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Quotation1 This yacht's elegant wide wings collect Gear Points it gathering the wind itself. Quotation2
Description, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity[1]

The Wind Catcher (ウインドキャッチャー Uindokyatchā?) is a Yacht type Extreme Gear that appears in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. It specializes in accumulating large amounts of Gravity Points.


According to its profile, the Wind Catcher has elegant wide wings which collect Gravity Points as if they were gathering the wind itself. It can be purchased at the shop for 4,400 Rings.

Like most other Yacht type Extreme Gear, the Wind Catcher resembles a Windsurf board, but without a sail and with the mast and board joined together, similar to a boom. On its inner rim, the Wind Catcher is colored dark grey, with two circular foot panels on the bottom, a green exhaust port on the back point, and a handle attached on the top on the rim. On its outward side, the Wind Catcher is colored orange with white highlights running along the inner rim, and has a rectangular green light on its foremost front. On the top of the Wind Catcher it also has two orange fins with white highlights and green exhaust ports on the back, strung out.

Abilities and traits

As a Yacht type Extreme Gear, the Wind Catcher is capable of Air Riding. By talking off Catapults, the Wind Catcher can begin gliding through midair and Dash Rings, gaining Gravity Points while doing so until the rider loses too much momentum and falls. Like other Yacht type Extreme Gears, Wind Catcher can also automatically ride on opponents' slipstream and accelerate on them while riding directly behind an opponent, reducing drag and helping to increase speed.




Gear Parts

Name Icon Description Requirements
GP Gauge UP Gp6 Increases the Wind Catcher's GP Gauge by 25 points. 20 Rings
GP Gauge UP Gp6 Increases the Wind Catcher's GP Gauge by 25 points. 50 Rings and previous GP Gauge UP
GP Gauge UP Gp6 Increases the Wind Catcher's GP Gauge by 25 points. 70 Rings and previous GP Gauge UP



  1. Official in-game description.

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