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Sonic Adventure 2
White Jungle

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White Jungle is the ninth stage in the Dark Story in Sonic Adventure 2. The player controls Shadow. The distress call from Rouge is a little upsetting. She needs help, Shadow, is her only chance. As Shadow has visions of Maria, Shadow realizes that he can’t let her down.


After placing Eggman’s bomb and setting the timer for ten minutes, Shadow listens to Rouge speaking of being locked inside Security Hall with the Chaos Emeralds after destroying R-1/A FLYING DOG and was too humiliated to find a way out. After Shadow parallels Maria and Rouge, he can’t help but want to save her. He cuts through the jungle at high speed regardless of his wish to destroy everything and everyone.


White Jungle seems cold, and is full of mist in the air, while the theme song "Rhythm And Balance" is heard during the whole level. Rain was also added in the Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. The White Jungle is filled with a lot of Bungie Vines and other type of vines, especially the swinging ones. The jungle also have trails of Rings and Weights, and there are many platforms detached from each other.

Mission guide

Collect 100 Rings

There are plenty of Rings in this level, but collecting a hundred Rings in under a minute and half can be a little tight. There are however some item boxes that can expedite the process.

Find the Lost Chao

Use the Spring next to the second Chao Box to bounce up to the level above it. Once there, rather than taking the vine in front, turn toward the camera and run until the player comes to ancient shrine at a dead end. Play the Mystic Melody atop the shrine to make a series of platforms appear. Jump across them, and the player comes to a floating enemy with another platform behind him. Perform a Homing Attack to reach that platform, and then grab the vine there to go for a little ride. The player ends up facing a large gap with a platform on the other side and a single floating enemy in front of him. Wait for his force field to dissipate, then do a Homing Attack. Another enemy immediately appears behind him. Attack him with a Homing Attack then continue the way until the player reaches the platform of the Lost Chao.

Reach The Goal Within 3:00

If the player light dashes whenever possible, hit every dash panel and avoid any unnecessary stops. Completing this level under three minutes should be fairly easy.

Clear Hard Mode

  • The Spring at the end of the first half-pipe has been moved to a platform floating in the air.
  • Some other Springs have been erased from the level too.
  • The row of rings atop the platform that leads to the Air Shoes' secret room is deleted.


Level Up Item

The Level Up Item in this level is the Air Shoes which enables Shadow to perform the Light Speed Dash. It is required to beat the game.

In other media

Archie Comics

Main article: White Jungle (Archie)


  • White Jungle is the alternative for Green Forest in the Hero Storyline.
  • White Jungle has no Grind Rails.


Sonic Adventure 2 "White Jungle" Music Request02:33

Sonic Adventure 2 "White Jungle" Music Request


Sonic Adventure 2 White Jungle 1080 HD02:27

Sonic Adventure 2 White Jungle 1080 HD

Sonic Adventure 2 White Jungle Mission 5 - Hard Mode - A Rank-003:23

Sonic Adventure 2 White Jungle Mission 5 - Hard Mode - A Rank-0

Sonic Adventure 2

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