For the Action Stage in Sonic Unleashed, see Windmill Isle. For the technique that appears in Sonic Battle, see Windmill.

Windmills are gimmicks that appear in the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World. Based on real life windmills, these objects exclusively appear in Windy Hill.


Windmills are giant brown colored windmills with eight blades each. On the tip of each Windmill's blade is a platform which can be stood on. The windmills will also circulate around the location the machines are at.


Windmills are located at various spots at Windy Hill Zone 1 and 4. If the player jumps on a Windmill's platform on a specific side (i.e. a platform on the left side), the Windmill will quickly move counterclockwise, sometimes launching the player into the air. However, if the player lands on a platform too close to the middle of the Windmill, it will not launch the player into the air.

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