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Wombat Stu is the smallest and youngest member of the Downunda Freedom Fighters that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics. Possessing super hearing, Stu is also agile due to his small size. He also temporarily served with the Royal Secret Service, until the betrayal of Heavy and Bomb, after which he rejoined the Downunda Freedom Fighters and fought alongside during the attack by the Xorda.

Wombat Stu has yellow fur and blue eyes. He wears gray hat and boots and green gloves.


Battles against Crocbot

Wombat Stu was the fourth member recruited to the Downunda Freedom Fighters. He joined the group after investigating the capture of numerous Mobians by the evil Crocbot. After helping the team destroy Crocbot's original base, Stu remained with the group through several engagements with Crocbot. Shortly after Miles "Tails" Prower arrived in Downunda, Stu was captured by Wing Dingoes while helping save the young Fox. The other Downunda Freedom Fighters came after him, only to be thwarted by Crocbot's CD-ROM Ram. Stu, meanwhile, had been beaten into unconsciousness by Crocbot, but revived just as Barby Koala and Tails came to his rescue. Following Crocbot's defeat, Stu joined Barby, Guru Emu, Duck "Bill" Platypus, and Walt Wallabee in bidding their new friend and ally farewell as he departed for Knothole. (TMS: #1, #2, #3, StH: #103)

Stu and the other Downunda Freedom Fighters were later captured by Crocbot, and due to the villain's separating them was thought dead along with Guru and Bill by Walt Wallabee. Crocbot revealed their continued existence while gloating over his capture of Bunnie Rabbot and Antoine D'Coolette, and the two Knothole Freedom Fighters soon joined their new allies in freeing Stu and the others. While their two newest friends escaped, Stu and the other DFFs revolted against Crocbot, overpowering his forces and seemingly winning the day. (SSS: #4)

However, only after a subsequent campaign in which the badly damaged Crocbot acted through a brainwashed Bill Platypus were Stu and the others able to finish their war with Crocbot with help from Tails and Sonic the Hedgehog. Embarrassingly for Stu, his greatest distinguishing moment in this conflict was being captured along with Guru Emu while heading to "negotiate" with Bill, thus necessitating a rescue by the other Freedom Fighters. (StH: #61)

Member of the Secret Service

Following Crocbot's final defeat, the Downunda Freedom Fighters were left with little to do. Wombat Stu soon found relief from his boredom when Geoffrey St. John approached him with the offer of joining the Royal Secret Service. Stu quickly accepted, becoming the third member of the group after St. John and the Chameleon Valdez, and soon welcomed new teammates Hershey Cat, Heavy and Bomb to the team. The high-tech arsenal of the Secret Service soon had Stu enamored of the organization, though his enthusiasm was soon dampened as he and his fellow recruits were put through harsh training to prepare them for any situation imaginable. Soon enough, Wombat and his comrades found themselves put to the test, as they were dispatched to Angel Island to uncover the truth behind the fate of the long missing Queen Alicia Acorn. (StH: #61, #62, #63, #64)

Braving the bizarre weather conditions affecting the island at the time, they soon made contact with Kingdom of Acorn representative Colonel Sommersby, and shortly afterwards met Prince Elias Acorn, the heir to the throne who had also been missing and presumed dead. Following a harrowing experience surviving the island's hazards, they reached Haven, home base of the secretive Brotherhood of Guardians, where Alicia had been kept in stasis for many years. With queen and prince in tow, Stu and the rest of the Secret Service returned to Mobotropolis. (KtE: #19, #20, #21)

Stu continued to serve alongside the Royal Secret Service for some time, up until they were dispatched to the recaptured city of Robotropolis to retrieve the stolen Sword of Acorns from Doctor Eggman (none of them aware that Uma Arachnis had already stolen it from Eggman). Taken prisoner by Eggman, Stu was infected with nanobots along with the other agents and then allowed to escape. Later, it was revealed that Heavy and Bomb had been reprogrammed to assassinate the House of Acorn, and the activated nanobots rendered the rest of the Secret Service helpless to stop their former teammates. Luckily, Sonic was able to thwart the villainous scheme, and the Secret Service were purged of the nanobots. With the loss of Valdez, Heavy, and Bomb, however, the team was effectively disbanded, with Stu returning to Downunda while Geoffrey and Hershey remained in Knothole. (StH: #97, #102)

Rejoining the DFF

Once back in Downunda, Wombat rejoined his former Freedom Fighter group. He was with them when the hostile aliens known as the Xorda broadcasted their doomsday message to all of Mobius, telling the inhabitants of their impending demise. He and his teammates were then among the many Freedom Fighters who assembled on the Southern Tundra to try and destroy the Xorda's Quantum Dial weapon. (StH: #124, #125)

Some time after Stu had rejoined the Downunda Freedom Fighters, Duck "Bill" strangely left it and became Grandmaster of the Downunda Dark Egg Legion, while his spot in the group was filled by Thrash the Tasmanian Devil. Wombat Stu and the Downunda Freedom Fighters later helped the Chaotix when they were under attack by a pack of Wing Dingoes, later explaining the situation to them. He and his comrades were later betrayed and captured by Dr. Finitevus, who was revealed as an ally of the Legion. One surprise followed another as Bill revealed that he had become grandmaster only to hamper the Dark Egg Legion's efforts, freeing his comrades in preparation for the coming battle. Stu and his allies subsequently defeated the Legion and Finitevus, though Bill remained behind to keep up his masquerade. (SU: #11, #12


Despite his size, Stu is quick and agile, he's shown to be excellent in Hand-to-hand combat due to his training with Geoffrey St. John. He's an effective operative, and has also proven to be capable enough of taking down a Wing Dingo without any aid.


  • Stu's name is a play on the title of the poem Wombat Stew by Marcia Vaughn.

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