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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Wynmacher, also known by the nickname Wyn, is the second husband of Lara-Le and the stepfather of Knuckles the Echidna.


He is a 44-year-old echidna resident of Echidnaopolis, with brown fur and blue eyes. He wears a blue cape, boots and uniform.


Wynmacher also appeared in the Light Mobius timeline. He was present at the hospital with Lara-Le when Locke was dying. (StH: #143)

Wynmacher has not appeared since the alteration of the timeline. His fate is unknown.


Despite the mild tension caused by his mother remarrying, Knuckles has no ill feelings towards Wyn, and Wynmacher has no problems at all towards his stepson and his wife's former in-laws. Wynmacher and Lara-Le later had a son, Knecapeon Mace, Kneecaps for short, and in the dark days of Robotnik's domination, the three are inseparable. Wyn is also a fanatic when it comes to the prophecy of the Avatar, whom the general populace of Echidnaopolis believe is Knuckles. This leads Wyn to constantly call Knuckles "Avatar," despite Knuckles' protests. Together with his wife and son, Wynmacher was among the Echidnas who witnessed Enerjak's return before being sent to the Echidna island of Albion.

Despite his aristocratic appearance, Wyn is not afraid to do work. He helped Knuckles subdue a group of Dingoes holding him and Lara hostage during Echidnaopolis' return to Mobius proper. When Knuckles complimented his tackle, Wyn replied, "I played varsity!" This skill, along with his cooking expertise, came from his college days.


  • Keeping up with many other Star Wars references in the comics, Wynmacher originally wore an outfit similar to Darth Vader, sans the helmet.
  • Cancelled story ideas by Archie included Wynmacher also being taken prisoner due to Hunter's attack, leaving Lara to raise Kneecaps with the help of Locke.

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