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Shuffle zerogsnapshot

Zero G Snap Shot

Zero G Snap Shot is a VS 4 mini game in Sonic Shuffle.


The players are all placed in what appears to a be a space base, with there being no gravity. The players float in the air and will continuously rise from one end of the screen to the other. If a player does nothing and keeps floating past the top of the screen, they will reappear at the bottom. The players must use the analog stick to have their character face a certain direction and press DreamcastA to "swim" in that direction. The objective of the game is to get into the small pink picture frame and press either Y Button Dreamcast or DreamcastB to strike a pose before time is up.

Anyone who strikes a pose within the picture frame when the camera snaps its picture will earn rings, with the one closest to the center earning twenty rings and anyone else who is in the frame, even partially, will earn ten rings.

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