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Weapons Bed

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Weapons Bed
Appearances and overview
First appearance

Sonic Adventure 2

Other appearances

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle


Prison Island

Stage theme(s)

Coastal theme

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Lost Colony

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Security Hall

Playable characters
(story mode)

Dr. Eggman

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G.U.N. enemies

Boss fight


Weapons Bed is the seventh Dark Story stage and one of Dr. Eggman's shooting stages in Sonic Adventure 2. As part of the diabolical scheme to rule the world, Dr. Eggman is going to cause a distraction so Rouge can grab the Chaos Emeralds from Prison Island.


Dr. Eggman must run around the Carrier fleet that belongs to G.U.N, and destroy all the robots he finds, and cause as much havoc as possible as part of a planned three pronged assault to steal three Chaos Emeralds (as discussed in the cut-scene). Despite this being a shooting level, it bears a striking resemblance to Sonic's Metal Harbor level, due to the fact that both take place very close to each other (geographically and chronologically). Eggman's role in this particular mission is distracting, gaining the attention of the security forces of the military, to allow his accomplice Rouge the Bat to steal the Emeralds from the large security vault located within the G.U.N. compound undetected. As seen in some previous missions, bomber jets will swoop down and drop bombs in your direction periodically. There are many GUN Hunters here, but they are dormant. Players should be careful of the Hawk G.U.N. series, as many will attempt to ambush or strike when least expected.

Mission Guide

Collect 100 rings

As usual, collecting 100 rings would be easy if it weren’t for the G.U.N. robots around who keep bothering the player. The Weapons Bed stage is murderous when it comes to hanging onto rings. The robots pop up out of nowhere and fire streams of shots at the player. Knowing when they’ll show up will help tremendously. Also, tap the player fire button instead of holding on and waiting for multiple target locks. This makes it easier to blast enemy shots out of the sky.

Level Up Item

Eggman's Large Cannon is located here, allowing him to break steel containers.


  • This stage bears a very strong resemblance to Sonic's Metal Harbor.
  • The Weapons Bed theme is rumored to have been remixed into the Iron Jungle theme from Shadow the Hedgehog. Some parts do sound alike, but it is currently unknown whether they are the same.


Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Music - Weapons Bed01:48

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Music - Weapons Bed


Sonic Adventure 2 Weapons Bed 1080 HD02:45

Sonic Adventure 2 Weapons Bed 1080 HD

Sonic Adventure 2 Weapons Bed Mission 5 - Hard Mode - A Rank03:55

Sonic Adventure 2 Weapons Bed Mission 5 - Hard Mode - A Rank

Sonic Adventure 2

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