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The Wispon[1] is an object that is set to appear in Sonic Forces. It is a series of different weapons used by the Avatar for harnessing the Wisps' Color Powers.



The Wispon is a grenade launcher-like weapon that comes in a number of distinct models:

  • Burst: The Wispon consists of a white barrel with a red capsule-like cap covering the front and a black handle on the rear. The front cap is shaped similarly to a fireball. It also has two thick cables connecting the front cap and middle section, and three black nozzles.
  • Lightning: The Wispon has a beige grip with a black upper attachment. It also has a yellow and beige-colored lightning bolt-shaped cap respectively that are locked onto one another so they form the front cover of this weapon.

Features and abilities

The Wispon can harness the Hyper-go-on from Wisps and use it to channel their respective Color Powers without causing the user to transform. Each Wispon model also possesses an offensive function matching the respective Wisp used to power it:

  • Burst (Red Burst) : Spews a long-ranged flame like a flamethrower.
  • Lightning (Ivory Lightning) : Generates an electric whip.


In gameplay, the Wispon is used by the Avatar, where it serves two primary functions: offense and movement controls. When using its offensive power, the Wispon creates a long-ranged attack that can take out multiple foes at once. When using its movement ability, the Wispon triggers an ability reminiscent of a Wisp's Color Power; using the Wispon with a Red Wisp, the player can create bursts to jump through the air (like the Red Burst). The offensive power and movement ability depend on the Wispon model. To use a Wispon in gameplay, the player must press Playstation-Button-R2 to trigger its offensive power and PSTriangleButton to trigger its movement ability.

Before a level, the player can choose different Wispons to customize how the Avatar controls, thereby allowing access to different parts of the levels.[2] The Wispon the Avatar possesses is displayed on the HUD in the lower left corner of the screen during Stages.

To use the Wispon's movement ability during Stages, the player must obtain the Wisp matching the Wispon in use (like a Red Wisp for the Bust Wispon), which will fill up an energy gauge surrounding the HUD's Wispon; obtaining any other Wisp yields no effect. Using the Wispon's movement ability drains the energy gauge, and once it empties, the Wispon's movement ability become unusable (like Color Powers and the Wisp Gauge).

List of Wispons

So far, the following Wispons have been revealed:

Image Name Associated Wisp Offensive power Movement ability
Burst Wispon selection screen Burst Red Wisp Attacks with fire. Press and hold the button to continue spouting flames. Triggers an explosion that shoots the player into the air. Repeat to fly even higher.
Lightning Wispon selection screen Lightning Ivory Wisp Attacks with a whip of lightning. Moves at lightning speeds near rings or enemies.


  • "Wispon" is a portmanteau of the words "Wisp" and "weapon".


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