroy all of the monsters on the grassy part of the atol to make the Silver Medal appear on the grassy area to the right of the little high cave.
  8. In Shadow's section, the eighth Silver Medal is on the grassy plateau in the middle of the beach. It is too high for you to jump to it directly, so use Homing Attacks on the Iblis Takers to get some much-needed height. The medal is in the center of the plateau, but beware as soon as you head for it, a bunch of worms erupt from the grass.
  9. On the second beach section near the end of the stage but before the hovercraft, it is behind a pile of rocks.
  10. It is located in the same section as the ninth one, in a pile of rocks near the lighthouse.


  1. On the first beach, Look for the Silver medal under crates on the left side of the beach. It is exposed when you destroy the robot on the stack.
  2. On the second beach, the Silver medal is on top of the rocks on the right side of the beach.
  3. Before jumping on the lighthouse ending the second beach section, grab the Silver Medal hidden behind it.
  4. When the player is on the rail off the lighthouse, jump off to the island below the Rainbow Ring. It is in a pile of rocks.
  5. From the fourth medal section, use Accelerator Tornado to reach the Rainbow Ring above, it is on the rail the player lands on.
  6. Once the player has grabbed the fifth one, instead of falling down off the rail, jump off it to land on top of the cottage, then turn to the right to see it floating above a smaller tiki.
  7. Do not grab the Rainbow Ring above the third checkpoint, instead drop down to the beach below and go that way. After the walker-type robot, turn to the right to see it off to the side.
  8. Before heading off into the ocean (the end of the section), Get the first one by crushing the giant stack of crates near the spiked bars.
  9. For the ninth medal, head for the beach (in the same section) that is below the spiked bars. Instead of stepping on the Spring, drop down to the sand and turn back to see the medal next to a set of Springs.
  10. The tenth one is seen floating above the beginning of a boardwalk after the whale chase.


  1. On the area with Egg Bombers, the first Silver medal rests behind the rocks at the water’s edge.
  2. Before the player bounces up to the top of the lighthouse, pick up the medal underneath the pier.
  3. After the first point marker at the end of the rail, jump up and hover over to the Silver medal before flying to the small stretch of pier to the left.
  4. After the Dash Panels drop the player into another pier, there will be a spiked bar on the way, that beyond it, is the medal perched at the very tip of a tiki hut roof.
  5. After the second point marker, there is a large rock along the beach, near the grassy area. Look inside a small hole in the rock to find the fifth medal.
  6. Ahead of the fifth medal, when the player jumps through the middle of the spiky bar, instead of flying ahead, right below here is a small beach with the sixth Silver Medal.
  7. It is seen at the end of the whale boardwalk part floating in the air.
  8. After the third point marker, turn to the left, the eighth medal is floating beneath a rock arch.
  9. It is behind the lighthouse on the beach with the Goal Ring.
  10. The tenth medal is in the pile of rocks on the platform before the Goal Ring.


  • In Sonic's version, the portion where he runs away from the Orca is a reference to the iconic "orca chase" section of Emerald Coast in Sonic Adventure.
  • In both Sonic and Tails' run-through of this stage, their objectives are the same: to rescue the Princess trapped inside Eggman's Egg Carrier. In the end, neither were able to do so.
  • As mentioned above, this is the only stage in the game that Silver does not play through.
    • However, Silver's partner, Blaze, goes through the stage instead.
  • This is the fourth Sonic game in which the first stage is a beach stage, the first being Sonic Adventure, the second being Sonic Advance and the third being Sonic Heroes.
  • In Sonic's story, you are able to skip over Tails's part of Wave Ocean and finish the level without him by using the Purple Gem.
  • In Sonic's story, it is the only level which the player has to beat twice (The first is with Sonic and Tails when they chase the Egg Carrier, the second is with just Tails when who try to find Sonic).


Name Artist Length Music Track
Wave Ocean ~The Water's Edge~ Mariko Nanba, Tomoya Ohtani 3:30
Wave Ocean ~The Water's Edge~
Wave Ocean ~The Inlet~ Mariko Nanba, Tomoya Ohtani 3:05
Wave Ocean ~The Inlet~


Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Wave Ocean (Sonic) 1080 HD03:51

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Wave Ocean (Sonic) 1080 HD

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Wave Ocean (Hard Mode) (Sonic) 1080 HD04:00

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Wave Ocean (Hard Mode) (Sonic) 1080 HD

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Wave Ocean (Shadow) 1080 HD03:59

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Wave Ocean (Shadow) 1080 HD

Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 - Shadow - Wave Ocean - Hard Mode (S-Rank)13:36

Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 - Shadow - Wave Ocean - Hard Mode (S-Rank)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Wave Ocean (Blaze) 1080 HD02:07

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Wave Ocean (Blaze) 1080 HD

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Wave Ocean (Tails) 1080 HD02:21

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Wave Ocean (Tails) 1080 HD


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