Zazz is the first boss that appears in Windy Hill in both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of Sonic Lost World. Zazz is fought at the end of Zone Two and Zone Four of Windy Hill and in Nightmare Zone.


Wii U

Windy Hill Zone Two

Zazz first appears at the end of Windy Hill Zone 2 riding the Moon Mech. He will start by hovering in the air for a few moments before flying off-screen, after which the Moon Mech will fly in and cough up stars as it flies from once side of the screen to the other. These stars will stay in place for a moment before falling straight down, but they are spaced far enough apart from each other to be easily avoided.

To attack Zazz, the player needs to knock him off the Moon Mech. To do this, the player has to hit the Moon Mech with a Spin Jump three times. It should be noted that the player cannot lock on to the Mech, so attempting the Homing Attack will result in the player being harmed.

When the player has knocked Zazz down from the Moon Mech, Zazz will land in the center of the arena. He will then charge up and start dashing at the player with a shoulder barge attack that he will quickly turn around and dash off with again as soon as he hits the edge of the screen. He will keep dashing back and forth like this until he either gets tired and summons his Moon Mech again, or until the player has hit him enough times.

It should be noted that Zazz cannot be targeted right away after knocking him off the Moon Mech. Instead, the player has to wait until he starts charging at the player, before he can be attacked.

After enough damage, Zazz will jump back on his Moon Mech and repeat the process, albeit at a much faster pace. Repeat the earlier process and Zazz will be defeated.

Windy Hill Zone Four

The second battle with Zazz starts at near the end of Windy Hill Zone 4. The battle starts out with a chase sequence where the player has to run after Zazz, who is carrying around the Moon Mech himself. While the player is chasing Zazz, the Moon Mech will spit out stars that will rain down on and inflict damage upon the player when Sonic makes contact with them. However, these starts can be avoided if the player keeps running.

Eventually, the player's chase after Zazz will take the player up to two platforms, where the player has to scale by jumping on them. While doing so however, Zazz will continuously try to throw the Moon Mech between the platforms in an attempt to hit the player.

After scaling the platforms, the player has to continue chasing Zazz, until the players runs into some bushes, at which point the player will pass Zazz, who gets behind the player and begins chasing him/her. From there, the player has to keep ahead of Zazz, because if the player slows down for even for a second he will catch up and bash the player with the Moon Mech. As the player continues down the path, there will be dash panels and springs that will automatically shoot thee player past a platforming section to the last section of the boss area quickly; however if the players jumps over them, they have a chance of obtaining an extra life & some extra rings.

Once reaching the last boss area, the player will square off against Zazz, who begins throwing the Moon Mech at the player before jumping to the other side and doing it again. While the Moon Mech is bouncing, Zazz remains stationary and is vulnerable to attack from the player, which can be done by avoiding the Moon mech and then using a Homing Attack. It should be noted, though,that if Zazz attacks a third time during the fight, he will roll the Moon Mech instead of bouncing it. You can avoid it by using a double jump.

Two fully-locked-on Homing Attacks are enough to defeat Zazz and send him into retreat.


Zazz and Puffy in the Nightmare Zone.

Nightmare Zone

Zazz rides the Second-level Nightmaren, Puffy, into battle. Zazz will stand atop Puffy and have her move left and right across the screen and drop jewels. Aside from the visual changes, the battle strategy is identical to the battle encountered in Windy Hill Zone 2. Zazz and Puffy are defeated after Puffy is hit enough times.

Nintendo 3DS

Windy Hill Zone 3

Zazz 3DS Icon

Zazz is first encountered in Windy Hill Zone 3 in the 3DS version of Sonic Lost World. During the course of the Zone, he will attack the player a total of three times. During each encounter, he will stand in the background and throw the Moon Mech at the player in various ways: bouncing it along the side, rolling it, or throwing it directly at the player. The direction from where the Moon Mech will come from can be predicted by paying attention to the side of the screen that Zazz is throwing the Moon Mech from

During each of these encounters, the player cannot actually attack Zazz, and instead has to avoid his attacks until he gets tired and runs away. With each encounter Zazz's attacks will move faster, and become more numerous. At the end of the last encounter, Zazz will jump even further into the background and pull out an even larger Moon Mech that he will throw directly at the player, but can easily be avoided. After that, the player can move onto the end of the Zone.

As a small side note: Zazz will react to you based on how well you can dodge his attacks. He'll laugh at you if he lands a hit, and will shake his fist angrily if you don't. This has no bearing on the encounters with him, and is just a fun little extra detail.

Windy Hill Boss

The fight against Zazz takes place on a planetoid in a 3D perspective at night. Zazz is riding atop the Moon Mech in this fight, and will chase after the player for a time. After a short time, Zazz will crash the Moon Mech down in a slam attack that will crush the player if it hits them, but this attack can be easily avoided by simply running away.

After the Moon Mech has crashed down, Zazz will be knocked off-balance. Hitting him with a Homing Attack at this point will knock the crazed Zeti off the Moon Mech and leave him stunned and vulnerable. At this point, the player has the opportunity to hit Zazz with a series of Homing Attacks to further damage him. After a short time, though, Zazz will come back to his senses and will hop back onto the Mech to resume his attack. Keep repeating the former strategy, and Zazz will be defeated.

It should be noted that every other time the Moon Mech crashes down on the ground, it will release large stars that will fly outward. These stars will damage the player if they hit, and the more damage the player has inflicted on to Zazz, the more stars will fly out.

Sonic Dash

Zazz appears in Sonic Dash as a random encounter riding on his Moon Mech. To defeat him, the player must dodge his star attacks until the end of the stage. At the end of the stage, Sonic will spring into the air and the player will be able to attack Zazz and his mech. Defeating him grants a Boss Bonus of 52,000.


Sonic Lost World (3DS) - Windy Hill Zone 3 (S-Rank)04:47

Sonic Lost World (3DS) - Windy Hill Zone 3 (S-Rank)

Sonic Lost World (3DS) - Zazz Boss Battle (S-Rank)01:24

Sonic Lost World (3DS) - Zazz Boss Battle (S-Rank)

Sonic Lost World - Windy Hill Zone 2 and Zazz Boss Battle01:20

Sonic Lost World - Windy Hill Zone 2 and Zazz Boss Battle

Sonic Lost World (Wii U) Windy Hill - Zone 4 - and Zazz Boss Battle03:27

Sonic Lost World (Wii U) Windy Hill - Zone 4 - and Zazz Boss Battle

Sonic Lost World - Wii U - Nightmare Zone ? and Zazz Boss Battle04:25

Sonic Lost World - Wii U - Nightmare Zone ? and Zazz Boss Battle

Sonic Dash - Zazz Boss Battle01:09

Sonic Dash - Zazz Boss Battle


Zone Two (Wii U)


Zone Four (Wii U)


Nintendo 3DS



  • In the Nintendo 3DS version of Windy Hill Zone 3, being hit by the Moon Mech as Super Sonic will, no matter what, take out Sonic's shield.

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