A Zavok replica is the first boss in Sonic Forces. He is fought in the Death Egg's "VS. Zavok" stage, which is the fifth stage in Sonic Forces, and the second Sonic stage in the game.

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The battle takes place on a multistage platform in the middle of the cell room. There are many anthropomorphic animals watching on in the battle in jail cells. The fight begins as soon as Zavok appears, riding on the Death Queen.

In the first stage of the fight, up to three groups of Rings appear. Eventually yellow Buzz Bombers will appear and attack Sonic. Sonic must defeat all three of the Buzz Bombers to proceed. After Zavok speaks, his Death Queen will fire energy lasers from its legs which follows Sonic. After that, a swarm of Buzz Bombers will appear around Sonic and attempt to dive bomb him. After that, the Death Queen will fly above Sonic and attempt to smash him with its stinger. Sonic must avoid the attack and then be launched into the air from the Death Queen's impact and use the Homing Attack on Zavok. Zavok will deflect Sonic's Homing Attack two times before taking a hit. Repeat this progress one more time to proceed.

When the second phase of the fight begins, the platform will break apart and Buzz Bombers will appear again and again. In this phase of the fight, the Death Queen will charge at Sonic while dispatching its stinger. Sonic must avoid this attack two times. Zavok will then attempt to crush Sonic with the Death Queen's stinger again. At this point, Sonic must avoid the attack, jump and repeat the processes of Homing Attacking Zavok two more times until Zavok is down to his last hit point. After that, the game switches to a cutscene with Sonic combating Zavok and taking out his last hit point. The fight will then be over.


  • The background music for the Zavok boss fight is a transposed synth remix of Zavok's battle theme from Sonic Lost World.
  • The introduction scene for the Zavok boss fight plays out the same way as the one for the boss fight with Zavok in Lava Mountain in Sonic Lost World on the Wii U/PC - with Zavok bumping his fists into each other before making a roar.
  • Zavok's usage of the Death Queen in this boss fight is a reference to the Mech Dragon, a mech Zavok used during his boss fights in Sky Road in Sonic Lost World.



Name Artist Length Music Track
"Battle with Death Queen" Tomoya Ohtani, Naofumi Hataya, Kenichi Tokoi 3:42
Zavok Battle - Sonic Forces


Sonic Forces Zavok Bossfight (S Rank)02:27

Sonic Forces Zavok Bossfight (S Rank)

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