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The Woodzone Leader is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is an anthropomorphic walrus and the corrupt Zone Leader of the Woodzone, the safest Zone on Mobius.


The Woodzone Leader is a walrus, having grey skin and large tusks, who also wears a blue business suit with a pink shirt underneath. His hands, however, resemble that of a humans.


Proud of his position, the Woozone Leader made sure everyone knew how safe his village was. Seemingly confident in its safety, the leader outlawed heroes like Miles "Tails" Prower so the Woodzone Police Force could handle any threats.[1]

With heroes no longer allowed in the Zone, the Woodzone Leader proceeded with his true plan: producing a fleet of new Badniks in a nearby Badnik Processing Plant for Grimer Wormtongue to take over Mobius should Robotnik return. Things began well, with the ban on heroism preventing villagers from acting when their friends were kidnapped. However, the leader's plan went south when Tails infiltrated his Badnik Processing Plant in a disguise. Discovering Tails' ruse, the leader ordered his new Badniks to kill Tails, only to have his operations exposed to the public when a Badnik broke a wall. Still, Tails was able to rescue the leader when a Badnik destroyed the Processing Plant. Despite his imminent arrest, the Woodzone Leader refused to reveal Grimer's involvement.[1]


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