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Windy Wallis from Sonic the Comic #102. Art by Richard Elson.

Windy Wallis is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. She is a Mobian gerbil. She is a highly skilled, but unscrupulous, mechanical engineer and uses a weather machine to cause chaos and destruction.


Windy has peach fur, green eyes and long, purple hair. She most often wears an orange jumpsuit with yellow cuffs and red trainers.


Windy Wallis once had a promising career lined up as a weapons engineer for Robotnik until Sonic defeated him. Instead, she became a weather forecaster, using a weather machine to create freak weather conditions that she always predicted with perfect accuracy. However, when her predictions became increasingly more destructive (e.g. freezing conditions followed by sudden heatwaves causing flash floods, as well as dangerous hailstones), Sonic realised that she was responsible and went to shut her down. She attempted to subdue him with a localised thunderstorm, but he sprayed the rainwater on her weather machine, causing it to go out of control. Windy was blown away by a tornado and the weather machine was destroyed.[1]

A few months later, she returned seeking revenge on the people of Mobius. She used an airship equipped with her weather-controlling machines, intending to subject the planet to extreme temperature changes (e.g. rain followed by a heat wave followed by snow) until it cracked. Although he was unable to fly because his tails were sprained and his bi-plane clamped, Tails attempted to stop her by piloting a helicopter toilet built by Roger Bodge. Windy destroyed the helicopter toilet with a snowball cannon, but while Tails was kept airborne by holding on to the spinning rotor blades, the main body of the copter crashed into the airship, destroying it. Windy Wallis fell from the exploding airship but was caught by Tails and they both landed in a snowdrift.[2]

Her final appearance was alongside Agent X, once again fighting against Tails. Again she failed and escaped in a ship.[3]


  • Windy Wallis was named after Wincey Willis, a British weather presenter for the breakfast television station TV-am between 1983 and 1987.[4]


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