Whiffy, from Sonic v. Zonik §91. Illustration by Selecciones Illustradas.

Whiffy is an anthropomorphic skunk from the Fantail Sonic Adventure Gamebook, Sonic v. Zonik.


He lives in a small hut on an island in the middle of the Aquatic Ruin Zone, in the jungle.[1] He used to live in the Green Hill Zone, but as a skunk he was not very popular so he moved. Sonic and Tails visited him while investigating the appearance of Zonik, Sonic's evil doppelgänger. Whiffy gave them a map to a speedboat they could use to get off the island, as well as a bottle of his scent.[2] Sonic and Tails could later use the bottle as a stink bomb to beat Zonik in the Mystic Cave Zone, allowing them to recover a Chaos Emerald.[3]


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