The Wire Attack (ワイヤーアタック[1] Waiyāatakku?) is a move that appears in Sonic Forces. It is a technique utilized by the Avatar for attacking enemies and swinging around.


When performing the Wire Attack, the Avatar fires a grappling hook from their wrist-mounted grappling gun at a single target. If used on an enemy, the Avatar can then pull themselves towards their target and land a momentum-fueled strike on it. If used to hook onto an inanimate object on the other hand, the Avatar can use the Wire Attack to swing around with the aid of their grappling hook's wire.

In gameplay, the Wire Attack can be used for attacking and platforming. When used against enemies, the player attacks enemies like when using the Homing Attack. Like the Homing Attack, the Wire Attack can also be used charge toward certain gimmicks, like Springs and Wide Springs. When used for platforming on the other hand, the Wire Attack allows the player to hook onto Wire Targets, thereby enabling the Avatar to swing around the gimmick and be flung to another place in the stage. To perform the Wire Attack in gameplay, the player must press Switch b/PSXButton/A button while in midair.

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