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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Wave the Swallow is a purple swallow, the Babylon Rogues' resident technical genius. She uses slang frequently.


Battle Bird Armada

Wave was originally a mechanic in the Battle Bird Armada, and worked under Dr. Fukurokov as his apprentice or assistant years ago. She shared the responsibility of maintaining the Armada's equipment, until she was found making unauthorized modifications to the Battle Fortress's engines, which she felt she had the right to do. Dr. Fukurokov then threw her in the brig. Because of this, Wave believed he was simply jealous of her skills. While there, she found herself alongside Jet the Hawk and Storm the Albatross, who had both been imprisoned for their own offenses. (SU: #18, #33)

Jet broke them out soon after and Wave decided to go with them to avoid getting jailed again, though frustrated that they had no Extreme Gear to use. Eager to get revenge on Fukurokov and the Armada by finding the Babylon Garden for themselves, she became the mechanic of the "Babylon Rogues". They left in an old zeppelin, which she took upon herself to maintain, and became a primary target of the Battle Lord in order to find the Garden ever since. Sometime after the desertion, Wave broke into the Battle Fortress and freed a disobedient soldier, Predator Hawk, from confinement. Predator joined the team, and the four hunted both the Armada and treasure.Predator eventually got fed up of their activities and left to join Mammoth Mogul, leaving the Rogues minus one member. (SU: #20, #30, #33)

Employed by Eggman

Babylon RoguesA

The Babylon Rogues attacking Sonic

Wave's temporary employment by Eggman started when Jet the Hawk was riding his Extreme Gear while being chased by robots after stealing something to boost his Gear from Doctor Eggman. He is captured and Eggman is intrigued by his speed. He offers Jet the chance to live if he is able to defeat Sonic. Jet agrees if he can bring along his friends, Wave and Storm the Albatross. They enter Knothole and activate the security system to lure Sonic to them. When he arrives they attack him with Jet using speed, Wave using her technical gear skills, and Storm using brute strength. Despite Sonic's speed, being outnumbered and attacked by enemies using Extreme Gear proved too much for him to handle. (StH: #163)

Sonic was sent home to Tails' house and he explained how he got beat up. Knuckles jokes around with Sonic for a minute, before Tails comes in holding their brand new Extreme Gear. As the Babylon Rogues are going to enter Knothole, Sonic and friends come to stop them. After a few healthy insults, they began to race. Storm fought Knuckles, to which Storm admitted that Knuckles was as strong as himself. Tails fought Wave, who made fun of the young fox's airboard. Finally, Jet and Sonic faced off, speed against speed. (StH: #164)

Some time after the fight with Sonic and friends, Wave and the rest of the Babylon Rogues showed up near Cocoa Island in their zeppelin, apparently planning to attack the Battle Bird Armada. When Wave made note of the Armada's fortress' damaged condition, wondering if other rogues were responsible, Jet simply brushed it off, stating that only the rogues could touch the relics of their ancestors, and they were "going to remind their old buddies why that is". (SU: #20)

Sol Searching

Following their business with the Armada, Wave's scanners picked up an unusual energy signal from Northamer's Great Forest, and Wave persuaded Jet to investigate it. Zeroing in on Team Hooligan, they then dropped explosives from the blimp, but eventually descended on their airboards, stealing the source of the signal; a Sol Emerald. The sudden appearance of Bean the Dynamite, who recognized them and happily latched onto Jet, caught Wave off guard along with Storm who muttered to her that he'd thought that the Battle Lord had "taken care of" Bean in the past, to which she dryly replied, "No such luck."

The sight of Nack bearing his sniper rifle on Jet caused the Rogues to scatter, and Wave began weaving around Bark, dodging his swings and telling the others to get the Emerald so they could leave. As they fled back towards the blimp, a shot from Nack's rifle struck the Emerald, causing it to erupt into a ring of flame that knocked Wave and the others to the ground. Seeing the Emerald was undamaged, Wave crawled onto her board and flew away as Jet ordered the blimp drop its bomb payload to take care of Team Hooligan so they could pick the Emerald out of the remains. Much to Wave's utter shock, Bean caused the bombs to detonate prematurely, causing no harm as Jet told her to be glad that Bean was more Rogue than Armada. Soon, Teams Rose and Dark arrived, and a four-way struggle for the Sol Emerald began. (SU: #23)

During the battle, Wave found herself dodging Bean and flames from Blaze. Once she saw that Jet had been attacked by Shadow, Wave attempted to intercept the hedgehog and threatened him to hand over the Sol Emerald, but she was then struck by Rouge from behind, causing her to collide with him and Storm. Unbeknownst to her however, Teams Rose & Dark eventually teamed up to herd the others together and Wave was stuck with Rouge the Bat interfering with her flying. She told the bat to get out of her way, but Rouge merely laughed at her and Wave could not shake her off. (SU: #24)

Eventually, Wave fell from her board, yelling for her teammates to catch her as she landed atop them in a heap, where they were soon joined by Nack, Bean and Bark. Suddenly, a bomb in the hands of Bean ignited (thanks to Blaze), exploding on them all. Storm shielded Wave from most of the blast, but her Extreme Gear was left damaged and scorched. As Jet tried to plan a new course of action, Wave declared they had enough, grabbed her boss by the headfeathers and dragged him off, saying they were going before losing the blimp too. When Jet insisted that he was in charge, she angrily overrode him, ranting indignantly over what it would take to repair their boards while Storm silently followed behind, carrying them. (SU: #24)

Babylon Rising

Not long after the Sol Emerald fiasco, Wave and Jet followed Storm on a lead to what he thought was treasure in Soleanna, but just ended up at the city's library instead. The trip would have been a waste for the Rogues, but as they were leaving, Wave happened upon a book written in ancient Babylonian. Translating the text, she found it contained information on where to find the key to their ultimate objective: the Babylon Garden. Wave then took the book and used it as a guide to locate the entrance to the underground ruins in the Gigan Mountains where they found the key, though Jet had irritated Wave by then with asking her if they were in the right place. (SU: #33)

While trying to explain to Storm what the Garden was believed to be, Wave cautioned Jet to be mindful of traps as he removed the key, but he ignored her and accidentally set one off. The room sealed, trapping the Rogues, and forced them to confront the key's guardian, Angelus. Wave noticed projectors around the room and at first believed Angelus to be just a hologram, only to be surprised and impressed by the Babylonian technology when she realized the hologram was enhanced with force fields and that it could attack them. Deducing that neutralizing the force fields would render Angelus harmless, Wave then instructed the Rogues to destroy its projectors, and smashed one by herself while also keeping the key out of reach. (SU: #33)

With the fight over, Wave questioned if they should still take the key, but Jet reminded her it was the entire reason they ever became Rogues and she agreed. The ruins began to collapse and the Rogues barely escaped to the surface in time, only to be cornered by Speedy and the entire Battle Bird Armada behind him. A brief standoff followed with Wave mocking Speedy's flight harness, and the Rogues then took off, easily evading laser fire from Armada flying pods. As Speedy gave chase with a pair of Dr. Fukurokov's new Pursuit Drones, Wave observed one briefly to deduce its construction, and quickly destroyed it by removing a central connection pin that held the drone together. (SU: #33, #34)

Wave then went to help Jet and struck Speedy just in time to prevent the young bird from killing him. However the Battle Lord himself soon joined the fight, and Wave was easily kicked aside as she tried to take him out with a spin move. Once the Battle Lord defeated them all, he then threatened to kill Jet if the Rogues did not surrender the key and rejoin the Armada, leaving Wave and Storm no choice but to give in, to which he accepted them back with open arms. Wave then watched with interest as the Battle Lord placed his family ring from ancient Babylon into the key, and was taken aback to see by the display of a holographic map revealing Babylon Garden's exact location. (SU: #34)


Wave is confident and cunning, not above insulting others. Despite her occasionally cruel attitude, she's not especially malicious. While not the leader of the trio, she is often more responsible and goal-oriented than Jet.


Wave is a skilled Extreme Gear rider and a remarkable mechanic, as well as having some skill with explosives. The gem at her throat is actually a small computer.


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