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The Wispon is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by IDW Publishing. It is a series of different weapon gadgets made for weaponizing the Wisps' powers. They are used by the world's military organizations and other factions, both good and bad.



The Wispon is a gadget-like weapon that comes in a number of distinct designs and colors, all of which are based on the individual Wisp breeds. However, they generally take the shape of portable tools, like handguns, hammers, and similar mechanical devices.[1][2]

Features and abilities

The Wispons' signature function is their ability to hold Wisps inside them and harness their energies to power themselves; without a Wisp inside it, the Wispon is useless.[2] Each distinctive Wispon model can only draw power from the Wisp breed that it is designed to match however. This means, for example, that the Burst Wispon can only harness a Red Wisp's power.

Each Wispon model possesses an offensive combat function. Most of them are only able to fire lasers, while others possess unique combat functions that match the respective Wisps used to power them, like the Burst Wispon functioning as a flamethrower and the Lightning Wispon using electricity.[3]



In the past, there was an acquaintance of Sonic the Hedgehog who put the Wispons to good use.[1]

Just before the war between the Resistance and the Eggman Empire ended, there were two mercenaries named Rough and Tumble who used their Wispons to save a town that distributed Wispons from Dr. Eggman's forces. Once they were let inside the town however, the mercenaries took all the town's Wispons for themselves, along with the Wisps needed to power them, effectively giving them the power to rule the town.[2]


When a Badnik force attacked a town, a resident tried fighting them using a Cube Wispon, but got overwhelmed until Sonic came, took care of the Badniks, and got the resident back on his feet with his Wispon in hand. The town's militia soon after entered the fight with Wispons of their own.[1] In another town soon after, the local militia and residents armed themselves with Wispons of their own when an army of Badniks invaded their town. Following the directions of Amy Rose, the locals destroyed the first wave of Badniks with their Wispons when the former entered the town square.[3]

Having discovered that the Wispon distributions in Rough and Tumble's town had ceased, Knuckles went to check it out, with Sonic soon joining him. When it came to blows between Sonic and Knuckles and Rough and Tumble, the latter duo tried using their Wispons against the heroes. However, their Wispons were left without power when Sonic convinced the Wisps in them to betray Rough and Tumble. After the two villains were defeated, the town's Wispons were returned to their owners.[2] Soon after, the militia in Tangle the Lemur's home town made use of Wispons in an effort to combat the Badniks that were invading their town.[4]

List of Wispons

Image Name Associated Wisp Ability
AsteroidWisponIDW Asteroid Wispon Indigo Wisp N/A
BurstWisponIDW Burst Wispon Red Wisp Attacks with fire[3]
CubeHammerIDW Cube Wispon Blue Wisp N/A
DrillWisponIDW Drill Wispon Yellow Wisp N/A
HoverWisponIDW Hover Wispon Green Wisp N/A
LightningWisponIDW Lightning Wispon Ivory Wisp Attacks with electricity[2]
VoidWisponIDW Void Wispon Violet Wisp Attacks with laser shots[3]
PinkWispon N/A N/A N/A
WhiteWisponIDW N/A White Wisp N/A


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