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The Wish World[1] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a planet where thoughts become reality.


In its basic state, the Wish World is an uninhabited lifeless husk of clay. However, by wanting something to exist, the thought can be molded by the world into a living creature or object, effective giving those on the planet near-omnipotence. However, when the molder loses focus due to things like exhaustion, it causes the Wish World to revert to its original state.[1][2]


Max Gamble arrived on the Wish World after following Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary through the Ring of Eternity to escape the police. He immediately set about building a world in his image, creating an old-style gangster town.[1]

Eventually, Amy and Tekno landed on the Wish World, unaware of the planet's true properties. There, gangsters briefly attacked them while a bystander insisted they should not be there. Adding to the confusion, Tekno's scanner said the planet was supposedly uninhabited. Amy inadvertently wished a police officer into being, but failed to make it a friendly one. The girls were taken to the police station for theft, but they escaped and then saved by an ungrateful private detective. No sooner though, the girls were surrounded by gangsters emerging from everywhere, followed by Gamble himself.[2] After giving his cover story, Gamble had the girls trapped in concreted barrels to be drowned in the river with. However, Amy had caught on to the planet's properties and wished themselves free. As Gamble made more gangsters appear, Amy and Tekno wished up a group of superheroes and a mighty battle broke out. With Gamble's mind exhausted, the Wish World reverted to its original state. The final wish to be conjured was by Amy, creating a gateway to take Gamble back to Mobius.[1]


  • Tekno's scanner read that there was nobody on the planet, despite the two girls and Gamble being there. This, however, could have been a wish by Gamble to deceive the newcomers.


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