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Quotation1 Giving bad news is actually the one thing I enjoy. Quotation2
Zor, Sonic Lost World[1]

Zor (ゾア Zoa?) is one of the primary antagonists in Sonic Lost World. He is a Zeti and a member of the Deadly Six, where he serves as the group's spy.[3] When Dr. Eggman came to the Lost Hex, Zor and the other members of the Deadly Six were forced into serving the doctor due to the effects of the Cacophonic Conch. After Sonic the Hedgehog arrived and got rid of the conch, Zor and the others rebelled against Eggman and took control of his forces. Afterwards, Zor followed Zavok's plans to make him and the other Deadly Six stronger by using Eggman's Extractor, while destroying Earth, but was ultimately defeated by Sonic.


Zor is one of the most diminutive of the Deadly Six, being only slightly taller than Master Zik. This may be in part due to Zor's poor posture, as he always stands with a heavy slouch. Zor's upper body is white, while his body from the waist down is black. He has short, skinny legs with two cyan claws, with a third smaller claw on each heel. Zor has a thin, rat-like tail that is white in coloration. His arms are thin and gangly, while he has five-fingered hands with cyan nails. Unlike most of the other Deadly Six, Zor wears fingerless black gloves on each hand. Zor's head is oblong-shaped, and the majority of it is covered in vibrant purple hair, with one bang covering the right side of his face. Zor has blue eyes with yellow sclera, (which are always angled to give the impression that he is depressed) and black markings around his eyes. He has large purple lips with dark grey freckles above them. On the top of his head Zor has a pair of horns that curve backwards, with an alternating black and cyan coloration. Zor seems to always carry a blue rose with him.


Many years prior to the events of Sonic Lost World, Zor was brought into the Deadly Six when Master Zik formed the group.

Shortly before the events of Sonic Lost World, Zor and the other Deadly Six met Dr. Eggman, who used a Cacophonic Conch to enslave them. Zor then begrudgingly assisted Eggman in his latest scheme for world domination by capturing the Animals Eggman needed to build an army of Badniks.

When Eggman returned to his factory, Zor was there when Eggman showed him and the other Deadly Six how to make Badniks and when he revealed his intention for him and the other Deadly Six to help defeat Sonic the Hedgehog. Not long after, he witnessed Zazz head out to fight Sonic.

Later on, as Zor was with Eggman and the other Deadly Six in Windy Hill, Sonic found them. When Eggman then left Zazz to finish Sonic, Zor and the remaining Deadly Six left with Eggman. After their leave, Zor and the others resumed gathering animals for Eggman. However, the animals they got were deemed underwhelming by Eggman, and Zor and the other Deadly Six were punished with the Cacophonic Conch when Zavok spoke up.

Some time later in Desert Ruins, Zor and the other Deadly Six were scolded by Eggman for their failures and were punished by hearing the Cacophonic Conch again. However, Sonic then appeared and knocked the conch away. Now free to use their powers, Zor and the other Deadly Six took control of Eggman's Badniks and used them to attack everyone, forcing Orbot, Cubot, Sonic and Tails to flee.

After being liberated by Sonic, Zor and the other Deadly Six took control of Eggman's operations on the Lost Hex, but Sonic still opposed them. When Zavok then enacted his plan to destroy the Earth with Eggman's Extractor and use the energies that it harnessed to make himself and the Deadly Six stronger, which in turn would kill Eggman as punishment for their enslavement, Zor went with Zavok's plan.

Zor being threaten by Sonic

Zor being threatened by Sonic in Silent Forest.

Soon after, Zor and the other Deadly Six set up a trap to capture Sonic so they could turn him into a robot in their service. When Zor learned they had caught something, he thought Sonic had fallen for the trap. However, he later met Sonic, who demanded Tails, who they had actually caught, back. Uninterested in Sonic, Zor left to tell the others the news, though not before fighting and being beaten by Sonic. He eventually got back to the Deadly Six and told them the news, only hear they already knew. Returning to Silent Forest, Zor - sickened by Sonic's upbeat attitude - attacked him, but was defeated again.

Zor facing Sonic in Lava Mountain

Zor facing Sonic in Lava Mountain.

Some time later, Zor faced Sonic with Zavok and Zeena when Sonic was making his way through Lava Mountain. Upon meeting him, Zor was not happy about his dismay at seeing them, before they revealed that they had seemingly turned Tails into a robot servant. When Sonic refused to serve them, Tails was ordered to kill Sonic, but Zor was caught off guard and forced to retreat when Tails attacked them, having only pretended to be their robotic slave. After escaping, Zor was confronted by Sonic, but despite having his strength enhanced by the energy from the Extractor, he was defeated for good. What happened to Zor afterwards is unclear.[4]

Other game appearances

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Zor makes a cameo appearance as a part of the "Deadly Six" trophy which can be collected in the game.

Sonic Runners

In Sonic Runners, Zor made an appearance during the "Zazz Raid Event." Here, Zor and Zeena came to check up on Zazz after his failed attempts to defeat Team Sonic. Though Zor tried advising Zazz to view his battles as beautiful symphonies, he only received berating from Zeena.


Zor is described as being "one with the shadows", both physically and mentally. Believing that everything is pointless in the cosmic scheme of things, Zor has given up on hope, happiness and life. As such, he is constantly depressed, moody, rude, and indifferent, and is not impressed by anything.[5] He often whines about the meaninglessness of everything, and has always low expectations as he does not find them worth the effort. This conviction also gives him a suicidal attitude, given that he at one point exclaims that he "longs for death's cold embrace."

Despite his nihilistic perspective, Zor still intends to go through with his assignments and duties, though he does not know why and has no interest in the outcome. Ironically, he does not like to hear others whine, as he wants whining to be his deal, and he tends to give some things more value than others.

Zor has an extremely dislike for happiness in general, believing that it is such views on life that are wrecking the world for others. He becomes sick in the face of positive attitudes and gets pains in his face when smiling. As such, he will personally take action himself to ruin things for others, even going as far as to inflict harm. He has also displayed a masochist side of himself, finding comfort and even happiness (despite his aversion to it) in the pain that is inflicted on him and when he does smile, thereby causing himself pain, Zor finds it cool.

Like the other members of the Deadly Six, Zor is inherently malicious and violent. Despite not being particularly violent (compared to the other members of the Deadly Six) and claiming that nothing makes him happy, Zor openly enjoys the sadness and misery of others. He enjoys giving others bad news and making their lives a misery, inflicting pain and physical punishment, and even killing others, which are some of the few things that can make him smile. He also has no qualms about causing massive genocide or widespread destruction for his own benefits. Zor also comes off as vengeful, given that once he was freed from Eggman's enslavement by Sonic, he launched an attack on the scientist with the other Deadly Six.

Powers and Abilities

Zor possesses high physical strength, great enough to shatter rocks with his bare fists. He also has incredible jumping skill, allowing him to leap high into the air and across very large distances in an instant.

Zor has the ability to utilize dark and forbidden powers that none of the other members of the Deadly Six dare to use.[5] He is able to manifest flocks of black bats with one red eye that are made of shadows, which he is able to command, and can even make these bats amalgamate into shadowy clones of himself, which seemingly possess the same abilities that the real Zor has. Additionally, Zor has the ability to project purple energy blasts from the palm of his hand and is capable of flight.

As a Zeti, Zor possesses the innate ability to manipulate magnetic fields, which enables him to control electronics. This allows Zor to take control of robots and remotely pilot mechs without using physical control interfaces.


Main article: Zor (boss)
SLW Wii U Zor Fight 01

Zor on top of a giant, robotic owl.

Zor is encountered at Silent Forest in the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World. His boss battle involves him riding on top of a giant, robotic owl that shoots missiles at Sonic. Using the Kick attack, Sonic can kick the missiles away. There are three locations to this boss fight; the first one takes place an Zone One of Silent Forest; Zone Two has a fight with Zor controlling an robotic owl; and in Zone 4 has a 2D perspective with everything colored black, excluding the background.

In other media

Archie Comics

Main article: Zor (Archie)
Zor Archie 2

Zor in the Archie Comics.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Zor and the Deadly Six were enslaved with the Cacophonic Conch by Dr. Eggman when he came to the Lost Hex. However, Sigma, a villainous robot from an alternate world, liberated them from Eggman's control. After Zor and the Deadly Six received power-enhancing armor from Sigma to help with his plans, they betrayed him and tried subjugating him, but Sigma took over Zor's mind using a device hidden in his armor, and had him serve as one of his commanders until the unified heroes freed him. The Deadly Six's involvement would later be erased when Xander Payne erased all the events of Worlds Unite.

In the not-so-distant future, Zor would be enslaved by Eggman once again.


"Sigh. Everything seems so pointless."
—Zor in Silent Forest.
"Man, this day just keeps getting lamer and lamer... Whatever. I've gotta go tell the others the bad news. Giving bad news is actually the one thing I enjoy."
—Zor heading out to tell the Deadly Six that they had failed to catch Sonic.
"I'll deal with you later, Loser."
—Zor telling Sonic off.
"Maybe all the enemies and death traps will finish Sonic, maybe they won't. Does it really matter in the cosmic scheme of things? We're all gonna die eventually..."
—Zor during Silent Forest Zone 2.
"I rouse myself from a deep depression for this? (sigh) This whole battle thing reeks of effort..."
—Zor during Silent Forest Zone 2.
"Just give up, Sonic! That's what I do! As a matter of fact, I've already pretty much given up on hope, happiness, success... Come to think of it, what am I still doing here? I should just crawl back into bed..."
—Zor during Silent Forest Zone 2.
"(sigh) I suppose we're gonna have to fight."
—Zor when about to fight Sonic in Silent Forest Zone 2.
"I could fight harder, but why bother?"
—Zor during his fight in Silent Forest Zone 2.
"My only joy is in joylessness."
—Zor during his fight, 3DS version
"We're all doomed anyway."
—Zor after being defeated in Silent Forest Zone 2.
"Look at him, all "I'm so fast" and stuff. Ugh, makes me sick. Time to knock him down a peg."
—Zor observing Sonic.
"He's so upbeat, I wanna beat him up! It won't make me happy... but to be fair, nothing makes me happy."
—Zor during Silent Forest Zone 4.
"I suppose I should care that Sonic's heading my way to hand me a beating. But caring would cut into my sulking time!"
—Zor during Silent Forest Zone 4.
"Smiling hurts my face. When I hurt your face, it'll make me smile. So in the end, I'll just be hurting myself... Cool."
—Zor during Silent Forest Zone 4.
"(sigh) Another pointless conflict is about to begin..."
—Zor when about to fight Sonic in Silent Forest Zone 4.
"Only the Reaper wins in the end."
—Zor after being defeated in Silent Forest Zone 4.
"Don't be so whiny, man! That's MY deal."
—Zor after Sonic expressed his dislike of the Deadly Six.
"Look at that hedgehog, with all his trying and positive attitude. It's people like that who are wrecking this world for the rest of us."
—Zor during Lava Mountain Zone 3.
"(yawn) Sonic's doing better than I expected, but I have pretty low expectations... about everything. I mean, really, why bother?"
—Zor during Lava Mountain Zone 3.
"Do you realize how meaningless we all are? Well, mostly you."
—Zor when about to fight Sonic in Lava Mountain Zone 3.
"In this pain, I finally find comfort!"
—Zor during his fight with Sonic in Lava Mountain Zone 3.
"I welcome death's cold embrace!"
—Zor as he is defeated by Sonic in Lava Mountain Zone 3


  • Zor sometimes carries his rose in his mouth. 
  • Zor is the youngest member of the Deadly Six at the age of 112 years.
  • Despite Zor having his rose with him almost all the time, it clearly does not show much significance to him as in his first encounter, he merely tosses it without a second thought and he is not seen with it again.
  • In the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World, Zor is shown with the ability to levitate in the air at will, but in the Nintendo 3DS version, he is shown to fly by flapping his arms.
  • At one point in Sky Road Zone 4, Zavok makes a reference to Zor, by saying: "All this effort, just to reach the one Zeti you cannot defeat. As Zor would say, "How pointless." This marks the only time during the events of Sonic Lost World in which Zor is referenced by name.


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