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Xbox One logo.svg

Xbox One and its new controller.

The Xbox One is a video game console released by Microsoft and is the successor to the highly popular Xbox 360. It was released in November 2013 as part of the 8th generation of consoles, competing against Sony's PlayStation 4 and Nintendo's Wii U. While there have been only 2 Sonic games announced for the system, there have been several classic Sonic games released as part of the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility.


  • RAM: 8GB DDR3, clock: 2133MHz, bandwidth: 68.26 GB/s + 32MB eSRAM
  • CPU: 8 Core AMD custom CPU, frequency: 1.75 GHz
  • GPU: Clock Speed: 853 MHz
  • Storage: 500 GB/1TB/2TB internal Hard Drive (depending on the model), support external hard drive
  • Optimal resolution: 1080p for games, 4K for Blu-ray disks videos
  • Motion control: Kinect 2
  • Optical drive: Blu-Ray/DVD

Games released on Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

The Xbox One was not backwards compatible with either the original Xbox or the Xbox 360 console at launch. However, during its E3 press conference on June 15, 2015, Microsoft announced plans to introduce Xbox 360 backward compatibility using the software method on the Xbox One. Supported Xbox 360 games are supposed to run within a software emulator provided by the updated system software, implementing both the hardware and software of the Xbox 360. Xbox One recording and broadcasting features are supported along with Xbox 360 multiplayer, achievements and cloud save access.[1]

Unlike Xbox 360's emulation of the original Xbox, games do not have to be specifically patched but need to be repackaged in the Xbox One format.[2][3][4] Users' digitally-purchased games will automatically appear in their library for download once available. Games on physical media will not be executed directly from disc; inserting the disc will initiate a download of a repackaged version. On the ninth of November 2015, Microsoft has announced 104 titles from Xbox 360 coming to Xbox One along with some of Sonic's titles, but except Sonic the Fighters, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I and Episode II which became backward compatible afterward.[5][6]

Upcoming games


  • Back in E3 of 2015, when Microsoft announced the Xbox One, Sonic Adventure 2 was browsed quickly on the screen for the public, suggesting that it was going to appear on the backward compatibility list.[9] However, nothing official has confirmed that as of yet.


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