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Witchcart (ウィチカート Wichikāto?) is the main antagonist and final boss of Tails' Skypatrol. She is an elderly human witch who rides around in a specialized rail cart on an island she claims as her own.


Having arrived on an island with her henchmen, Witchcart was riding around in her rail cart while claiming the island as her own and threatening to turn any dissenters into crystal. She then called upon her henchmen Focke-Wulf, Bearenger and Carrotia, as well as an army of robots, to assist in her evil scheme.[1] However, Witchcart soon found herself threatened by Tails who had set out to free the island and its inhabitants from her tyranny.

After being defeated by Tails, Witchcart was hauled up out of her destroyed rail cart by the fox and flown away. She has not been seen since.


Witchcart is fought at the end of DarkCastle Area. Unlike other battles, Witchcart is not using flying vehicle, but instead rides a rail cart which is similar to regular in-game objects called Trucks. Reaching Witchcart may be risky as the player has to avoid touching the ground and as well as the ceiling while attacking her. Witchcart continuously fires a stream of small projectiles and magic sparks, which the player can dispatch by using Tails's Ring which grants a hundred points each.

Like many of the previous boss battles, the player has to land twenty hits or use the Tails' Ring to toss Witchcart into the ground four times to defeat her.

In other media

Archie Comics

Main article: Wendy Naugus
Wendy Naugus profile

Wendy Naugus

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Witchcart is named Wendy Naugus. In this media, she is a troll wizard and the twin sister of Walter Naugus. She commands a group of minions known as the Witchcarters.


  • Though only referred to by the name Witchcart in the only game in which she appeared, she is often addressed as Wendy by fans.
  • She has several inconsistencies between her in-game design and that shown in the Japanese box artwork for Tails' Skypatrol. In the box artwork, her white hair has been interpreted as a white brim on her hat, while the red underside of her hat's brim has been interpreted as what appears to be a lock of red hair. Her rail cart also sports a more simplistic design.



  1. Tails' Skypatrol (Sega Game Gear) Japanese instruction manual, pg. 6.

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