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The World of Billy Hatcher[1] is a location that appears in the Worlds Unite crossover published by Archie Comics. It is an alternate Zone connected to the Multiverses hosting Sonic's World and Mega Man's World. This world was among the many to come under threat from Sigma, forcing its inhabitants to rise up alongside the heroes of the Unified Army.


When Sigma sent several Mavericks to different worlds, Wind Crowrang and Dark Necrobat attempted to set an Unity Engine in Morning Land's Forest Village, but met local resistance in the form of Billy Hatcher and his friends. Billy and his friends easily dispatched Wind Crowrang due to prior experience with dealing with crows. However, Mega Man and Amy Rose proceeded to warn them of Dark Necrobat, who Billy defeats by summoning a Cipher. The four kids then decided to aid them after the god of Morning Land, Menie-Funie convinced them to aid them in stopping Sigma.[1]


  • Billy Hatcher: A courageous human boy who was summoned alongside his friends to rescue Morning Land from the crows. Billy and his friends were given a Chicken Suit that grants them enhanced strength, the ability to banish the darkness, and the ability to do the Rooster Call which let them summon helper animals from eggs to aid them.
  • Bantam Scrambled: One of Billy's friend. Bantam is large and strong, but heavy. Despite his rough appearance, he is gentle and only uses his strength when needed. He adores cuteness but hates injustice.
  • Chick Poacher: One of Billy's friends. A short boy with a tendency to act before thinking.
  • Rolly Roll: One of Billy's three friends that was summoned to Morning Land with him. Rolly is a lighthearted and carefree girl that always tries to help others who are in trouble, although she can be scatterbrained at times.
  • Menie-Funie: The god of chickens and the deity watching over Morning Land. When Morning Land was taken over by crows, Menie-Funie summoned the courageous Billy Hatcher and his friends to save Morning Land, giving them Chicken Suits and guiding them on their mission.



  • This is the reality where the Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg video game published by Sega takes place.
  • Wind Crowrang's attack on Morning Land is a nod to the plot of Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, in which Morning Land is invaded by crows.





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