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The Yob from Sonic the Comic #96. Art by Andy Pritchett.

The Yob is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is an obese anthropomorphic hippopotamus and bank robber from the Mootant Village district of New Tek City in the Special Zone.


Like many villains in the Mootant Village, he frequently committed crimes around 10 o'clock, knowing that the local heroes, the Zed Monkeys, would be too busy performing "Hero Hour" (an hour every day during which they pose and flex their muscles) to stop him. However, he did not expect Sonic the Hedgehog intervening him and despite of the Yob's claim that nothing could budge him, the heroic hedgehog took the villain out with a single Spin Attack. He was then handed over to the New Tek City police and arrested.[1]


  • The Yob is based on The Blob, a longtime enemy of Marvel Comics superheroes the X-Men. The Blob is an obese mutant with a power that makes him immovable.
  • The term yob is a primarily British slang term for an uncouth or thuggish working-class person.


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