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When Worlds Collide Promotion Artwork

When Worlds Collide is an event that occurred in both the Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man comic series' published by Archie Comics. Within these events, Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man, along with their respective friends, collided in a timeline made by Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily. This crossover event took place during the post-Albion Attack (Sonic's world) and the pre-Super Adventure Rockman adaptation (Mega Man's world).

The main summary of this event was Eggman and Wily had reset both Sonic's world and Mega Man's world to capture Sonic's friends, roboticize them into the Roboticized Masters, and alter both of their universes as they see fit with the power of the Chaos Emeralds. However, Sonic, Mega Man, and friends were able to find out the doctor's mad plan, and put a stop to it at once.



WWC Eggman's Lost Emerald

Eggman realizing he had lost his Chaos Emerald to control the Genesis Wave.

When Worlds Collide was lead into events after Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik had lost his blue Chaos Emerald after the World Roboticizer was destroyed during the post-Operation: Clean Sweep plan. Because of this, he had desperately searched on his Death Egg to search for the blue Chaos Emerald. However, in another dimension, one beyond from Mobius, Flash Man had found the blue Chaos Emerald and gave it to his master, Dr. Albert Wily. While Dr. Wily was demanding Ra Moon, a mysterious robot found by Dr. Wily several days prior to this current time, to make a Mettaur have a rice-cooking function, Ra Moon mentioned the mysterious emerald having extraordinary power. This made Dr. Wily curious to examine the emerald, only at the same time, Dr. Eggman had scanned the emerald's current location. With this, Dr. Wily had met Dr. Eggman, and vice versa. (StH #231, WC #1)

WWC Villains Collide

Eggman and Wily begin to know how much they have in common.

At first, the two doctors griped at each other for pirating their signal or stealing the emerald, but Dr. Wily had mentioned that he was the greatest evil genius on Earth. Eggman then realized that Wily was from another dimension, one different than the Mobius that Eggman knew. Eggman then explained to Wily that their worlds are apart from each other, existing in one universe. Dr. Wily then remarks that Eggman knows a lot about technology and robotics, but does [Eggman] try to conquer the world. However, Eggman knows the same, only Eggman comments to Wily if there is a young upstart causing trouble with his plans, and Wily agrees. The two then know how much they have in common, and Eggman knows a way to meet Wily in person. (WC #1)

WWC Plans Abrew

Eggman and Wily commanding their forces to build the Wily Egg.

And so, Eggman gave instructions for Wily to use the Chaos Emerald's energy. Doing this made an entire new pocket-zone that allowed Eggman and Wily to meet each other in person. At first, the two disagreed what their respective name for the pocket-zone would be, but they both settled with Skull Egg Zone. Once this was settled, Eggman and his Egg SWATs and Wily and his Robot Masters (from Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3) were sent out to build the diabolical doctors a flying fortress, as Wily would handle the defenses inside the fortress, while Eggman would take care of the primary design. Thanks to the weird time-space shift the Skull Egg Zone had, hours in the zone are barely seconds from their own worlds, and in no time, the Wily Egg was finished. (WC #1)

WWC Genesis Wave

The second Genesis Wave being activated.

At that same moment, Team FightersSonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, and Amy Rose–along with Silver the Hedgehog and the Arctic Freedom Fighters: Guntiver, Sealia, Flip, Augustus, and Erma had managed to ambush Eggman's Death Egg at the Northern Tundra, hopefully to save Mecha Sally, Sonic's girlfriend who was roboticized. Because of this Eggman prepared to reset the world with Wily. On Mega Man's world, Mega Man was facing, unbeknownst to him, his brother Proto Man on Mega Man's birthday only when Wily prepared to go with Eggman to reset the world. The two doctors prepared to set the Genesis Wave off in not only Mobius, but in Wily's world, as well. Wily had then resetted both worlds, having the two doctors reset the timeline, as they could have changed the past and push the two to a near future. Because of this, Wily has the ability to revived all of his Robot Masters, but Eggman had a better idea upon using the world they had made... (StH #247, MM #23, WC #1)

Rise of the Roboticized Masters

The Dark Enforcers

Bass and Metal Sonic capturing Tails.

In the newly reset world, Tails is packing his things to head to Mystic Ruins with his best friend Sonic but however, a silhouette of Sonic appears by his window, and Tails rushes to answer the door. However, Tails is ambushed by Metal Sonic and Bass, which both take the fox out at ease and at an unknown time period later, Tails wakes up in a tube inside the Wily Egg, where Wily investigates the fox's "strange tails". However, Eggman and Wily get straight to point, as Tails recognizes Eggman, but not Wily. The two doctors then discuss how difficult it is to navigate through a world without a native specimen, the reason Bass was along with Metal Sonic to capture Tails. The result of this gave the doctors a chance to roboticize Tails with technology from Wily's Robot Masters to make these new robots easier to travel through worlds. Tails, confused at this, was then quickly roboticized into Tails Man. Wily at first was not far too happy with the robots having no personality, but Eggman told Wily that [Wily] will get used to it, as it doesn't mean they can betray their creator. The two doctors then got the brilliant idea of roboticized more of Sonic's friends for one reason: to capture all of the Chaos Emeralds for the doctor's mad plan. (WC #1)

Proto Man Encounters

Proto Man cornering the Roboticized Masters.

At the post-Genesis Wave time period at Mega City, Blues Light (known as Proto Man) had heard police sirens and shrieks close at the First National Bank at the city. Proto Man rushed inside, only witnessing that these bank robbers were not the typical avarage criminal; but robots, almost similar to Wily's design, known as the Roboticized Masters Tails Man, Rose Woman, Shadow Man, and Knuckles Man, who were planning to steal the silver Chaos Emerald. Back at Light Labs, Dr. Thomas Light and his "son", Rock Light (known as Mega Man) was building a new Robot Master known as "Bond Man" only when Roll Light ran in and informed the two on Proto Man fighting with robots at the bank. At once, Mega Man had then teleported to the location and saved Proto Man from being further harmed. Mega Man told Proto Man to take rest while [Mega Man] would take care of the new robots, at which Mega Man immediately knew Wily was behind this chaos. Mega Man then had fought against the robots, hoping that they would not hold off much of a fight. (WC #1, #2)

WWC Vector Snagged!

Copy Robot capturing Vector.

Meanwhile, in Green Hill Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog is having strange deja vu about being at Green Hill Zone before just recently. However, he worries more to whereas his friends are at. He originally was supposed to be with Tails to go at the Mystic Ruins, but he was missing. Sonic went to Angel Island to search for Knuckles the Echidna and ask if [Knuckles] knew where Tails was at, but the echidna was missing too. Sonic then had the idea to check Amy Rose's house since Amy has a way of finding Sonic at least expected times, but she was missing as well. Sonic then had contacted the Chaotix to see if they can search for Sonic's missing friends. At Central City, the Chaotix–Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, and Charmy Bee–search for Sonic's missing friends, but however, Charmy goes to get ice cream without the other Chaotix. Vector then searches for Charmy, the [Charmy] is no where in sight. Espio then looks by an alley, where he saw something mysterious nearby. Suddenly, he is no where in sight either, making Vector a little protective. Vector then goes to the alley, only to get ambushed by Copy Robot. The robot then informs Wily on the Chaotix's capture, and Wily tells Copy Robot to show up and capture on his next "target". (WC #2)

WWC Some Strange Shot

Mega Man confused at his charged-shot effects to Knuckles Man.

Back at Mega City, Mega Man is trying to shot Tails Man right before Knuckles Man punches a truck above the Blue Bomber. Mega Man then charges a shot of his Mega Buster at Knuckles Man, and the Roboticized Master is immobilized for a few seconds. Mega Man, confused on why the robot is not immune to the charged shot unlike Wily's previous Robot Masters, is then ambushed by a mysterious blue blur, causing the Blue Bomber to be shocked in awe. The Roboticized Masters and the blue blur then head inside a giant ring, but luckily, Mega Man fires a Mega Buster shot at Shadow Man to hold the giant ring open for a little longer. Mega Man alarms Dr. Light about going inside the ring, and the doctor gives Mega Man all of his luck. Mega Man, the Roboticized Masters and the blue blur then enter Green Hill Zone. (WC #2)

Sonic Meets Mega Man

Sonic celebrating Mega Man's defeat.

Meanwhile, at another part of Green Hill Zone, Silver the Hedgehog comes by to Sonic and warns him of a mysterious time-space disruption coming from Sonic's time period. Sonic and Silver then both agree that Eggman is behind this plot. Just before Sonic can finish telling Silver to help find [Sonic's] missing friends, Silver is kidnapped by Copy Robot. Sonic chases down the Copy Robot, while, not too far by, Mega Man shoots at the Roboticized Masters. The Roboticized Master split up after Eggman and Wily told their minions to do so, as Tails Man will record the following events for Eggman and Wily. The rest of the Roboticized Masters split up, and Mega Man chases after the blue blur, who is confirmed to be Metal Sonic, after Metal Sonic ambushed Mega Man once again. Copy Robot then hid from Sonic, and Metal Sonic went to a shuttle loop. Mega Man prepared for a charged shot to fire at Metal Sonic, but in a series of unfortunate events, Sonic attacks Mega Man. While Sonic celebrates his victory, Mega Man fires at Sonic, after [Mega Man's] thermal readings tell Mega Man that Sonic is organic, but the Blue Bomber doesn't believe it. And thus, the two fight, unbeknownst to them that their worst enemies are enjoying the fight. (WC #1, #2)

The Blue Battle

Round One

A Moment of Hestitation

Sonic offering Mega Man a deal to help Sonic find his friends.

As Tails Man records the battle, Sonic and Mega Man duke it out at Green Hill Zone. After taking down Mega Man, Sonic asks Mega Man if [Mega Man] will tell Sonic where his missing friends are, in exchange for Sonic not destroying Mega Man. The Blue Bomber does not agree and the two continue fighting. Mega Man, at first, believes that Sonic is going against Dr. Wily and that the thermal readings where correct about Sonic being organic, but Mega Man does not agree with this again, as he thinks Sonic is defiant robot of Dr. Wily. Mega Man then decides to take the "robot" out but to preserve its I.C. (Integrated Circuit) chip. (WC #3)

WWC Evil Bro Fist

Eggman and Wily celebrating the fight.

Above the fight, Tails Man reports to Eggman and Wily back on the Wily Egg that the battle is evenly match. Both of the doctors tell the Roboticized Master to continue recording the battle. Eggman and Wily then sit down and relax the current battle, as Orbot and Cubot bring hot towels and drinks to the doctors. At the same time, the three remaining Roboticized Masters: Shadow Man, Knuckles Man and Rose Woman have returned to the Wily Egg with the silver Chaos Emerald and the doctors are excited about this news. Eggman gives the honors of putting the Chaos Emerald inside the chamber, but Wily decides to wait until the fight between Sonic and Mega Man is over. From there, the two doctors continue to watch. (WC #3)

WWC Sonic Advantage

Sonic has the home-team advantage, letting Mega Man not stand a chance.

Back at Green Hill Zone, Sonic and Mega Man continue to fight, as both of them are weary and exhausted from the battle. However, Sonic then performs a Boost towards the shuttle loop nearby and ambushes Mega Man. Since Green Hill Zone is Sonic's home, Sonic has the home-team advantage, as Sonic easily uses Bumper springs to distract Mega Man and Sonic is able to take down Mega Man at ease. Sonic pleads to Mega Man if the robot wants to give up, but the Blue Bomber refuses, as he is agitated with the current fight. (WC #3)

Enter Proto Man

Proto Man enters Light Labs.

Meanwhile, at Light Labs, Doctor Light, Roll and Auto worry about Mega Man, as Auto alarms Dr. Light that nothing other than the mess outside is being broadcast on television. Suddenly, Proto Man enters the building, and while Dr. Light tries to congratulate Proto Man for his bravery while facing the Roboticized Masters, Proto Man stops the doctor. Proto Man also gives Dr. Light a plug-in that will allow Dr. Light to try to read and possibly access through to where Mega Man went. Roll then tries to let Proto Man be tended to, but Proto Man denies. Roll then tells Proto Man that what if Mega Man needed help while battling, and Proto Man was still weak. Proto Man then agrees and lets Roll tend to him. Auto then asks Dr. Light about if all of the strange cases of amnesia lately are tied with the strange incident this morning, and the doctor agrees. Dr. Light then has the idea to replicate the same energy used for the giant ring that was used earlier and to bring Mega Man back home. Dr. Light is then successful at doing so, and Auto cheers for this discovery. Dr. Light also prays that Duo will receive his message on time to come help with the event. (WC #3)

WCC Metal Bass Time!

Bass and Metal Sonic give their word to the doctors to capture Dr. Light.

Back at Green Hill Zone, Mega Man sees the giant ring pop back up and then thinks that Dr. Light was able to bring the ring to there. However, Sonic takes the chip out of Mega Man's "lemon shooter", which results for Mega Man not being able to shoot from his Mega Buster anymore. Mega Man then runs to the giant ring, with his arms spread out. Sonic, in a sarcastic tone to who will stop Mega Man, runs towards Mega Man and in an instance, both of the heroes fall inside the ring. Eggman and Wily, shocked, command Tails Man to follow them and the Roboticized Master does so. Wily then gets the idea that Dr. Light did that. Eggman, confused on who Dr. Light is, is then told by Wily that Dr. Light is Wily's fieriest rival and once best friend. Both of the doctor's then realize how much of a threat Dr. Light can be, and in no time soon, Bass and Metal Sonic decide to go out and capture Dr. Light before [Dr. Light] ruins Eggman and Wily's plans. (WC #3)

Round Two

Mega Help!

Mega Man with his reinforcements to help him win the battle.

At Mega City, Sonic, Mega Man, and unbeknownst to them Tails Man, have been dropped into the streets of the city. Sonic wonders if they were transported to Central City or Station Square, but the hedgehog realizes that the city they're in isn't one of his worlds. Mega Man then tells Sonic that his dad brought them here, even to his home town. Sonic is then shocked at Mega Man being a robot but yet having a father, but Mega Man cuts the conversation short and brings in reinforcements: Tango, Beat, Rush, and Eddie to help Mega Man win the fight. Sonic then warns Mega Man about how his "lemon shooter" doesn't work anymore thanks to Sonic stealing the chip from [Mega Man]. Luckily, Eddie gives Mega Man a brand new chip for his Mega Buster to shoot at Sonic once again. The Blue Blur then avoids a shoot from Mega Man's Mega Buster, up until Tango performs a Spin Attack-like move towards Sonic. Sonic then tries to attack Mega Man, who is on Rush, but Rush uses a spring on his back to make Mega Man avoid the attack. Mega Man grabs Beat and starts aiming towards Sonic. While Sonic avoids the shots, he doesn't avoid Tango. Sonic realizes he has lost control and that he has to get serious. (WC #3, #4)

WWC Solving Things On Accident

Sonic and Mega Man realize what exactly is going on.

Sonic then runs on a wall of a building and hits Beat, which causes Mega Man to fall. Luckily, Rush saves Mega Man, which makes Sonic slightly angry. The two then chase each other at a traffic jam nearby. Mega Man aims towards Sonic, but he doesn't want the people nearby to get hurt. Mega Man tries to make Sonic hesitate, but Sonic disagrees. Mega Man then tells Sonic to just return to gem back to Mega Man, but Sonic is confused on what Mega Man meant and replies that he didn't steal anything. Sonic then tells Mega Man to return his friends back, but Mega Man replies that he didn't kidnap anyone. The two realize what is happening, but Eggman and Wily are shocked and desperate on what to do. Eggman sends out Tails Man to destroy Sonic and Mega Man, but Wily makes Eggman hesitate, saying that a full-blown attack will only cause the two to get what's happening. Eggman then tells Wily that if they either strike now and let the two be destroyed by Tails Man or let the two talk things out and head towards them. Wily agrees, and sends Tails Man to destroy Sonic and Mega Man. (WC #4)

Tails is saved!

Tails being saved by Mega Man.

Tails Man then does what the doctors ordered, and Tails Man ambushes Mega Man and Rush. Sonic catches a glimpse of Tails Man, in which Sonic immediately thinks of Tails. The Roboticized Master then uses the Tails Wind Master Weapon attack to blow the heroes and the traffic away. Sonic then saves people inside the cars before the cars wreck from the event. Mega Man also helps out with the traffic, too. Sonic and Mega Man then call a truce and the two set out and save others in danger from Tails Man. Mega Man then tells Sonic that [Mega Man] needs to build a charged shot from his Mega Buster, but he needs a distraction before doing so. Sonic then ambushes Tails Man, and in no time, Mega Man fires a charged shot from his Mega Buster to Tails Man. Sonic then uses a Homing Attack on Tails Man, and then the Roboticized Master is being immobilized even farther than what Knuckles Man received earlier. Mega Man is confused on why Tails Man is acting this way, as Mega Man thinks he should have received the same damage as what Knuckles Man had prior. Mega Man then copies its "Weapon Data", only for a shining light to seal Tails Man and have the Roboticized Master transform into Miles "Tails" Prower. (WC #4)

MM 25 Awesome Alliles

Sonic and Mega Man becoming allies.

Sonic is then happy to see Tails once again and starts teasing the fox, but Sonic asks if Tails was captured by Mega Man. However, Tails replies, saying that Metal Sonic and a certain robot that look like Mega Man captured him. Mega Man immediately responds that the robot who looked like Mega Man was Bass, Mega Man's dark counterpart. Tails continues, as he remembers Eggman and someone named "Albert" with [Eggman] roboticized Tails. Mega Man then recognizes Albert as Dr. Wily, as [Mega Man] has been fighting Wily for years. Sonic, for once, tells Mega Man to slow down, and starts to remember a robot that looked just like Mega Man capture Silver. Mega Man replies that if Wily was involved, it could be none other than Copy Robot. Sonic then asks Mega Man if [Mega Man] was sure that Sonic attacked Mega Man, but the Blue Bomber replies that it could have been the "Metal Sonic" Tails referred to earlier. The two realize that the doctors sent Metal Sonic and Copy Robot to confuse the heroes, and Sonic asks Mega Man if there were more robots like Tails Man. Mega Man replies back with a yes, since there were three more robot with Tails in the bank robbery. Sonic is then cool with everything that just happened and he decides to move on forward to kick some evil scientist butt. Tails tells the confused and exhausted Mega Man that Sonic is a bit tough to follow through, but you get used to him sooner or later. Mega Man then tells Tails that Sonic is a robot according to his thermal readings, and Sonic immediately laughs at this. Mega Man then tells Sonic that nothing that fast can be organic, but Sonic accepts the mistake, and the two heroes become allies. (WC #4)

To Save A Doctor


Proto Man facing Bass and Metal Sonic.

Soon, Sonic, Mega Man and his reinforcements, and Tails transport to Light Labs, where Sonic does not feel well after teleporting. Mega Man reminds Sonic that teleporting was made for robots, so it could be lethal to organic sources. The heroes enter inside, only for them to witness the unthinkable: Proto Man is fighting off Bass and Metal Sonic, in which they have kidnapped Dr. Light. The heroes immediately run towards Bass, but the villains escape by their Warp Ring. Roll and Auto, who were hiding from the ambush, go up to Mega Man and the Blue Bomber comforts his sister. Roll notices Sonic and Tails and Mega Man replies that he will have to explain things. (WC #4)

WWC The Heroes

The heroes prepare to enter the Skull Egg Zone.

A short while later, after Mega Man explained who Sonic and Tails were, Tails, Proto Man, and Roll are finding the Giant Ring that Bass and Metal Sonic used and to use it to enter the dimension that the villains went to. Mega Man gripes at Sonic for not helping [Mega Man] clean up the lab and not helping Tails, but Sonic mentions that once Tails has everything under control, [Sonic] will do his stuff. Before the two can argue further, Tails opens up a Warp Ring for them to enter inside the dimension Bass and Metal Sonic went to. Sonic and Mega Man are the first ones to step up and go inside the dimension to save Dr. Light and Sonic's friends, but Tails decides to go, while Proto Man and Rush will provide back-up for Mega Man and Sonic. Roll and Auto give save assurance that Duo will arrive to help them soon and that they will protect Light Labs. Mega Man, Sonic, Tails, Rush, and Proto Man then leave Light Labs and step inside the Skull Egg Zone, both shocked and confused on what they are seeing. (WC #4)

Into the Skull Egg Zone

WWC Not Amused

Sonic commenting how the Special Stage is better than the Skull Egg Zone.

At the Skull Egg Zone, the heroes notice the many similarities between their own worlds, as Sonic is bemused at Eggman and Wily's taste of evil. Mega Man comments how he's seen strange, but nothing strange than this zone, but Sonic is bemused at the zone, commenting how it's similar to the Special Zone, and continues forward. Mega Man is confused on what the "Special Zone" is, and Tails explains that each of their world lies in a dimension, and that Skull Egg Zone is a crossroad between both of the roads. Mega Man is impressed with awe that universes exist alongside each other, and Proto Man fits the pieces together, as animals on there world are nothing like Sonic and Tails. Tails comments back saying that robots in their world are nothing like Mega Man and Proto Man. Sonic cuts to the chase and decides to hurry along to save Dr. Light, his friends, and stop Eggman and Wily. Before they can move along, the heroes are ambushed by Copy Robot. Mega Man recognizes the robot right off the bat, and so does Sonic, as the Blue Blur recognizes the scarf the robot is wearing. Sonic then attacks Copy Robot, only for [Copy Robot] to call the Genesis UnitBuster Rod G, Hyper Storm H, and Mega Water S–to ambush the heroes. Sonic remembers hearing something similar about the word Genesis, and the heroes begin to fight. (WC #5)

WWC Duo Help

Duo receives Dr. Light's message and blasts off to Earth.

Meanwhile, in the depths of space, Duo receives a message during his meditation process from Dr. Light. A hologram of the doctor alerts Duo of the main conflict back on Earth, and at once, Duo blasts off to Earth. Back in the Skull Egg Zone, Copy Robot faces Mega Man and Rush; Sonic faces Buster Rod G (and makes a remark on how this is familiar in some way); Proto Man faces Mega Buster S; and Tails faces Hyper Storm H. Little do the heroes know that they are being spied on Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman via two Chao with a video camera. Dr. Wily brags how his robots will destroy the heroes, but Eggman then remarks that he has made that comment one too many times before. Suddenly, two Roboticized Masters, Blaze Woman and Silver Man, return to the Wily Egg with the green, and final, Chaos Emerald. Eggman then brags about the Chaos Emeralds being the real power instead of the robots. This upsets Wily, who then causes Eggman to question his attitude. Wily comments how the Genesis Unit is taking care of the heroes, but Eggman then states that they cannot even continue their plans without the Chaos Emeralds. Wily then comes back saying that the Roboticized Masters, based off of his Robot Master design, were the reason they have the emeralds, but Eggman states that it was made possible by his Roboticizer. The two have a stare contest until Wily makes a bet with Eggman that whichever hero survives the longest claims that their homeland is superior, and Eggman agrees with it. (WC #5)


The Roboticized Masters stand ready to defeat the heroes.

Back in the battlefield, Sonic has no hassle facing Buster Rod G until the robot manipulates himself into four persons. Sonic calls for help to Tails, but the fox has trouble facing Hyper Storm H due to the robot's power to scream out shockwaves. Proto Man, however, has no problem facing Mega Water S even with Mega Water S shooting torpedoes at Proto Man. Copy Robot taunts Mega Man on how he can't even defeat [Copy Robot], but Mega Man, who seems a bit agitated, uses his Tails Wind Master Weapon to blow Copy Robot away. Mega Man then uses the Tails Wind power on Hyper Storm H and Buster Rod G. However, Mega Water S, noticing that he is outnumbered, runs off until he is shot by Proto Man. The heroes walk back together, as Mega Man thanks Tails for the new weapon data and Tails thanks for saving [Tails] as well. Mega Man thought that he has taken care of the robots a long time ago, as since the robots were destroyed, then Mega Man questions the reason for the robots integrated chips being restored. Tails asks Proto Man if Wily could just rebuild them, but Proto Man states that Wily has been able to do this once. Nevertheless, the heroes move onward deeper in the Skull Egg Zone, avoiding traps and obstacles from their respective universes. However, the heroes are ambushed by Dr. Wily, Dr. Eggman, and their army of Roboticized Masters: Shadow Man, Knuckles Man, Rose Woman, Vector Man, Charmy Man, Espio Man, Silver Man, and Blaze Woman. (WC #5)

WWC Sonic Spew

Sonic feeling ill as he listens to the scientist's conversation.

And thus, the battle between the heroes and the Roboticized Masters begins, as the heroes have a hassle defeating the Roboticized Masters due to their powerful Master Weapons. While the heroes are fighting, Eggman and Wily commend each other for their superior work on the Roboticized Masters, as the complementing of each of the doctors to the other makes Sonic feel ill. Mega Man then questions what the doctors have done with both Sonic's and Mega Man's worlds, and Eggman and Wily then go over their original plan with the Roboticized Masters; the Roboticized Masters were made because of errors of a non-native specimen from another dimension cannot enter another dimension without a native host, the very reason Bass needed to tag along with Metal Sonic when they kidnapped Tails. Thus, by combining the roboticization transformation by Eggman with the Robot Master designs by Wily, the Roboticized Masters were born. Also, the Roboticized Masters were made to collect each of the seven Chaos Emeralds. Since the robots have completed that mission, Eggman and Wily have commanded the robots to fight the heroes, for whichever hero survives the longest gets to claim their homeland as superior. Proto Man, thinking that the contest the scientists are having is foolish, moves onward to save Dr. Light from the Wily Egg forward. As Proto Man escapes, Wily and Eggman send five of the Roboticized Masters–Shadow Man, Rose Woman, Knuckles Man, Silver Man, and Blaze Woman–to stop Proto Man, much to Eggman's displeasing, while Vector Man, Charmy Man, and Espio Man will defeat the heroes. (WC #6)

WWC Sonic Shot Concept

Sonic giving the idea to the forthcoming "Sonic Shot."

As the heroes are fighting the Roboticized Chaotix, Tails questions how Mega Man and Sonic were able to de-roboticized the fox when he was Tails Man. Mega Man then answers with him explaining that a charged shot from his Mega Buster disabled the Roboticized Master for a short period of time, and Mega Man had copied the Master Weapon energy from Tails Man. Mega Man then advises Sonic to add his Spin Jump attack when Mega Man disables the Roboticized Master. However, before they are able to do so, Espio Man kicks Sonic off a cliff and Mega Man is blasted by Vector Man's Acoustic Blaster Master Weapon attack. Tails and Rush fall back and help the two heroes up. Sonic then advises Tails to potentially make a charged shot for Mega Man to de-roboticized the Roboticized Masters, using both the power of Mega Man and Sonic, as both Sonic and Mega Man have enough on their plate to fight against. Sonic will provide cover for Mega Man and Tails as he, along with the assistance of Rush, will take down the Roboticized Chaotix above. Eggman and Wily, overseeing the fight, decide to leave, as they have to deal with Proto Man in case he is successful at reaching the Wily Egg. Sonic is having trouble facing Charmy Man and Espio Man as he is giving the Roboticized Chaotix nicknames while Tails modifies Mega Man's Mega Buster. Mega Man rushes Tails to finish modifying his Mega Buster, as he watches the horror Sonic is facing above. However, Tails is quickly finished modifying Rock's Mega Buster, and Mega Man releases the first Sonic Shot on Vector Man, thus de-roboticizing him back to Vector. (WC #6)

WWC Espio Man Gone!

Espio Man being de-roboticized via Sonic Shot from Mega Man.

A green orb lays beside Vector, making Sonic curious. However, the green orb bounces to Sonic after Espio Man runs on top of Vector due to Rush chasing him. Sonic throws the orb at Mega Man, thus giving Rock to Acoustic Blaster ability. Mega Man then uses it on Charmy Man, in which the said Roboticized Master is electrocuted and falls down. Tails is curious of Charmy Man falling down easily, but Mega Man states that Wily has a habit of making Master Weapons of certain Robot Masters the weakness to another Robot Masters in the past. With this, Charmy is turned back into normal via Sonic Shot. Mega Man collects the yellow orb right by Charmy after he was de-roboticized, while Vector is confused on the current events he is witnessing, but Sonic gives him the idea of what's going on. Mega Man realizes that Espio Man has vanished from the battlefront, and Tails reminds Mega Man that Espio can turn invisible at any time. Rush seeks out Espio Man, and points out that the Roboticized Master is right behind Mega Man. Sonic attacks Espio Man, and Mega Man shoots a Sonic Shot at Espio Man, turning Espio back into normal. Espio, grateful for Mega Man saving him, rewards the Blue Bomber via a purple orb containing the Chroma Camo Master Weapon as a token of his appreciation. With Mega Man collecting all of the energy from the Roboticized Chaotix, he is ecstatic about his new weapons, making Sonic feel a bit odd considering that Mega Man's first thoughts of the weapons is using them to return his friends back to normal. Vector then decides to give Mega Man a one-shot free case by him and the Chaotix. At first, Mega Man was confused on what the Chaotix was, but when he realized that they were "world famous detectives," he decides to tell the Chaotix to find Proto Man, who is currently heading towards the Wily Egg. Vector, at first, was oblivious to where the Wily Egg was located, but Sonic points out the giant floating fortress just ahead. With this, the Chaotix head out to find Proto Man, and the heroes will journey through and rescue Sonic's friends. (WC #6)

Demise of the Roboticized Masters

WWC Shadow Men BOTH!

Eggman and Wily deciding to send both of their Shadow Men to fight the heroes.

And thus, Eggman and Wily are aware of the de-roboticization process made by Tails, as they have lost the Roboticized Chaotix recently. Wily has no problem with this, considering that he has a whole army of Robot Masters that will finish the heroes if the Roboticized Masters are defeated for good. However, Eggman decides to send out Shadow Man, but Wily interrupts and questions on which Shadow Man the scientists are sending. Both of the evil doctors are baffled, but they decided to send both Shadow Men. Eggman then decides to send Blaze Woman and Silver Man to defeat the heroes if all else fails with the Shadow Men. Wily tells Eggman to relax, as the two scientists have an army of Robot Masters, along with a fortress and other soldiers to finish the job on destroying the heroes. Wily and Eggman then begin thinking of designs for a new mech they decided to use if all else fails. Eggman then notices a change in character for Wily, as Wily is typically concern with all of the mess going about. Wily then states that he isn't worried since Mega Man cannot rely on Dr. Light to back him up when the Blue Bomber needs him most. Eggman then comments on how he had a certain lackey that would ruin his plans just as Dr. Light has done to Mega Man. (WC #6)

WWC Shadow Man Confusion

Sonic and Mega Man both realizing the error of their enemies, at least the names.

Sonic and Mega Man, along with Tails and Rush, are traveling along the Skull Egg Zone, as the blue heroes begin to tease each other (i.e. Sonic teasing Mega Man about his "blue-tightie whities") until they are confronted with a snake enemy native from Mega Man's world. After defeating the snake robot, as well as more teasing, Sonic thanks Mega Man for helping him save [Sonic's] friends, while Mega Man thanks Sonic for Tails's assistance on making the Sonic Shot. Suddenly, the heroes are ambushed by the Roboticized Master Shadow Man and the Robot Master Shadow Man. As both Sonic and Mega Man realize their opponents have the exact same names, this causes some minor confusion for the heroes to strike which robot. As the Robot Master Shadow Man throws several of his Shadow Blade Master Weapons at the heroes, Sonic avoids the blades, but is ambushed by the Roboticized Master Shadow Man, as the latter had strike the hedgehog via Chaos Cannon. Mega Man decides to de-roboticize the Roboticized Master Shadow Man to get rid of one problem and to save Sonic from suffocating from the Chaos Cannon bubble. Mega Man uses his Chroma Camo Master Weapon to avoid the Chaos Cannon attack, and then, swapping his Chroma Camo weapon for the Tail Wind Master Weapon, blows the Roboticized Master Shadow Man away, subduing the opponent. As Sonic, Tails, and Rush take on the Robot Master Shadow Man, the Roboticized Master Shadow Man is de-roboticize via Sonic Shot, and is returned into his normal self, Shadow the Hedgehog. Mega Man then absorbs the energy of the Chaos Cannon that was thrown out from Shadow Man's de-roboticization and uses it to stun the remaining Shadow Man, thus ending the short ambush. (WC #7)

MM 26 Memories Return

Sonic explaining the Genesis Wave and its effects.

A humiliated Shadow is helped up by Mega Man, but Shadow decides to take his anger out on Shadow Man, as the hedgehog destroys the Robot Master easily. Sonic then convinces Shadow to either help them out in stopping the Roboticized Masters or helping the Chaotix find Proto Man, but the black hedgehog denies any of the choices and teleports himself away via Chaos Control. Suddenly, Sonic, Mega Man, and Tails get a surge of memory files within themselves. Mega Man realizes that his old life was way back and different than his life now, while Tails gets deja vu on who or what is Mecha Sally. Sonic then explains that he and his world have been through this event before; the heroes have an epiphany that the Genesis Wave have been struck, once again for Sonic's world but for the first time in Mega Man's case. Sonic continues that Eggman and Wily have rewrote and changed both worlds to their liking, but Sonic reminds the heroes that he was able to stop it once before things got ugly. Tails then explains that Shadow's Chaos Control warps gravity and the time-flow itself, making it clear that the heroes were able to see a glimpse of their old world. Mega Man, ecstatic, does not budge with the memory data he was just given and decides to stop the doctors and return their world back to normal. Sonic then agrees, and the heroes head onward. (WC #7)

Light Helps Rouge

Rouge explains her plans of ruining the Wily Egg to Dr. Light.

Meanwhile, inside the Wily Egg, both Dr. Wily and Eggman are gloating and making fun of Dr. Light, calling him names such as "Santa Claus." However, Orbot breaks the fun by telling the two evil scientists that both Shadow Men were destroyed. Eggman and Wily, both infuriated at this news, are arguing that half of the Robotcized Masters are gone, but Eggman reminds Wily that they are fine with their resources that can make them win. The two scientists then leave the scene. Suddenly, Rouge the Bat knocks on Dr. Light's capsule and she introduces herself to the doctor. She explains that she and Shadow were on a mission, but Copy Robot had captured Shadow, implying that Shadow was immediately roboticized. Dr. Light is impressed with Rouge's resourcefulness, and she then asks help from Dr. Light. She has decided to sneak inside the Wily Egg's weakest point and cause some massive damage to undermine the evil scientists' plans. Dr. Light asks if Rouge is here to save him, but she states that she will if he mission is successful. With this, she asks Dr. Light for help on tracking down the weakest point of the Wily Egg. Dr. Light then begins to track down the weakest coordinates on a hologram Rouge had brought up. (WC #7)