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Quotation1 This Wind is making an invisible path. Don't be afraid! Quotation2
Tikal, Sonic Adventure

Wind path is a gimmick that appears in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut. It allows the user to move through the air without a solid path.



The gate to the Wind Paths.

The Wind Path is, like its name implies, a road created from the fast movements of winds, thus forming an invisible path, which is surrounded by swirling leaves that is presents in all the way.


The Wind Path is found exclusively in Windy Valley. Utilizing it in gameplay allows the player to travel through Windy Valley at high speed. The paths marking the beginning of the Wind Path is a rectangular gateway with several propellers adorning the rims,

To use this gimmick in gameplay, the player has to move into the gate marking the beginning of the Wind Path and still hold the control stick forward. Otherwise, Sonic will slow down and fall into a bottomless pit.


Sonic Adventure

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