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The weapons in Shadow the Hedgehog vary from their respectives, as they change as their ammo, color, damage and sometimes can be the same exact gun with a different internal structure.

Each weapon in Shadow the Hedgehog falls under one of seven weapon types. These are: Close Combat, Gun, Cannon, Lock-on, Laser, Vacuum, and Special.


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Image Weapon Damage Rounds Range Weapon Type Notes Based On
Pistolshoot Pistol Low 10 Short Gun Hecker And Koch Universal Self-loading Pistol
Smgun Submachine Gun Low 20 Short Gun Automatic Hecker And Koch MP5A3 (with incorrect pump-action mechanism)
Semiautoriflegunner Semi-Auto Rifle Medium 30 Medium Gun Automatic SIG SG 551
Hmg Heavy Machine Gun High 30 Long Gun Automatic Cross between Browning M1919 and MG-42
Gatlinggunner Chain Gun High 40 Long Gun Automatic GE M134 Minigun
Grenadelauncher Grenade Launcher Medium 6 Short Cannon Milkor MGL (with missing stock)
Bazooka Bazooka High 6 Short Cannon M136 AT4
Blackbarrelikethisbaby Black Barrel Medium 8 Short Gun N/A
Rpgun RPG Launcher High 6/12/24 Long Lock-on M202 Flash (with only two barrels)
Wormshooterdun Worm Shooter High 6/16 Long Lock-on N/A

Unlockable Weapons

Name Unlocked by Description

Egg Vacuum

Completing Lava Shelter in Story Mode. Sucks in objects and pulls certain walls.
Heal Cannon Completing Final Haunt in Story Mode. Heals and sways the loyalty of enemies.
Omochao Gun Completing Cosmic Fall in Story Mode. Shoots bullets resembling Omochao's head that bounce off walls and various objects.
Samurai Blade Completing GUN Fortress in Story Mode. A long blade that sends out a shockwave when enemies are out of reach.
Satellite Gun Completing Black Comet in Story Mode. Fires a giant laser from the sky to destroy a target.
Shadow Rifle Defeating Devil Doom. Defeats most enemies in a single shot.


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